13 December, 2019
By Triare Team
We became an Official Founder Institute Partner

The beginning of 2020 is going to be awesome. 

We could not wait to share this good news with you – TRIARE has become a technical sponsor for Founder Institute Program, which will be happening in Munich starting this January. But most importantly, we will have a fantastic opportunity to mentor aspiring leaders and founders for the next few months!

The Founder Institute is the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator, having helped over 4,000 startups raise over $900M and build some of the world’s fastest-growing companies across 185+ cities and six continents.

The FI program aims to assist startups with getting traction and raising funding. It was established on the premise of Silicon Valley’s best practices and input from hundreds of successful tech entrepreneurs from across the globe. 

This means that the participants will be enrolled in a challenging and comprehensive 3.5-month curriculum of company-building sessions designed to help entrepreneurs with every aspect of their business, from the core idea to the product, team, and revenue model. 

The Mentors are there to lay out a roadmap on how to build an impactful product and/or service. We are going to share our own experience, provide critical feedback, evaluation, and guidance throughout the business-building process.

The Founder Institute has over 14,000 mentors across six continents, including some of the world’s most renowned entrepreneurs and investors, and we are thrilled to become a part of this impactful network.

As you may know, we at TRIARE have a long-standing passion for providing businesses and startups with the support they need and reaching new heights together. Apart from DevOps and maintenance of mobile apps or web infrastructure, we also develop startup MVPs meeting lean ideology. We offer preliminary research on particular business models and market, define a development roadmap, and deliver a solution precisely in predetermined terms. 

We are proud to be a secret key to success for our clients, from startups to SMBs and large companies. And this is going to be a fabulous opportunity to share our experience with many aspiring founders – perhaps, even you? (Munich 2019 Final Admissions Deadline is December 15, 2019, you can read more about FI and this program here.)

Anyway, we wish you the most exciting beginning of the New Year in the best company and will share some fascinating insights soon. Stay in touch!

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