Elegant and easy-to-use UX design for a CRM

Info Reach is a company that provides a B2B solution for Financial Institutions that allows them to send emails, SMS, direct mails to their clients. They had a developed solution already and turned to us to improve the UI/UX of the application.

We’ve been working with one of the stakeholders on a different project with a similar background before, so he gave his recommendation since we proved to have enough experience with complex CRM systems specified in campaign sending.

  • Challenge

    We performed discovery and figured out that the customer is open to not only UI/UX but also functional improvements that can make the system simpler and easier to use. Therefore, several functional improvements were presented and documented during wireframing/prototyping, including new functionality.

    The main challenge was to manage budget and timelines since the scope of work was growing, and by the end of the discovery phase, it was clear that a simple redesign would not be enough to fulfill the needs of the customer.

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  • What we have done

    Triare took the complex approach to this request: studied customer’s business, researched the industry, figured out best practices, and not only designed better UI/UX for the solution but also proposed valuable improvements and features that can increase the competitiveness of the product on the market. We had regular meetings with stakeholders, conducted user interviews to understand current challenges and UX flaws of the project and provide the best possible solution.

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  • Features
    • Users and Accounts management
    • Invoices
    • Email/SMS Offers builder
    • Audience
    • Targeting rules for the audience
    • Campaigns creation and scheduling (from offers)
    • User engagement forms
    • Landing Pages
    • Direct (paper) mail builder
    • Analytics
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Tech stack
  • Figma
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