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Web Development Services

Do you struggle to hire the right local tech talent on time? Are you upset with the high attrition rate within your in-house team? Improve and scale your delivery capacity with a dedicated offshore software development company. At TRIARE, we are continually cultivating our web development services capacity to ensure the best experience for our customers. We already work successfully with clients from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Norway, France and the Netherlands.

Offshore website development company that delivers

We are an advanced web development company that develops secure and scalable web applications. TRIARE uses a wide range of technological tools and solutions, including Web 2.0, HTML, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, OS Commerce, and Magento.

custom web application development

This approach is possible through a combination of the dynamic PHP and database languages: CSS, HTML, PHP Code, and MySQL. Furthermore, we are able to develop effective web development services using CodeIgniter, Yii, Laravel, and Zend. TRIARE guarantees their cross-platform and cross-device functionality.

Development of custom applications

The process of customizing applications includes their adjustment to the specific business needs of our customers. We have mastered web application development from the ground up and can assist with legacy backend migration and streamlining of the existing front-end features. 

Our web and mobile development services include business intelligence solutions, portal development and collaboration, support, upgrades and maintenance. We also provide offshore WordPress development services for our customers.

Development of the portals

Our company develops corporate and web portals using CMS web development. Corporate portals utilize effective intranets, extranets, as well as engagement workplaces. The web portals ensure cost-efficiency and strong performance while having a capability for future growth. 

Development of the ecommerce segment


TRIARE offers full-scale ecommerce solutions supporting the integration of the payment gateway, high-quality plug-in modules, 24-hour maintenance as well as engaging UX. Such an approach ensures business automation through continuous software development approaches.

We use modern tools and remodel websites while relying on the same source code. The open-source concept implies the visibility of the source code on the website taking into account budget and timing limitations.

Software as a service (SaaS) products

Our mission focuses on assisting startup companies and enterprises with building high-quality software products. We can reduce the time allocated for the marketing efforts with the help of reusable components and frameworks, as well as the SaaS development. Besides, we provide API engineering and blueprints, data analytics, distributed architecture and automated testing. 

Our company supports strong partnership relations with our customers in maintaining web applications developed by us and the third-party vendors. We can add new functionality and fix the existing bugs leveraging extensive experience and expertise in web development. 

Web site development and maintenance

Web Design

Our core goals in web development services include comprehensive and flexible information architecture, action-oriented design and visual simplicity. The core services are programming, architecting a navigation system, management system, and user interface design. As a result, the websites developed by our company run smoothly regardless of the device and peripheral specifications. 

Our method supports business automation in various sectors and industries, including business automation software development. Besides, we are able to monitor the need for future support and assistance to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the core processes. 


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