TRIARE Software Development Company: Year in Review

Boris Abazher
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TRIARE Software Development Company: Year in Review

The year 2022 was no picnic for Ukrainians. While contributing to our victory, we’re open to new development projects. TRIARE has a profound expertise in logistics, HoReCa, and edtech niches—if you have an idea in mind, reach out to us to discuss it!

The reality of 2022 has been harsh, with Russia waging a full-scale war against Ukraine. Despite the hardships brought by this atrocious invasion, Ukrainian companies stay strong supporting the country and maintaining their work processes. 

TRIARE has only solidified its positions as a successful custom software development company, pushing its operation forward and continuing building innovative solutions.

A good start to the year

For TRIARE, 2022 started ambitiously—with lots of new plans and clients in software development. Last year, we reshaped our internal processes: started applying OKRs and introduced the company’s growth goals to the whole team. 

How we restructured our work during the full-scale war

In the course of the war going on for 8 years in Eastern parts of Ukraine, the Russian Federation started a full-scale military invasion all over Ukraine in February 2022. The reality of the war changed our lives but didn’t break our spirit and energy to carry on with development projects. 

Before anything else, we’re trying to support Ukrainian army and people who are in need because of the war. In cooperation with the Cherkasy IT Custer, we’re collecting donations and contributing our own money to buy equipment for the territorial defense and cover the needs of displaced people.

Ambitious plans in software development One of the posts from the Responsibility series

Speaking of workspace options, TRIARE employees can work from the office in Cherkasy, but we’ve also extended opportunities to work remotely from anywhere, including foreign countries. Our CEO, for instance, moved his family to Germany and continues landing critical deals and participating at industry events there. More on this further in the review.

New office to work and network

With an array of projects and clients consistently growing, TRIARE’s team is increasing as well. Addressing the demand for a more spacious office, we moved to a new location. 

In the face of power-related challenges, we’re prepared to work even during the longest outages. The company’s office is equipped with a Starlink system and generators to keep the processes going. 

TRIARE new office

Entering the new office. See more on our LinkedIn

But before this transfer, we offered a coworking space to internally displaced people (IDP) looking for a place to work. It was yet another way to contribute to the war relief and carry on with our mission of advancing education. 

Educational initiatives by TRIARE in 2022

At TRIARE, we believe in the power of learning and strive to provide our employees with diverse opportunities to help them enrich their expertise and skill set. Moreover, we’re dedicated to finding new tech talents. It is why we cooperate with Cherkasy-based educational institutions to provide students with some real-world material and hire the most successful ones as interns. Sharing our experience and providing the right tools to encourage new IT careers are among the company’s priorities. 

In the frame of the ongoing initiative of TRIARE Education, we’ve also completed several IT courses in 2022. The Project Management course was one of the most rigorous ones: it included 13 lectures and a month-long internship for those who finished a theoretical part. During the course, we trained enthusiastic junior PMs who are already on their way to a dream job in IT. Out of 13 students, only 4 were capable of reaching this height.


We’ve also successfully completed the courses for iOS and Android developers. 54 students have passed all the assignments, and now they are “freshly baked” specialists ready to jump-start their careers in mobile technologies.

In the spirit of knowledge sharing, we’ve also collaborated with Cherkasy State Business College (CSBC). We held an Open Day for 3rd and 4th year IT students highlighting our expertise and explaining the processes within our company. The participants had the opportunity to chat with our team and get more clarity on the path of an IT specialist. Our team members navigated them with pleasure, for we once were students, too.

On a side note, TRIARE CEO Boris Abazher gave an extended interview for, where he told how to attract users and keep them engaged by learning apps. A lot of organizations need educational products, and many companies are willing to develop them. But, it’s important for both parties to follow the industry trends and understand the mechanics of edtech that are proven to work well.

Speaking of industries, in 2022 we adhered to our expertise in Education, HoReCa, Delivery, and Logistics.

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Achievements in logistics software development

As a top web development company, we couldn’t pass by an accelerating trend in logistics. COVID, Evergreen ship getting stuck in the Suez canal, and now war in Ukraine – all these cases stressed the critical need for logistics.

There is a range of topics to uncover in this industry to solve specific business pains. In 2022, we have covered the following:

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

One of the main benefits of using an ERP system in logistics is that it provides a centralized platform for managing and tracking the various processes involved in logistics. This can include everything from purchasing and supplier management to sales and customer service. 


RFID (radio frequency identification) is used throughout the supply chain to accurately count, correct, and trace each individual item, hence, offering one of the key visibility solutions


Near-field communication or NFC in logistics also adds a scope of security, tracking, and quality. NFC technology increases the speed of moving goods and collecting data. It also improves the inventory management function in warehouses and stores, and we were glad to help several clients within this domain.

