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We are startup entrepreneurs ourselves. Our Company is a shareholder of several startups where we are represented not only from a development perspective but growing ideas into reality. The challenges of each startup company are very near to us. That is why we came up with an optimal way to help starting businesses raise up rapidly. Our 12 week MVP development program will help you to start wise and evaluate results for the future growth. At the core of our program is data driven approach.
WEEK 1-2

Starting with technical recommendations we come up with a proof-of-concept (POC) or prototype, followed by a detailed product strategy plan and a scope of work (SOW). We get your product ready to hit the first phase of the development — an MVP. 

Server infrastructure
User definition and flow diagrams
Architecture documentation
User-story mapping
Work Breakdown Structure & Plan
WEEK 3-4

Our MVP mindset is shaped by lean startup practices. At this stage, wireframes, high-level design, and POC materialize into a minimal viable product. We are focusing on quality while keeping the development momentum. In the end, you are ready to conquer the market.

Demo schedule
Analytics tools
Roadmap for the product features
Features prioritisation
Visualization of the product
Scope of the MVP
Validation of the functionality
WEEK 5 - 12

This phase covers the biggest part of the process and is ready for your critical evaluation. It sets the ground for the final iterations and necessary improvements. We empower you with a knowledgeable team who leverage the Agile/Scrum approach and sets up a productive, hustle-free project environment.

Quality control
Frontend/Backend development
Mobile development
A/B testing
UI/UX design
Individual design guidelines
Project management

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