Why do American businesses choose web developers from Ukraine?

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TRIARE’s creative approach to project implementation, attention to detail, high work productivity, and customer loyalty are the company’s main competitive advantages. These business qualities are common to many Ukrainian software developers providing their clients with quality services. At the same time, every year, American businesses get more and more reasons to work with Ukrainian specialists. Such cooperation brings pleasure and the desired result to all project participants.

Demand for IT services in the US market. Statistics 2023

The demand for IT services is growing every year around the world. The United States is no exception. The global trends show the constant need for new specialists who express a desire for professional growth. According to McKinsey’s 2023 data, advanced developers spend more than 50% of their time learning new skills. 

Annually, more than 30,000 Ukrainians graduate from universities and become full-fledged participants in the IT services market. Most of them aspire to work for international companies, including American start-ups. However, the US market continues to need qualified personnel.  

The most in-demand IT services in America include the following fields of activity: 

Digital security. Most companies require various software to protect the information stored on servers. This point is especially significant regarding intellectual property, unique projects, and customer data. 

IT innovations for the healthcare industry. The area of medicine can only exist with digital technologies. Programs automating processes significantly expand the capabilities of clinics and increase the level of patient satisfaction.

AI, IoT, and blockchain. Software outsourcing companies constantly receive requests to develop programs for brands trading and selling goods to different target audiences. 

More than 309,000 Ukrainian IT specialists continue to work after the start of Russian military aggression by making every effort to support and develop the market. The industry thrives thanks to highly qualified staff. Despite the unstable situation, specialists have adapted to the new reality by relocating and finding other smart solutions to continue providing professional activities. Therefore, US customers take virtually no risk by engaging with Ukrainian developers.

What services are US companies looking for in IT solutions?

US companies search and recruit IT specialists on an ongoing basis to find the most effective solutions necessary to meet the needs of their clients. According to the statistics, the American market is most interested in the following specialists: 

Data and product analyst. Web analytics reveal and use consolidated information and data to improve the conversion of Internet resources to increase business profitability. 

Java, C#, and PHP developers. Specialists using these programming languages to develop and implement digital products are the most in demand in the market due to the high adaptability and uniqueness of their skills. 

IT testers. Testing is a stage inextricably linked with the development of any digital product. The software tester, application lifecycle automation engineer, and software quality analyst can perform complex tasks using their skills and experience to develop smart digital products.

Full-stack developers. These professionals know different programming languages. They can create smart software based on innovative approaches in the IT field. These developers can turn into members of any working team.  

IT companies in Ukraine have a full range of experienced specialists in the above areas to meet the customers’ needs. American businesses of any industry can benefit from choosing IT specialists from Ukraine. Whether they are small or medium-sized companies in need of the development support of large businesses that require an expert team to develop a savvy IT solution – Ukrainian specialists have a lot to offer.

IT solutions

Services of IT companies from Ukraine. Portrait of a typical agency and what they offer to business

IT outsourcing companies from Ukraine offer their clients a wide range of services based on their requests. The typical Ukrainian agency has the following characteristics: 

  • Custom teams. Depending on the customer’s goals, IT companies form the optimum working groups to provide a desired range of services.
  • The use of outsourcing specialists. The lack of full-time professionals can be easily compensated by inviting employees for certain projects.
  • Remote work. Many companies avoid renting an office in favor of Zoom conferences and remote work on projects.
  • Cooperation with foreign clients. Advanced knowledge of foreign languages and programming skills allow Ukrainian specialists to compete with professionals from the local IT market in the US.

At the same time, Ukrainian IT agencies make every effort to provide universal services with skills and experience in various fields of activity. Specialists from TRIARE also improve their knowledge to adapt to clients’ needs. 

IT companies from Ukraine

Main myths and risks when working with Ukrainian web developers

Accounting and risk analysis is an integral part of any business. However, the risks based on myths do not have the right to exist by taking away a lot of attention from companies focusing on them. The most popular myths about Ukrainian software developers involve the following unfounded prejudice: 

Myth #1: Affordable price equals poor quality work. The Ukrainian developers can offer their clients and partners more favorable conditions for cooperation. As a general rule, American specialists have higher prices for their services. However, the Ukrainians can show even better work for less money. 

Myth #2: Communication barriers. Most IT professionals in Ukraine speak English fluently to find common ground with international clients. Furthermore, specialists show advanced knowledge of multiple languages to provide services to as many clients as possible in different countries. 

Myth #3: Lack of publicity of the Ukrainian IT services market. For a long time, specialists from Ukraine have been doing everything possible to let the world know about their skills and abilities. TRIARE has many positive feedbacks from the clients as a motivation for their new partners and customers to start cooperation.  

