Key Features of Fleet Management Software

Hryhorii Sirenok
Project Manager at TRIARE
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Logistics: Key Features of Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software development becomes more sought after every year due to the growth of client demand for the services of logistics companies. TRIARE demonstrates significant progress in developing software needed to simplify workflows related to fleet management, acting as a necessary tool for implementing the import and export of goods worldwide.

What Is Fleet Management?

Fleet management is a set of methods to eliminate and minimize the risks associated with investment in vehicles, increase efficiency and productivity, and reduce overall costs. Even fairly large fleets use outdated organization administration tools. They include paper documentation and Excel spreadsheets. With such a structure, it can be easy to miss significant details, which subsequently affects the company’s performance.

Fleet management software development services help the company reach a new level, using the resources already available to the enterprise. In many companies, fleet management is associated with a large amount of routine work during communication with contractors and the organization of document flows. These tasks involve the formation of orders, payment of invoices, formulation of contracts, and processing of primary documentation. Consequently, these processes require optimization to solve constantly occurring issues. 

What features do you use for fleet management? Let us show you how to optimize and improve.

How does fleet management software work?

TRIARE develops fleet service management software individually for each corporate client, considering its requirements and the specifics of the business. This process includes such preparations as analyzing all items of the client’s expenses and offering ways to optimize and improve the fleet management system. The experience and professionalism of the developer ensure prompt solutions to current tasks within the framework of the customer’s corporate policy, cost-effectiveness, and maximum transparency. 

Fleet management software development can provide companies with the following services: 

  • Optimization of the client’s existing fleet
  • Creation of new fleet departments
  • Conduction of personnel procedures
  • Calculation of the corporate budget
  • Payment of salary, compensations and allowances, registration of travel expenses
  • Organization of documentation of repairs, car refueling, car washes, and car parks
  • Control of fuel cards and maintenance of various documents 
  • A reminder of the need to perform systematic and routine tasks

Fleet management software

What are the top fleet management issues for business?

Truck fleet management software is essential for performing optimization activities. In this case, the business suffers from the following issues:

Costly fuel consumption. The digital tools allow the specialists to perform advanced control over the volume of fuel purchases and their consumption by all vehicles. This goal becomes possible due to the use of personalized systems of reporting.

Careless maintenance of vehicles. The data libraries generated by the software can contain detailed descriptions of all vehicles’ characteristics. Such a tool allows the client to monitor the fleet’s condition for its upgrades.

Loss of control over company resources. Large fleets require the automation of most processes. Its absence can lead to a loss of control over workflows, the quality of the trucks, customer orders, etc. The dominance of chaotic documentation is the main reason for the bankruptcy of most companies.

Lack of budget funds and poor profitability. The fleet service management software provides logistics companies with tools for advanced monitoring of financial flows. This approach prevents the occurrence of unforeseen expenses and losses.

Top fleet management issues

How key features for fleet management software can help solve key issues?

Nowadays, fleet management software is a global trend followed by many foreign companies. Such an approach allows the company to use the following solutions for business:

Reduce the total costs of the fleets. Timely monitoring of the condition of vehicles, fuel, and repair costs can reduce the spending needed to maintain any transport equipment. This solution is a priority for the optimization of internal financial flows.

Optimize accounting. Advanced optimization of all financial flows allows the company to create favorable conditions for monitoring the entire budget of the company. This method represents a crucial way to increase business profitability. 

Relieve the company of the need to maintain a large fleet maintenance staff. Digital tools can perform many actions instead of a large number of specialists, reducing the cost of their salaries. At the same time, workflow efficiency will increase. Digital freight platforms can also be a productive way to innovate this service market.

Simplify internal procedures. Custom software can become the most effective way to monitor employees’ work, the cost of maintaining vehicles, and spending on the operation of the company in general.

