An intuitive, fast and interactive app to help those on lockdown keep up with their learning curve. Simple registration, relevant topics, and knowledgeable experts. We met the MentorMe team at the EUvirusVirus hackathon and built an MVP for them.

  • Challenge

    From the co-founders’ perspective, the solution was straightforward: an interactive matching platform. Amid video calls and chat options, there would be recommendations to other useful sources.
    Easier said than done. When we reached out to the team offering our free mentorship help, the MentorMe team confessed they will need assistance with the realization of the project. Besides the building aspect, proper gamification was a key to successful business planning.

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  • What we have done

    Businesses analysis.
    We have assessed the needs of the team and the target audience. Based on that, we architected the future solution.
    Technical documentation.
    Software requirements specification (SRS) will help young founders when raising the next round and employing their own developers. They didn’t have any of that before.
    Prototyping. The client provided us with initial wireframes to reflect the vision. We revised it and followed up with a clickable MVP. It is a crucial step that a lot of start-upers skip, although it is a key part of the Discovery Phase. We showed the client how the system will look like and work before delivering full web development service.
    Mobile application development process. The prototype allowed us to gather valuable feedback and adapt the technical requirement and UI/UX design. Then, we proceeded to agile custom app development divided in 6 sprints over one and a half month.

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  • Features
    • Video call with the ability to exchange messages
    • An option to leave a request to find a mentor in any of the proposed subjects
    • Opportunity to evaluate the call
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Tech stack
  • Flutter
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