Top Resources for Mobile App Promotion in 2020

Anton Mali
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The mobile app market is growing and getting more competitive every minute. To stand out, you need better analytics and marketing campaigns. Here’s our review of tools and websites for app promotion, which can help you hit the top of app store lists.


Product Hunt – for sharing and testing
Product Hunt

Product Hunt is probably the most popular free promotion resource, where you can share your app (both pre/after launch). It works great for creating a community of early testers, and even finding first paying clients. A successful release at Product Hunt can attract hundreds and thousands of users. Moreover, you can use it for long-term promotion. (One way to do so is to get onto Product Hunt lists, which can result in a steady flow of traffic).

Similar platforms:

  • – a review resource for apps, provides both Free and Paid Reviews (at the moment of publication of this article it is only accepting paid ones, with a special offer $99 for 10 unique reviews). It is focused on Web 2.0 apps, iPhone Apps, Android Apps, and Facebook Apps.
  •  AlternativeTo – a free crowdsourced service that helps you find alternatives to different products. You can add your app and enjoy the benefits of a large community (89 054 apps and 715 314 opinions so far).
  • Hacker News – a social news aggregator, focusing on the field of IT and entrepreneurship, where you can post a link to interesting news and get upvotes. Show HN is a way to share your product for early testers and get an honest opinion.
  • AlphaDigits – a website that reviews both iOS and Android apps and has more than 6,5 million users. They offer a featured review service for a small fee.
  • Stackoverflow – a popular resource for IT professionals to post questions and find jobs. You can answer relevant questions, sponsor a tag, or advertise to reach 50 million+ people in tech.
  • Quora – a famous service where users can ask questions and get answers to them. Is regarded as a knowledge base: an archive of questions and answers, grouped around themes.

PitchFriendly – for media campaigns

Press attention can play a significant role in your app promotion. With PitchFriendly, managing media outreach campaigns becomes easier. It’s a PR automation software that helps you send pitches in record time, track relationships with reporters, import and split media lists, collaborate with a team, and more. It costs $25 for solo PR managers and $40 for teams. You can also schedule a free trial.

Apptica – for market analytics

If you struggle with ad networks and campaign settings, this might be a solution for you. Apptica is an Ad Intelligence & App Analytics Tool that provides market analytics based on the data of 5.5 million applications in all store categories. Learning the effective moves of your competitors can dramatically enhance your strategy. Moreover, you will get information on the top advertisers, the most popular ad networks, and the most effective ad campaigns and even types of ads. You can request a demo for a tryout.

Mobile Action – for keywords, insights and more


This popular App Marketing Insights & Intelligence Platform is an analytical ASO service that allows you to select keywords and track app positions in the AppStore and Google Play. The software provides comprehensive market data, Apps, Ads, ASO, and SDK intelligence. In addition, it gives tips on increasing profitability and recommendations for optimization. You can try it for free before buying (the prices start from $49 per month).

Liftoff – for finding quality users

Liftoff is a mobile app optimization marketing and retargeting platform. It uses machine learning to find new and quality users for your app. Then, it helps you optimize and scale it. The platform can also help re-engage users, and provides an overview of your campaign performance: ad spend, post-install conversions, impressions, click-through rate, etc. What is more, unlike many similar services, it allows you to pay for actions, not installs (like making a purchase or subscription).

Mixpanel – for behavior data analysis

Mixpanel is a popular self-serve analytics platform for collecting data on specified parameters. Unlike most analytical tools, it monitors not only standard indicators (the number of page views and visits) but also the specific behavior of visitors – depending on your request. In addition, Mixpanel allows you to interact with the audience. All the analytics features of the product are available for free (with a limited number of tracked users and data history). Upgrade will cost starting from $89 per month.

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Appbot for tracking reviews
Appbot is a service for monitoring and analyzing app reviews from Amazon, iTunes, Windows, and Google Play. It allows you to make better and faster decisions concerning your roadmap, analyzing the feedback in minutes, not days. It is also a useful tool for long-term trends analysis. You can join free for 14 days to test the product.

Apptentivefor timely and in-depth sentiment analysis

This Mobile Customer Experience software can help you promote your app by gathering the right feedback ant the right time. It retargets at-risk customers and allows responding to them quickly while building the loyalty to your brand around positive feedback. In other words, Apptentive provides contextualized analytics about customers and a more in-depth understanding of their sentiments. You can request a demo for a tryout.

Hurreefor personalized interactions
This marketing automation platform for apps provides an extremely personalized interaction with your audience, enabling your multi-channel tools to work together. It can automate everything from content creation to scheduling, categorizing your audience in real-time. In order to test the platform, you can book a free demo.

App Samurai – for managing ad campaigns from a to z
If you are a high-growth company and cannot reach all available app marketing tools, this might be a solution for you. App Samurai is a self-service tool that allows you to promote your app without in-depth advertising knowledge. They connect advertisers with publishers via a single platform. Planning, creating, and analyzing an ad campaign becomes easy with App Samurai’s unique recommendations.

A smart dashboard provides detailed insights into how your app is doing in app stores, such as performance metrics about in-app events. Moreover, there are key metrics of campaign performance and even app market budgeting. You can sign up to check the current situation with your app for free, or schedule a free 30-minute demo.

Honorable mentions:

MobileFirms – directory of mobile app marketing companies worldwide.

Appmarketingstack – directory of tools & resources on app marketing and mobile growth.

100 Websites For App Store Promotion – a comprehensive list of app directories, stores, and more.

Design Rush – a global directory of mobile app development companies.

Google Play Console – AKA Developer Console, provides many insights helpful for app promotion. 

Anton Mali