A delivery & services SuperApp

Making the life of users easy with five applications in one

Tech stack - User application

User application: Kotlin, Swift, UIKit, REST API (Node.js), Fondy SDK

Tech stack - Professional application

Kotlin, Swift, UIKit, REST API (Node.js), Fondy SDK

Tech stack - Cashier app

Flutter, REST API (Node.js)

Tech stack - Courier app

Kotlin, MaterialUI, REST API (Node.js)

Tech stack - Establishment panel

React.js (Ant), TypeScript, REST API (Node.js)

Tech stack - Administrator panel

React.js (Ant), TypeScript, REST API (Node.js)3.

Delivery App
Value we delivered

TRIARE acted as a solution-provider company. This means that the client had only an idea and a minimal business concept. Our team was engaged in deep business and functional logic. We solved all the emerging problems related to them on the go.

This project has been a great challenge: algorithms, data models, integrations, and a multitude of complex functionalities, etcetera. It has been necessary to create different fields and specific values for each of the thousands of existing professions which entails an immense data model.

A project of this magnitude needs to have an unbeatable user experience. Our designers and engineers worked hard to ensure that the user feels comfortable and the purchase process is smooth. Transactions are carried out under all quality standards. We guarantee that the money reaches the services and providers at the right time.

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