Good Things of 2020. Great Trends of 2021

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We wanted to reflect on 2020 as it definitely had been the hardest but also the most fruitful year in our company's life.

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TRIARE grew in size, delivered more projects for its long-term partners, and partnered with even more curious founders. Below is our summary for this year, as well as a very juicy review of upcoming trends.

2020 Summary of App Development for Startups


1. We’ve talked with over 100 founders!

Last December, we had announced our partnership with the Founder Institute. In January, we visited Munich to see start-up founders pitch to the audience and crash-test their solutions. The young companies also received technical support and mentorship, and the brightest teams took it to another level. For example, we transitioned to development for GovRadar

Later this year, we joined forces with AI Startup Incubator or AISI. They have done an amazing job with getting Microsoft, Nvidia, Fujitsu, and dozens of other partners on board. TRIARE will add its expertise in customer development for a web startup. We believe this strategic partnership will help teams who work with Artificial Intelligence focus on solving the right problems and achieve global abundance. 


EUvsVirus hackathon and matchathon. TRIARE

A matchathon followed the EUvsVirus online hackathon resulting in a range of effective partnerships


In April, there was EUvsVirus hackathon where our startup in-residence Amo City took part under the theme of Digital Finance. TRIARE observed this competition with 20,000+ participants and learned about their ideas and needs, having followed up with the most promising projects. As a result, we’ve had more than 80 conversations with this community only and offered free startup consulting services to a dozen of them. Also, we started working closely with MentorMe which marks our growing interest in EdTech.

2. We’ve sharpened our focus

Here at TRIARE we are proud of our team and what we are able to achieve together as a top software development company. You can explore the range of our use cases. However, we wanted to focus on what we can do best and what software development outsourcing companies are most needed in the world right now.

We’ve had cases and stories on telemedicine and what is 5G. We’ve tested web development outsourcing for UX design and discovered what are the highest paid mobile apps. But eventually our choice fell on logistics, entertainment, and education.

3. We shaped our team dedicated approach

Notably, we launched our corporate blog where we regularly share thoughts and cases tailored to an intelligent reader. Over the course of 2020, we’ve discussed:

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2021 Trends

That was briefly the internal story. Here’s what we have to say about upcoming external trends. Believe it or not, these themes are going to shape entire industries. Be prepared together with software development companies us TRIARE.  

1. Native apps

Software applications developer would tell you that React and NodeJS rocked in 2020. The following year will mark these frameworks along with Angular 2 as reliable, convenient, and, thus, the most popular. The reason? A need for a platform specific mobile app development.

2. Low-Code and No-Code Platforms

There is an ongoing debate whether an application software developer is even needed. A number of workflow automation tools like Kissflow and Salesforce offer simple managerial instruments for digital workplace. While these help integrate with external apps, Bubble and AppSheet allow anyone with basic computer skills to create their own phone app. We will discuss the pros and cons of this approach in future articles.

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3. E-commerce and SME digitalization

Cloud providers under the division brands of Google, Amazon and Google will be aiding even more businesses to digitize their operations. From small and medium enterprizes (SMEs) to large corporations, everyone turns to ecommerce development solutions and anywhere operations, according to Gartner. The trend of remote work under the circumstance of the lockdown only accelerated the process, in spite of what type of business is ecommerce.


Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends 2021

4. SaaS White Labeling

You may not have heard of PaaS (platform as a service) but SaaS is definitely a pleasant (and most comprehensive!) online business model. But what is evident is a rapid distribution of successful business solutions. Once you found one, it’s only a matter of redistribution before making a significant capital gain.

5. Virtual Reality and Distributed Cloud Services

The world heavily relies on SQL databases. However, web-scale companies are looking to new solutions that remain as reliable as SQL’s ACID guarantee of transactions but have the horizontal scaling characteristic of a NoSQL database. 2021 will be the year when we see a Distributed SQL Database fulfilling this promise. The question is how to test mobile applications on this infrastructure.

Review of iPhone 12 series. TRIARE

Source: Cnet

6. Video Gaming and Related Goods and Services

As 5G goes mainstream, mobile app development company USA has to prepare to unlock the full potential of gaming on-the-go. A recent case is a newly unleashed iPhone 12 and Apple’s partnership with Verizon: new generation of mobile connectivity will allow ultra-fast connection speed without bufferization and seamless data streaming. This trend goes hand-in-hand with cloud computing, unlimited video streaming, and enormous markets for digital goods.

7. Decentralized Finance

Decentralized finance is an economic system with a purpose of creating an open, accessible and transparent financial services ecosystem. Simply put, these are financial systems based on blockchain technology. The goal of DeFi is to develop a quality alternative to the traditional banking system that is independent from authorities. P2P lending and frictionless cross-border payments using stablecoins are among the most popular services.

8. Machine Learning and Enterprise Automation

In the past, Hadoop Map-Reduce was the most used framework for the computation of large scale datasets. Currently, Apache Spark has taken over the Distributed Batch Job and has perfected Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) in performance and costs. Apache Spark has addressed the limitations of Hadoop Map-Reduce in big data computation to allow hyper automation. And to manipulate this Internet of Behaviors (IoB), you might need a professional devops services team

According to Deloitte, it will be specifically Robotic Process Automation (RPA). “Anything that can be automated will be automated.”For example, RPA can greatly reduce one’s burden at routine tasks, calculations, connecting and interpreting data from various sensors and data streams. No need to ask what is WordPress when RPA helps to handle every daily task, be it responding to user requests, handling data, or processing transactions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is yet another lasting trend in business automation for enterprises. Surprisingly for retail consumers, IoT automation will touch the business domain first before it will shape smart cities around the world. In a nutshell, IoT is about connecting trillions of devices that can exchange information via cloud and local mesh networks (5G). This machine-to-machine (M2M) communication opens an opportunity for even greater automation and is predicted to reach EUR 596 billion in revenues by 2022.


TRIARE IT company founders

The founders of TRIARE software and web development company

When asked a question: 

What is more important: a result or a process?

We don’t hesitate to respond that we love a result-oriented process. For if life is given as an opportunity to achieve anything a human might desire, we are glad to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs and creators to build a world which is good to all.

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