Myth #4: Inability to keep working during the war. As Forbes reports, Ukrainian IT companies successfully continued cooperation with 95% of customers after the start of the Russian invasion. At the same time, the country’s digital industry demonstrates a steady increase in IT exports, including the US market. The unique skills and dedication of Ukrainian specialists allow them to work despite any difficulties.

Ukrainian web developers

Why does US business trust IT services to Ukrainian web developers? Main advantages

More than 200,000 talented IT specialists from Ukraine are engaged in providing digital services. The US business trusts IT services provided by Ukrainian web developers due to certain factors: 

  1. Good reputation. Many successful projects created by Ukrainians received recognition and admiration on the world stage. The number of start-ups that justified investors’ hopes is growing every year.
  2. High productivity of working processes. Ukrainians can neglect regulated working limits by providing round-the-clock support to their clients. This situation occurs due to specialists’ high level of dedication and responsibility.
  3. A growing number of IT talents. Even junior developers who graduated from universities show advanced skills in the area of programming by paying special attention to the improvement of their knowledge and experience. Exciting projects and competitive wages are sufficient motivation for maximum performance at work.
  4. Increased involvement in the workflow. An individual approach to the clients is a priority for TRIARE and other IT outsourcing companies in Ukraine. The high level of customer orientation becomes a basis for long-term successful cooperation. 

IT services from Ukrainian web developers

How are Ukrainian web developers ready to surprise an American customer?

The famous Ukrainian developer Victor Saburov managed to develop a platform for editing photos by selling it to Snapchat for $150 million. He hit the world of IT. Web developers from Ukraine are ready to surprise American customers due to the following features of their services: 

  • Attractive prices for services. The US specialists tend to inflate prices for their services motivated by the general criteria of the market. The Ukrainian specialists always take into account the individual nuances of future cooperation. 
  • Knowledge of American market trends. Ukrainian specialists have been working in foreign companies for a long time by understanding well the principles of their functioning and needs. Such cooperation will not bring inconvenience associated with language barriers and differences in IT markets.
  • High level of customer focus. The willingness to sacrifice personal interests to help the client has always been a strong side of TRIARE. Many Ukrainian companies prioritize customer and partner satisfaction as the main criterion for the quality of their work.
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How do Ukrainian IT specialists help optimize the budget for companies from different niches?

Ukrainian IT specialists help optimize the budget for companies from different niches by following individualized interaction principles with clients. These services involve certain activities: 

Financial audit. IT companies in Ukraine develop programs that analyze the financial flows of a business, taking into account the characteristics of specific companies. Such information helps to create advanced budget spending plans, increasing the revenue of brands.

Smart solutions. A unique approach to cooperation with companies allows Ukrainian developers to create complex and multi-level systems for budget optimization using digital products based on the customer’s request.

Constant monitoring. Ukrainian programmers pay a lot of attention to customer support after developing and implementing software products. Such monitoring makes it possible to maintain high-performance indicators obtained after the restructuring of financial flows.

Optimize the budget

TRIARE’s work experience with US customers

TRIARE enjoys cooperation with US customers by trying to expand the geography of its projects. The successful projects and satisfied customers are proof of a productive collaboration with prospects for further expansion of the target audience in America.

Custom website development for Dark Burn by TRIARE is a perfect case to show the high level of competencies of the Ukrainian software developer. The client received a high-quality digital product in the form of an Internet resource performing the planned functionality. Furthermore, the company continues to support the website for its correct operation. TRIARE has delved into the slightest nuances of the client’s business to develop a unique digital product that meets the customer’s requirements.

Swish Hoop Player App. is an advanced basketball training application developed by TRIARE for American clients who desire to track their training progress. The digital product can connect to various devices via Bluetooth by including access to the library with tutorials and videos. The specifics of American basketball inspired the company to create the perfect interface design.

TRIARE’s work experience with US customers

The level of complexity of the tasks that we will solve

TRIARE brought together the most experienced and talented web developers from Ukraine, performing tasks of different complexity to meet the client’s needs. Their services cover requests of customers from different niches to develop digital products for such needs as:

Logistics and delivery. Cargo monitoring software developed based on the client’s individual features can track packages, their cost, and the delivery route for further optimization and implementation. 

Web design. TRIARE develops unique Internet resources for businesses to reach higher recognition. The company provides its clients with UX design for complex CRM systems. At the same time, the specialists support their customers by improving the details of the Internet resource after their launch.

Application development. TRIARE provides its clients with an extended list of services in the area of health care. Smile App. is the high achievement associated with developing unique digital solutions for orthodontic clinics.

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TRIARE is a team of web developers from Ukraine showing high levels of productivity and achievement. Many successful projects and regular customers vividly confirm the company’s professionalism. It is the best time to check it out for yourself by enjoying great help and support for your business. TRIARE has an individual approach to all clients by developing digital products to meet their unique requests based on the nuances of their professional activity. 

Anton Mali