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Why do I need a great UX/UI design?

We provide ongoing UX/UI design, offshore development team management, and constant agile design improvements. The process is highly interactive and requires effective collaboration.  
User experience design (UX) is not just trending; it’s a must for professional companies with global products. Nowadays, startups, IT businesses, and even multi-sector enterprises require services of advanced UI/UX designers.
Interestingly, a great UX doesn’t get noticed as people complain only when something disturbs them. Therefore, user experience is a strategic business tool that can assist you with:

  • Increasing sales due to simplified navigation and purchase flow;
  • Driving more engaged customers who will repeat purchases and interactions with your content;
  • Building better products by truly recognizing your customer needs.

Why do I need a great UX/UI design?Humans respond to various stimuli that shape their behavior and activate different emotions. When superb software services integrate into their lives, people get used to the seamless user experience. As a result, they expect similar responsiveness and web design from any digital product people try.
Intuitive UX isn’t an added value or another differentiator anymore. It became a crucial requirement for any respected company, be it a startup or an enterprise. If you have an online store or plan to develop a mobile app, you must leverage your UX and make related tasks a priority. Your success depends on it.
The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Customer satisfaction decreases by 16% only after a one-second delay in page load;
  • Each dollar invested in UX might lead to a $100 return;
  • Top 20% of customer experience leaders outperform the S&P 500.

Stellar UX reduces training and customer service costs because it’s intuitive and requires zero excessive documentation. Stunning UI improves brand loyalty, entrusts credibility, and provides recognition as people are more likely to return if their first experience was pleasant.

What is the difference between UX and UI design?

When you aim to build your product with a team that establishes a clear design process, you may need to identify the ultimate goal first: do you require a redesign of your interface or the entire workflow?
User Interface (UI) will be helpful with design references, graphic interface, and result in UI guidelines and kits. UX starts with the competitive analysis of the app or website, determines interface infrastructure, and provides sketches followed by dynamic prototypes. 

What are the options?

When you strive to create a marketing website or a landing page, you need somebody to help you share your brand story, increase conversion, and develop trust. There are two options for getting a professional UI/UX web designer: hiring an in-house one or approach a full-cycle offshore development agency.
Our UX/UI team composes simple-to-use user interfaces that resonate with your target audience, reduce the cost of maintenance, and nurture a consistent user experience. As a web development company, we design websites by applying key brand identity elements to offer a close-knit experience and establish a prominent position on the market.  
Here is what we can deliver for you:What are the options?

  • UX/UI audit
  • User interface structure
  • Copywriting and CTAs
  • Brand iconography and illustrations
  • Layout of high-fidelity clickable prototypes
  • Visual design & interactions
  • Front-end development
  • CMS
  • Third-party integrations

We approach marketing websites as an essential tool that empowers brands to showcase their superpower — a unique value proposition. Therefore, web design of marketing websites should sync properly with the chosen tone of voice and other branding attributes.

Other frequent questions

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Who is a better fit for my project: a large web development agency or a boutique UX company?
What is the cost for my UX/UI design project?
What capabilities should an agency have to perform the best results?

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