The Best Web Development Platform

Oleksandr Kruglyak
Head of Dev Department at TRIARE
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The Best Web Development Platform

TRIARE’s web development services include building sites from scratch, customizing various CMS environments, making web apps, and providing post-release maintenance. We stay in tune with the latest technologies to build fast, feature-rich, and beautiful web products.

In the e-commerce era, having a website is one of the most important steps to promote your online service. The significance of the website is difficult to overestimate, as it helps to attract the audience, allows sharing company updates, and makes it possible to respond to customer requests instantly.

Fortunately, technologies will help you to create a website. We have an excellent article about No-Code Tools for Mobile Application Development, but what about web development?

Review top 7 best web development platforms

1. WordPress

Even today it is still one of the most popular website development platforms. This web application enables site owners, editors, and authors to manage and publish material without the need for programming experience. This CMS (Content Management System) gives the opportunity to millions of people around the world to create modern and high-quality websites.

See all of the advantages of WordPress in our early article WordPress Development: Why Do You Need a Hand?

2. OpenCart

Not so many people are aware of the existence of OpenCart. This platform is an excellent instrument for internet sales and lets consumers develop sophisticated eCommerce websites or apps. Which is neat until you stumble upon the first customization obstacles. Or if you need an extra feature. Or if your business is getting bigger and is ready to scale. In that case, you better contact a specialized app development company to assist you in designing ecommerce apps using the technical skills of OpenCart developers.

Looking for someone to build a profitable website?

All of these platforms do not require coding knowledge, but as for software engineers, it is handy to use frameworks. Web-frameworks are essential for developing secure and interactive web applications for both frontend and backend. A reliable web app framework helps Instagram, Youtube and other giants in delivering high-performance applications, and you can do an excellent website for your own business, using the best frameworks.

3. React

One of the key features of React Native is its versatility. This library can be used on server and mobile platforms. Another important feature of the library is the method of declarative programming that shortens the code and makes it understandable. With the help of React, the developer describes how the components of the interface look in different states. The framework is the best option for you, if your task is to develop Single-Page Applications (SPA) or enterprise-grade applications for your business. By the way, the giants PayPal and Airbnb were developed using React!

4. jQuery

Among the advantages of this framework are the compactness of the code, simple and clear syntax, cross-browser compatibility and open source. The jQuery library is completely free for both personal and commercial projects. It helps create the best browser-compatible web applications and AJAX-based applications.

5. Angular

Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework that currently dominates the list of web frameworks. It is a sophisticated multifunctional framework for developing SPAs with MVC design and web pages for mobile and desktop platforms. If you want to speed up your web developer promotion, you should pay attention to Angular.

6. Django

Django is considered to be the best backend tool. This is a free Python web application framework that uses the MVC design pattern. The project is supported by the Django Software Foundation. The peculiarity of Django is that it helps developers by speeding up the development process. It includes its own Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) layer for handling database access, sessions, routing, and multi-language support. It also takes care of security while handling requests.

7. Express

Express is characterized as an optimal, fast, and flexible framework. It provides some core framework functionalities without obscuring the features of Node and leverages the secure performance of the asynchronous Node.js. It supports full applications as well as REST API. While quite simple, ExpressJS is a powerful and elegant way to extend functionalities of your web apps.


Undoubtedly a good, high-quality interactive site takes a lot of effort. Fortunately, there are more and more website development tools that will help not only experienced programmers, but also business owners looking to digitize their venture. Adopt the best platforms and frameworks to make your business a success with a great website!

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Oleksandr Kruglyak
Head of Dev Department at TRIARE