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TRIARE is a reputed delivery app development company that combines experience & innovation. If you want an outstanding delivery solution like UberEats, DoorDash, or Glovo – we've got you covered.
You need a food delivery app if you want to
Increase profits
Ensure timely delivery
Retain and reward loyal customers
Ensure your customers data protection
Increase customer satisfaction
Automate processes
Have complete control of processes
Enhance analytics
Improve brand image
Tell us what you do, and we'll come up with a custom solution
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Restaurant delivery app

Apps become an indispensable solution for modern restaurant owners. 70% of consumers prefer making orders on the restaurant’s app rather than on third-party applications. Just look at the example of Starbucks that makes more than 24% of revenues from their app.
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Supermarket/shop delivery app

Custom shop apps can double your mobile revenues due to optimized delivery and enhanced shopping experience. One example is the convenience of single-tap checkouts that eliminates a primary reason for cart abandonment. Take notes from industry leaders like Zara or Amazon that all have their custom ecommerce apps.
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Laundry delivery app

Whether you’re a startup or a laundry shop owner, a delivery app can empower you and increase profits manyfold. The Global on-demand laundry market is expected to reach $113.24 billion by 2027. Hop on the ride!
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Food delivery app

Inspired by the success of UberEats and Glovo? The window of possibilities is still open: the industry is among the fastest-growing in the global market. The number of food app users nearly doubled in the last three years and is expected to reach a striking billion mark by 2025.
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Flowers delivery app

Whether you want an aggregator flower delivery platform to work with multiple suppliers or a custom app for your shop, you’re thinking in the right direction. The floral gift market is about to reach $16 billion. Streamline the processes and get profits by delivering happiness!
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Grocery delivery app

Only in the US, 25% of people order their groceries online, and this number is increasing at a whopping speed. Moreover, there are ten more countries with much bigger numbers, like South Korea, UK, Japan, and France. No wonder that grocery apps are in high demand among startups and business owners.
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Courier delivery app

The e-commerce market grew by 20% in 2020, making courier delivery more in-demand than ever. Both large logistics companies and aspiring startups pursue creating a custom delivery app. Benefit from one of the fastest-growing markets with a robust, high-end solution.
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Pharmacy delivery app

Show all the care and service to your customers with a mobile delivery application with a built-in convenient timetable for taking medications. Deliver a prescription order to the client's office or home.
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Document delivery app

Document delivery service app allows you to keep track of where your precious delivery is by tracking. This will help you and the host to know in time that he is already on his way to the desired destination, and will protect you from unpleasant surprises.
Core features
Individual Application for Couriers
Restaurant Management System
Product Catalog / Menu
Ordering from Any Place
Tracking Orders in Real-Time
Discount and Referral Systems
Favorite Orders
History of Orders
Integration with POS system
Payment systems integrations
Individual application for couriers

Individual Application for Couriers

Gig workers, couriers and delivery drivers can transport food and goods quickly with an all-in-one app that supercharges the efficiency of your logistics. Application is easy to understand and easy to use.
Management system for Restaurants and establishments

Restaurant Management System

Designed to help restaurants and food services run more efficiently and profitably, the system tracks inventory, revenue, customer service, employees, and training. We use the best practices of proven franchises and national brands to let you deliver a high-quality experience for your customers.
Own product catalog and menu

Product Catalog / Menu

A list of different categories and subcategories your clients will easily navigate. Our UI/UX professionals implement best practices to make sure clients will find what they look for in seconds including photos and detailed information.
Ordering process from any restaurant or establishment

Ordering from Any Place

You can deliver your own products or anything else (any restaurant, shop or establishment). Management systems for vendors (e. g., restaurants) can help you become the next popular goods delivery service.
Tracking and following orders in real time

Tracking Orders in Real-Time

GPS tracking for order delivery. Get full control of your processes with an interactive online tracking system. Management and task assignments will become much easier, as well as analytics and issue solving.
Discount and referral systems

Discount and Referral Systems

Increase the loyalty of your clients with special offers and let them invite their friends! Manage your special programs, offers, promo codes, deals, coupons and etc. with few simple clicks. Social media sharing.
Favorite Orders page

Favorite Orders

A favorites section that makes it convenient for the customers to fast find their preferences and reorder them.Your users will appreciate the convenience.
History of Orders

History of Orders

Purchase history allows the user to view their orders for a selected period of time, repeat them, with or without data editing. Let your clients find their favorite items instantly and increase the number of orders. They will appreciate the convenience.
Integration with POS systems

Integration with POS system

You could pull data from most POS systems, such as the menu items, pricing etc fairly easily, (or don't and set this info up manually) and then build your system out to send orders to an iPad or something like that instead of sending them directly into the POS system.
Integration with payment systems

Payment systems integrations

Offer your customers a safe, quick, and easy-to-use payment system. The chosen payment solution has to satisfy both the needs of your customers. Whether it's cash or card, we can help you choose the best payment system and integrate it seamlessly into your business.
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