Warehouse management

Integrating ERP with transport management system (TMS), warehouse management system (WMS), and yard management system (YMS) improved logistics management for various clients. We are delighted to offer Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS) to help businesses in delivery and supply chain sectors meet clear objectives and results. 

Cold chain – Frozen goods delivery and tracking

This is about preserving product quality with modern logistics solutions 

Sustainability in logistics

Last but not least, when TRIARE is looking into the process of logistics software development, it pays close attention to emerging trends of sustainability and sustainable development goals (SGDs) targets. It is why we have spoken about the benefits of green logistics.

TRIARE’s awards and achievements in 2022

We wish we could unleash all of the achievements and great work we have delivered this year – over 77 projects!

Awards for TRIARE

Individual achievements

We could say a lot about individual performers. Our employees were rocking all year long. Despite air strike sirens or power outages. One could even read about their company life in this newsletter we have resumed – it’s called The TRIARE Times. Although it’s in our native Ukrainian language, it’s nice to see more human faces who are behind all of the operations. Indeed, we can achieve more together as a team. And here are some proofs of this.

“The best app development company” in its category

TRIARE has received Special Kudos by CSS Design Awards for designing a custom website for creative agency Dark Burn Creative crafting gameplay trailers. We got recognized for putting together stunning UI/UX design and providing innovation.

The existing website didn’t communicate their approach and attitude well. So, the client wanted a website to showcase lots of videos and other information in a fun and engaging way while remaining lightning fast loading.

Since TRIARE team is always focused on and motivated by the success of its clients, our developers and designers worked passionately to build a fast and engaging website that perfectly speaks of Dark Burn’s accomplishments.

TRIARE awards of individual performers

Later, this project received an Honorable Mention from CSSWinner for its visual and detalization. Among other accomplishments, MindZip received the best app design award at DesignRush. It’s a learning app that compresses knowledge into small, easily digestible bits that make the process of memorizing information up to 5 times more effective than mere reading. 

Another recognition we received this year was the “company of the month in Germany” presented by Tech Behemoths. Our CTO Anton Malyy gave an interview to TechBehemots.

TRIARE online presence

As you have already figured out, it’s easy to find us on Clutch, Medium, Behance, Linkedin, and more. Just paste “TRIARE” next to the names of the platform of choice in your Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo search. To save your time, here are just a few highlights of the feedback TRIARE clients gave us:

Clutch Review Clutch Review Clutch Review

Also, we have reimagined our website – we hope you noticed!

Custom software development

Offline conferences and events

As already mentioned, TRIARE IT company took part in various conferences and exhibitions thanks to our CEO’s presence in Germany. We participated in a large-scale exhibition LogiMat – long time since COVID restrictions! Moreover, Boris Abazher earned an opportunity to present the company as a finalist of German Pitch Day. This event offered an excellent opportunity for Ukrainian entrepreneurs to find new markets and platforms.

Besides, there were DMEXCO – Digital Marketing Expo & Conference – a European digital marketing and tech event, as well as Parcel+Post Expo 2022. Once again, we gained more insights on the issues in logistics and supply chain to better serve our clients and reconnected with some of them personally.

A double special was for our ex-CMO Svitlana Klymenko, who shared the voice of TRIARE software development company at a large-scale European online event, MXNEY WORLD on August 24th. It was the Independence Day of Ukraine, and it was the second time that organizers invited TRIARE.

TRIARE’s services

We’re continuing growing our expertise in several chosen niches and executing projects in development, design, and testing.

  • We’ve built dozens of mobile solutions using both native and cross-platform approaches, and we know what technologies and features make for a good app. Our app development team is always on track with the latest trends and is ready to go the extra mile for creating a product of your vision.
  • We can handle the most complex web platforms imaginable. We take care of robust backends and neat frontends in web development projects, which we can start from the very beginning or improve the systems that are already in place. 
  • We’re also offering UI/UX design services, including branding.

Finally, we can provide you with a dedicated software testing team. As hopeless perfectionists, we’ll meticulously check a software product against various vulnerabilities and bugs. But before we start, TRIARE team ensures your business really needs a tech solution. Find out during the Discovery phase.

Best TRIARE projects

TRIARE best app projects 2022

There was a lot of app development this year, and several use cases stood out:

Need a functional application for your project?

TRIARE best web projects 2022

It was the year of custom software development and bespoke web development, and we have something to show:

It’s not final yet

The war in Ukraine is far from ending, but the entire civilized world has been supporting our country all the way. More than that, businesses continue to operate, gaining in resilience and creativity. These grit and strive for innovation strengthen the loyalty of our partners and attract further investment in the IT industry in Ukraine, which witnessed an increased revenue despite the very tough year.

Stand with Ukraine

Boris Abazher