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The logistics company Cargo Trak came to us with a mobile app idea. The major functionality they required was accurate GPS tracking of temperature-sensitive freight. We started our cooperation from the discovery stage to learn about particular client needs. In the process, we learned that damaged cargo was the company’s biggest pain point. Given that they deal with perishable goods, we had to design an app that would allow quickly identifying a possible problem and acting on it on time.


The app is meant to be used by the company’s drivers as well as third-party drivers so we needed to make the interface as simple as possible so that any driver can understand the flow intuitively without additional guidance. 

While this is a relatively typical challenge, the tougher one was related to crafting a live map. In the app, admins are able to see the map with all current deliveries in real time and receive notifications if any delivery doesn’t move for a given period of time. Since they deal with perishable goods, the accuracy of location tracking and data synchronization between driver and admin systems were essential to the project.

What we have done

Flexible cargo tracking. With powerful GPS tracking at its core, the app features important customization options. Admins can choose what information they need to be displayed at any given moment, set notification alerts, and quickly search in the delivery database by different parameters. Drivers, in their turn, can add notes to any delivery request, document the receipt of cargo in multiple ways, and specify cargo’s temperature.

Seamless communication between drivers and admins is essential to the company. The app allows drivers to communicate any issues to admins. They can add photos, record audio, or type text messages if they need to document anything regarding cargo and delivery. Plus, they have an opportunity to inform admins about an incident with one quick tap.

Simple UI Even though the interface includes lots of details—delivery addresses, reference numbers, ETA calculation—it looks clean and helps users easily perform their tasks, document and track deliveries, and communicate in case of any issues.


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The TRIARE team built a smart logistics solution that allows for real-time tracking of temperature-sensitive freight. The app features versions for admins and drivers and ensures smooth communication between these two types of users. The Cargo Trak app allows assigning and managing delivery requests, documenting cargo conditions, and resolving issues on time.


  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Image recognition
  • Voice recognition
  • Messaging
  • Notifications about issues or incidents
  • Database search by different criteria
  • Customizable settings


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Tech stack
  • Android
  • Node js
  • React js
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