DevOps helps you achieve fast and continuous delivery with a persistently high level of software quality. He automates and optimizes all of your IT processes. This approach to software establishes close cooperation between the team of software engineers and IT operations employees. TRIARE DevOps support engineers will assist with ensuring the delivery, security, deployment, and support of any high-load, zero fail tolerance system.

Our team of experts will look at your IT operations from each angle and present a DevOps production support that fits your business needs. We will take advantage of microservices architecture to complement your business strategy and implement high-quality software.

DevOps as a Service 


Ukraine is where some of the best tech problem solvers reside. Our DevOps engineers are highly skilled in numerous programming languages, technology stacks, and both hard and soft skills necessary for delivering an impactful DevOps development process.

The enormous scale of the local talent market and permissive quality of our regulatory framework allows spectacular flexibility for the TRIARE DevOps team and augmented solutions. We also tailor the hiring process and pricing methods to your specifics in the changing environment. It is the reason you can entrust us with your IT processes and expect an up-to-date technology delivery. We will carry you through the digital transformation of your business.

DevOps development process

We love helping our customers with everything: starting from the launch to upkeep to hosting, maintenance, and in-app store optimization. TRIARE’s continuous integration pipeline consists of numerous checks for guaranteeing quality and stability. Furthermore, our DevOps as a Service (DaaS) approach ensures wide scalability and makes it a stress-free experience.

Moreover, we will optimize storage costs in AWS S3 for you. As S3 buckets fill with data, one can quickly find a large volume of this data becoming redundant without proper maintaining and housekeeping. To avoid unnecessary use of some storage classes and extra bills, we will leverage all the necessary DevOps build tools. 

Importantly, we support multiple clients in helping them meet different software needs. TRIARE’s support provision lasts until software works like an atomic clock. We define the timeframe for support before we get started and then proceed to tested DevOps engineering practices.

Actionable analytics in DevOps


TRIARE DevOps team identifies any stumbling block that prevents your software strategy from successful execution. Having a range of analytic packages available, we operate effective reporting tools to help you understand the data. We also utilize it to inform actions that drive product engagement.

We will present build tools in DevOps to effectively complete IT tasks that a business might have. As we provide you with the prospect of the team size, budget, and timeframe, you may choose a favorable service before the actual implementation of the solution.

Unstoppable execution and growth with DevOps

TRIARE DevOps engineers tackle any issue related to your software infrastructure. This includes but is not limited to setting up a continuous delivery and organizing a clear release management process.

Modern software architecture, cloud computing, and easy scaling with Kubernetes open up opportunities for the rapid scaling of both resources and clusters. It also facilitates a technological shift to service-oriented and microservice architectures providing development teams like ours a list of effective instruments. With that power at hand, we ensure your projects run smoothly and grow massively without interruptions.


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