Personal website of a beloved author

A marketing agency approached TRIARE to design a website for a prominent writer. They already had a design in mind and a descriptive list of features. Someone had to transform the idea into a working solution.

  • Challenge

    Not only we were asked to breathe life into the old website but also accomplish a series of technical and business tasks. See a detailed list below.

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  • What we have done

    We followed the main goal from the client and built a modern site to engage with the author’s readers.
    When the agency supplied us with the technical requirements, we assessed those against current market standards. Then, we evaluated the long term necessity for the website to offer the best-fit tech stack. It allowed the client to save money and have a reliable, convenient CMS to engage with their own readers easily.
    We’ve made a few versions of the site. The emphasis was on the Content Management System (CMS), especially promo code generation. It was important for the client to automate content subscription and payments.

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  • Features
    • Infinite scroll
    • Built-in CMS
    • Paid subscription
    • Automatic newsletter
    • Auto-reply after trigger events
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Tech stack
  • Wordpress
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