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A Spanish startup wanted a unique combination of ordering services and products delivery. As a solution provider, TRIARE took on this project with maximum enthusiasm and is eager to share the experience.

The Story

Think of all the apps you’ve downloaded to complete daily tasks and achieve simple goals. Now think of a single app that fulfills those needs – Vamvu does. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can connect to providers in your area to get anything you need: from a cab to a plumber to a store with the item you want.

Until now, users needed to have at least four or five different applications installed, or it was just impossible for them. Vamvu offers the delivery of food and products from shops, restaurants, markets, etc., as well as a wide catalog of services from different specialists: hairdressers, makeup designers, photographers, gardeners, plumbers, etc.



Vamvu users will be able to acquire products and services with just a few clicks, view the status of their order in real-time, and receive it in less than 30 minutes. Or schedule it for whenever they want. Vamvu is also the only app that allows you to read the comments of other users and leave your own. Users can book the most suitable service provider based on the profile, price, and real opinions.

In addition, the app will help fight against wasting 931 million tons of food annually. They allow shops to sell items that are no longer in demand, and consumers can purchase these items at bargain prices.

The Challenge

Our team found this project to be quite a challenge. The Discovery phase lasted almost four months, but even after its completion, many issues were reconsidered during the development.

Vamvu is a super app consisting of 6 software development projects: 

  1. Applications for users, both for iOS and Android platforms; 
  2. Apps for cashiers of shops and restaurants;
  3. Applications for couriers;
  4. For specialists,
  5. and a management panel for institutions which acts as an administrative panel of Vamvu. 

All the projects involved a lot of work since we initiated the development of a vast business logic.


What we have done

TRIARE acted as a solution-provider company. This means that the client had only an idea and a minimal business concept. Our team was engaged in deep business and functional logic. We solved all the emerging problems related to them on the go.

Vamvu has been a great challenge: algorithms, data models, integrations and a multitude of complex functionalities, etcetera. It has been necessary to create different fields and specific values for each of the thousands of existing professions which entails an immense data model.

A project of this magnitude needs to have an unbeatable user experience. Our designers and engineers worked hard to ensure that the user feels comfortable and the purchase process is smooth. At Vamvu, transactions are carried out under all quality standards. We guarantee that the money reaches the services and providers at the right time.

TRIARE provided a solution for a scalable startup with unique complex functionality. The product has already been tested between establishments, service providers, users and couriers. The feedback received is much more than excellent.

The project goes to the market betting on the highest quality. We are currently working on finishing the application of services and continuing with the creation of new functionalities. In the short term, the goal is to reach the largest number of cities in the shortest possible time, consolidate in the market, expand and not stop growing.

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User application

  • Viewing and ordering products, goods, menus in various categories of shops and restaurants
  • Viewing and ordering services from different types of specialists
  • Viewing details of the institution/specialist
  • Ordering delivery to the address specified by the user by the Vamvu delivery service
  • Viewing promotional materials from institutions and specialists
  • Courier route tracking on the map
  • Evaluation of the work of the institution/courier
  • Providing feedback on the application, contacting support


Courier application

  • Receiving orders from cashiers
  • Calculation and display of the shortest route from the institution to the user
  • Reservation of slots for work shifts
  • Receiving information/statements about the courier’s earnings


Cashier application

  • Receiving orders from users
  • Order management (scheduling of pending orders, etc.)
  • Issuing orders to users/couriers


Specialist application

  • Creating a profile, filling in the list of services
  • Setting prices, contacts and work schedule
  • Receiving and processing orders from users
  • Specialist’s promo materials management


Management panel for institutions

  • Creating a profile of the institution, filling in its contacts, addresses and other information
  • Administration of staff: the creation of roles of managers, cashiers, etc.
  • Creating product categories (menus)
  • Creating goods, options for them, characteristics, etc.
  • Receiving checks (invoices) from the Vamvu system and creating invoices for the Vamvu system
  • Management of promotional materials of the institution


Vamvu administrative panel

  • Configuring the countries and cities in which Vamvu operates
  • Management of companies working with Vamvu
  • Administration of users of all roles in the Vamvu system
  • Administering support service
  • Receiving checks (invoices) from institutions/specialists and creating invoices for institutions/specialists
  • Creating work shift slots for couriers
  • Administration of delivery zones by cities
  • Administration of categories of institutions/specialists in certain cities
  • Administration of promotional materials of institutions/specialists
  • And many other administrative functions
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Tech stack
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Node.js
  • Flutter
  • React.js
  • TypeScript
  • MaterialUI
  • UIKit
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