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Boris Abazher
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Triare Recognized as a Leader in Software Development

triare award

We’re excited to announce that we’vebeen named a 2019 Clutch leader ofsoftware development companies in Ukraine!

It’s thrilling to be recognized by anunbiased third-party like Clutch becausethey’re a globally trusted source of B2Bratings and reviews. Clutch analystscollect verified data on thousands ofvendors by conducting in-depth clientinterviews. We were selected for thisaward based on the information thycollected from our clients, the ratingsthey gave us, and how they think westack up to our competitors.

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Since joining the platform this year, we’ve earned a near-perfect rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars from our clients! Their satisfaction has always been a priority for us, and we’re proud to know that we’ve been able to deliver. Our team values responsibility, reliability, and strong relationships, and we strive to create the best experience for our clients every day.


It’s easy to compare our work to other software developers in Ukraine on the Clutch sister site, Visual Objects. A visual catalog of B2B service providers, you can view our portfolio and our competitors’ work side-by-side. You wouldn’t hire an employee without assessing the quality of their work, so why would you do the same for a service provider? By checking out our page, it’s clear why our clients have been so pleased with our results:


To continue your research on software developers located in Ukraine, you can check out our page on The Manifest, your go-to business news resource. We’re ready to help you with your business challenge — contact us online to get a quote.

Boris Abazher