Swish Hoop Player App

Swish Hoop makes smart, Bluetooth-connected devices for basketball training. The company developed an app that syncs with the devices and lets users train and track their progress. The early version of the app was done by different teams and failed to perform stably. TRIARE was hired to fix the existing app’s code, implement new features, and make Swish Hoop Player App delightful from the user’s perspective.

  • Challenge

    Given that the app wasn’t initially developed by TRIARE and was crashing all the time, our team had to meticulously re-examine its code and find ways to fix it. After debugging, we refactored the app to improve its performance, and then, implemented a lot of new features.

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  • What we have done

    Everything envisioned for Swish Hoop Player App was brought to life with maximum technological efficiency. TRIARE’s team was developing the app in close communication with the client: all recommendations on how to improve the product from the technology and user experience perspective were heard and discussed, which made the process smooth and flexible. The end product is packed with interactive features and remains scalable for future enhancements.

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  • Features
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Personal accounts
    • Workout tutorials with graphs and videos
    • Statistics on training progress with shot analysis
    • Community and leaderboards
    • Challenges between users by invite
    • Motivational badges
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Tech stack
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
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