Key features for fleet management software

Must-Have Fleet Management Software Features

The truck fleet management software can perform various functions by prioritizing logistics company details. However, such digital tools should involve a list of the following mandatory features: 

  • System for monitoring the expiration of auto insurance, and the expiration of leasing terms, guarantees
  • Pop-up reminders about the need to register with a service center for maintenance
  • Reporting mechanisms for monitoring fuel costs
  • Libraries with statistics on leasing, insurance, employee salaries, and fleet costs
  • Online forms for filling out powers of attorney, acceptance certificates, and driver applications
  • Bill payment history management system
  • Vehicle history reports, including mileage, repair impacts, driver changes, etc.

Custom software solutions can provide clients with all features needed to achieve the advanced fleet management process. The individually crafted software allows businesses to automate routine activities, paying more attention to business development. This approach can lead to the company’s growth of profitability and competitiveness in the market. 

Must-Have Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Software Development. What’s new in 2023 

The area of fleet management software development services grows more and more rapidly every year by providing its clients with smart digital solutions to make their businesses more successful. 

As reported by PRNewswire, the market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 9% from 2023 to 2032. It means that demand for fleet management software services will only grow. In this case, the key market players emphasize introducing cloud-based technologies to create more advanced digital products. 

Marine fleet management solutions tend to increase due to the high availability and productivity of using this type of transport to import and export goods. These digital products require the involvement of specific features different from ground and air fleet management methods. According to Forbes rating, AUTOsist represents the best custom fleet management software providing users with many options to cope with different tasks. At the same time, Fleetio took second place as the most technologically advanced digital tool in fleet automation.

Fleet Management Software Development

How can new fleet management features optimize the budget of a transport company?

Fleet management optimizes the working algorithms of the entire company. The system of accounting for equipment can be improved. At the same time, fleet service management software simplifies reporting and control processes. This approach leads to budget savings and a significant reduction in costs. 

The advanced management features can optimize the budget of a transport company in the following ways:

  • Avoid unplanned expenses. As a rule, they arise with insufficient control over the cost of fuel and maintenance of vehicles. Digital tools allow companies to control these indicators automatically.
  • Minimization of expenses for managerial personnel. Custom software can replace the work of a large department of specialists involved in monitoring the functioning of the fleet. Such a redistribution of internal budget spending can lead to faster business development.
  • Monitoring the timeliness of mandatory payments. Companies are often forced to suffer from unplanned expenses arising from late payment of bills and insurance premiums. Automation of such accounts prevents the negative impact of financial costs.
How can new software optimize your budget? Let’s see examples.

Optimize the budget of a transport company

What should be considered when implementing new fleet management features?

The fleet management software development services should prioritize the following factors when implementing digital products:

  1. Individual features of the logistics company’s fleet. The client’s request should be the fundamental background for creating the software’s functionality. TRIARE always pays special attention to the features of the company’s work. 
  2. Client’s work goals. Such software is an effective tool for quickly achieving business goals. The functionality of digital tools should facilitate this process.
  3. Current problems of the company. The fleet management software can solve various issues in any area of the company’s activity. This approach becomes possible due to the presence of a variety of functionality to create a modern financial and general management system of all processes.

New fleet management features

What solutions can our team offer?

TRIARE has advanced experience in developing fleet service management software by providing its clients with unique digital products. They include personalized options and individual functionality to meet the needs of any logistics company. TRIARE can offer their clients software needed to:

  • Create a unique environment for fleet management
  • Minimize vehicle maintenance costs
  • Increase business profitability
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Raise brand competitiveness

TRIARE developed a productive logistics app for Cargo Trak, making it perfect for solving the company’s issues. It includes various features to optimize the work of the enterprise. At the same time, the developer can add any new functions to improve fleet management. You can contact us any time to enjoy new opportunities for your logistics business


TRIARE develops fleet service management software to provide clients with unlimited business optimization opportunities. Logistic companies will receive the ability to reduce vehicle maintenance costs, get more profit and improve competitiveness. These factors allow entrepreneurs to receive additional customers by satisfying their requests through the use of digital tools by TRIARE.

Hryhorii Sirenok
Project Manager at TRIARE