Insights. Flexible air freight monitoring technology

The logistics company came to us with a request to build a custom solution for planning and managing international air freight shipments. The company’s employees have been using multiple Excel spreadsheets, which presented a challenge in syncing all the data, quickly filtering shipping agents, and reacting to problematic issues on time. 

  • Challenge

    The TRIARE team had to build a performant system packed with lots of data. The app had to feature details on shipping agents, airports, military facilities, containers, documents, and more—and all the data had to be easily navigated through.

    Apart from the complexity of a large-scale logistics operation, the development process had to be finished under a tight deadline and during the Covid outbreak.

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  • What we have done

    We’ve already worked with Able Freight and built a custom cargo tracking app. This time, we worked with different functionality and created a freight monitoring app that helps the company automate its processes and get valuable insights into planning and managing air cargo deliveries. 

    The system is packed with various data: among other things, it includes aircraft container specifications and allows filtering shipping agents by type, location, and other criteria. Thanks to a simple and well-structured menu, as well as a range of filters, the system allows users to quickly navigate through data and monitor air shipments in real time.

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  • Features
    • Admin and user dashboards
    • Agent profiles with location, contacts, and other information
    • Airport profiles with photos, descriptions, and other information
    • A system of filters and a search bar to find the needed data
    • Map integration with data on military bases and airport locations
    • Integration with a weather checking service
    • ULD specification data with container visualization
    • Additional tools for currency conversions, time zone syncs, etc.
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Tech stack
  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • React
  • Node
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