Investment banking corporate website

The client is a large US-based investment group that has already successfully cooperated with TRIARE partners. The company needed a complete website redesign to better structure and present its investment banking products.

  • Challenge

    Speaking of technologies involved, this was a typical project that didn’t demand anything extraordinary. Our biggest challenges concerned a timeframe and cooperation with the design agency.

    We had a strict deadline to deliver a working website in 2 months. Thanks to clear communication with the client, all their requirements were understood and we delivered everything planned on time. 

    Given that we worked on the site’s development and a separate agency was responsible for its design, we took great care of inter-team communication so that both sides are in sync. Plus, regular reviews from the client allowed us to stay on the right track.

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  • What we have done

    We built a robust corporate website with 70+ pages that show different investment offers, industry insights, and other information. The website follows all accessibility standards and is easy to navigate, while interactive elements like animations and expandable sections make it more appealing to visitors. 

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  • Features
    • 70+ unique pages divided into categories
    • interactive landing pages with animated elements
    • map with company’s locations
    • advisor search by location or name
    • ADA-compliant functionality to ensure accessibility
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Tech stack
  • JavaScript
  • Wordpress
  • PHP
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