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Development of custom applications

Do you struggle to hire the right local tech talent on time? Are you upset with the high attrition rate within your in-house team? Improve and scale your delivery capacity with a dedicated offshore software development company. At TRIARE, we are continually cultivating our web development capacity to ensure the best experience for our customers. 

Offshore website development company that delivers

We are an offshore development company that develops secure and scalable web applications, as well as solutions and portals for our customers. The pervasive nature of the internet prevents running applications in isolation. Our company uses a wide range of technological tools and solutions, including React, Vue, Angular, Node, Ruby on Rails, PHP with the purpose of web development architecturecreating customized and responsive applications for your company. 

Out teams have sufficient experience and knowledge to meet tight deadlines while maintaining flexibility to new requirements within the project scope. 

The process of customizing applications includes their adjustment to the specific business needs of our customers. In this light, we are able to build web applications from the ground up, migrate legacy backend, or ensure streamlining of the existing front-end features. 

Our services also include business intelligence solutions, portal development and collaboration, migration of applications to the cloud, installation of secure intranets and extranets, portal establishments, support, upgrades, as well as maintenance. We also provide offshore WordPress development services for our customers.

Development of the portals

Corporate portals utilize effective intranets, extranets, as well as engagement workplaces. The web portals ensure cost-efficiency, strong performance, as well as future growth capability. The combination of the portals is possible with access to aggregated data and information, scalable collaborative potential, company-wide social functionality, as well as autonomous workflows.

Development of the ecommerce segment

TRIARE is offering the full-scale ecommerce solutions supporting the integration of the payment gateways, high-quality plug-in modules, 24-hour maintenance, as well as the engaging UX for supporting the level of experience for the customers. Such an approach ensures business automation through continuous software development approaches.

Developing and maintaining websites

web development planedOur core goals in developing websites include comprehensive and flexible information architecture, action-oriented design, as well as visual simplicity. The key services include content development, domain name registration, programming, a navigation system, management system, and user interface design, as well as the other similar relevant tasks. As a result, the websites developed by our company run smoothly regardless of the device and peripheral specifications. 

Software as a service (SaaS) products

Customers enjoy SaaS because it just makes sense. Usually, there is nothing to install, and hardware failures or operational errors do not ensue meaningful data loss. As a result, SaaS companies achieve stunning availability numbers making life easier for each individual.

web developmentWe, developers, enjoy SaaS for its delivery model. Taken that a significant chunk of B2B and B2C SaaS is sold outside the enterprise and is accessed over the internet, there are 10 times fewer ticket requests versus software which is installed locally. Which is good news to your budget, too.

As a business owner, you should love the billing model of SaaS for its predictable and recurring revenue. You should be able to plan against selling software licenses and trade future cash flows for current operations while funding present growth generously.

TRIARE focuses on assisting startup companies and enterprises with building high-quality SaaS products while scaling their innovation efforts. We provide API engineering and blueprints, data analytics, distributed architecture as well as UX engineering and design to create your solid SaaS solution. 

Web development and remodeling using open source solutions

Modern tools make it possible to develop and remodel websites while relying on the same source code. The open-source concept implies the visibility of the source code on the website taking into account budget and timing limitations. 

Maintenance and support of web applications

Our company supports strong partnership relations with our customers in maintaining web applications developed by us and the third-party vendors. We can add new functionality and fix the existing bugs leveraging extensive experience and expertise. 

web development branch wayOur method supports business automation in various sectors and industries, including business automation software development. Besides, we are able to monitor the need for future support and assistance to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the core processes. 

Strategic focus

We view strategic thinking as a problem-oriented approach that also supports the process of building, motivating, and managing our software development teams. At the same time, we assess the existing business model of our customers from the standpoint of the existing market challenges, product positioning issues, and other risks. In the end, we develop solutions that generate value in the long term. 

Product design

Our approach towards product design involves deploying cross-functional teams including strategic analysts, developers, and designers who empower our clients with choosing the best solutions from the existing emerging technologies.

Quality assurance

Our system of quality assurance goes beyond the focus on the quality of a provided outcome. We value long-term relationships and positive experience through reliability and responsiveness. TRIARE’s quality assurance approach guarantees the robustness and safety of the offered solutions. 

This automation is possible on every project stage, including the specific project scale and project architecture. We focus on cooperation between the quality assurance testers and development operations engineers. These processes prevent major defects in the initial stages of project development, while eliminating the minor ones during the latter stages, guaranteeing delivery of the polished product.


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