WordPress Development: Why Do You Need a Hand?

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Earlier we wrote that WordPress is one of the most popular frameworks on the web. It’s simple, well-supported and even large media websites utilize it. Although one can easily lunch his own site on WP, we will explain the advantage of hiring a professional offshore WordPress development company

Wordpress development


Advanced Custom Fields or ACF allows rapid development of the menu bar across the project that can be duplicated where needed. Once completed, our clients may use it on their own and adjust the site seamlessly and without much hassle.Convenient administration panel

Moreover, there is a Flexible Content Preview for ACF. This feature lets our clients “screenshot” selected pages saving them as samples for future use. They also allow reverting recent changes without a headache of doing all the work manually. 

2. Fast page loading

We achieve faster loading speed in your WP project using the following techniques.

Adding styles and scripts.

Google is ruthless towards new websites. There are thousands of rules that impact the search ranking of each project. One of them is PageSpeed Insights which is checking the length of website scripts. If the code is cluttered, it may load on a mobile much slower. Hence, the page will be downgraded.

google page speed results


We solve this pain by hiding styles and scripts to website sections. Therefore, only the necessary modules are being activated for each given pageclean codeAn example of hidden CSS scripts in WordPress

Leveraging icon font

When clients use standard icons for their project, there is a problem with lack of differentiation, adaptivity and potentially higher loading speed. We fix this by offering bespoke web design and programming icons to load as single element not separate.Sample from https://css-tricks.com 

Leveraging icon font.

As a result, we can easily change color and size for your project’s icons or even add a shadow around them. There is also a possibility to rotate them, adjust their opacity or make transparent.

Optimizing images.

Another lifehack we often use is the asynchronous loading of images. When a visitor goes to a site, he may not see an image from the start. Thus, there is no need in loading it. This cuts the waiting time and signals Google that the page is optimized.Optimizing images

Additionally, we adopted Lozad.js as a company standard to show images of different sizes to increase the loading speed. For instance, there will be an alternative 32×32 pixels miniature of blue background instead of a clear high-quality image of the ocean. It’s a worthy compromise between speed and UX. When a reader stops scrolling at this image, it would change to a small but detailed picture on a mobile or a full-scale beautiful photo on a desktop.

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3. Web development speed

Behind our disciplined and quality work stands a clear and organized approach. We employ PhpStorm Live templates to reuse samples of code. Why bothering? Well, it is a bad practice to simply copy another section and change its values since there is a possibility of human error. Our team relies on proven development practices and utilizes clear templates to minimize these bugs in the future.

Similarly, we operate with Plop.js code generators to do the following:

  • quick file creation using templates 
  • ability to support complex architecture
  • ability to modify files
  • convenient settings and configuration

Plop.js in use

4. Clean code

Clean code 2TRIARE stands for Three “R” encoded in our corporate culture. One of these values is responsibility which equally applies to every step of our work. We ensure that after successful cooperation with our team the client is given a neat repository with organized codebase.

To achieve this, we follow simple rules. First, we use eslintrc configuration for tiding up JS and

SCSS. This gives a project with many developers a clear guideline on how to write consistently. Moreover, when new team members join, they can quickly catch up. Second, we group the files in ACF in folders according to their functions. So even if the project design changes, it doesn’t create a bottleneck on the development level. After all, folder navigation is smooth and straightforward.

In conclusion

WordPress is an old good framework used by millions of people around the globe. Although thousands of themes exist for a common user, they often have a defined logic for the entire system and fit rather housewives than creative agencies. 

If you represent a business, then it is certain that you want a simple admin panel, individual design and be able to change up to 80% of the website without developer help. Indeed, there is a rationale behind contacting offshore WordPress development services rather than ask for costly band-aid solutions on the go. Perhaps, you have a question?

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Project manager at TRIARE