Advantages of custom design over templates for e-commerce

Oleksandr Kruglyak
Head of Dev Department at TRIARE
9 min read

The use of templates for website design development rooted in e-commerce companies’ minds as a simple and effective way to create visualizations for online resources. However, this approach brings more harm than good by destroying brand identity and consumer interest in taking targeted action on a website. TRIARE’s custom design solutions allow clients to enjoy unique visualizations of Internet resources for organic promotion to increase the target audience.

E-commerce website design. What is it, and why is it important?

A website turns a company into a modern business. It is the brand’s most important source of information for potential customers and influencers whose opinion is of public importance. E-commerce website design represents a set of technical and visualization solutions for creating a high-conversion Internet resource that allows businesses to use it as a tool to increase profits. It performs the role of interactive “branch” of the company selling services and goods online. 

E-commerce web design companies make every effort to support businesses in their desire to have high-quality Internet resources with effective visualization. More than 94 percent of negative feedback about the websites was provoked by design. The creation of a well-thought-out e-commerce website design is important for all types of businesses due to the following reasons: 

  • Maintaining the brand image
  • Communication with regular customers who maintain interest in the company
  • The attraction of new clients

What business processes are affected by the design of e-commerce stuff?

The design of an e-commerce stuff has a significant impact on the following processes:

Promotion of goods and services. TRIARE’s e-commerce website design services allow clients to use the potential of Internet resources to implement various marketing strategies. They imply the distribution of useful information, profitable offers, and data about loyalty programs for consumers. In this case, the website’s design turns into an element of effective navigation to help the customers take targeted action.

Increasing sales. The website’s unique design will attract a new target audience, raising the sales of goods and services. In this case, business profitability will only grow. 

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Retaining the loyalty of regular customers. An excellent website design allows the client to complete an order in a few clicks by providing an intuitive interface and the correct categorization of goods and services. Thus, the companies can turn the constant orders of customers through the website into their habit, which benefits them and profits business.

Maintaining a high level of competitiveness in the market. The catchy design of the website is the reason for admiration and discussions that draw attention to the company. Increasing brand awareness among potential consumers will always keep products and services at the top of sales.

What is a template-designed website? 

The business market consists of standard solutions. Companies standardize technologies, products, and services. This approach led to the popularization of website design templates, allowing companies to avoid e-commerce website design services.

The template-designed websites represent the Internet resources developed through ready-made visualization tools with a stable structure. In this case, the companies can implement minimal innovations to the website design. They must accept unchanged button layouts and actions, mandatory design elements, and color palettes. Using the templates for website design does not require experience in modification and a huge budget to download them. However, they will always limit the brands’ actions and desires aimed at the development of company identity. 

Why do many e-commerce companies use a design template?

The purpose of creation and functionality largely determine the choice of website design. Design templates already include the structure of the future website, graphic content, and several other elements. This approach aims to create a useful Internet resource that will be suitable in several cases, eliminating the high creation cost. 

Many e-commerce companies use a design template due to the following reasons: 

  1. Affordable cost. This point is especially important for start-ups and companies with a limited budget. The brands can save money on the development of custom e-commerce web designs.
  2. Fast result. The development and launch without the need for testing is the primary way to complete the task in a few hours. However, its quality tends to decrease. 
  3. Loyal adaptability. Available options make it possible to customize the template within established limits. This approach does not require thinking over the authentic design of the website by allowing the users to take advantage of the built-in functionality.

What are the pros and cons of a design template for business development?

The decision to download a website template can be the right one regarding a landing page or a simple business card. This problem-solving approach reduces the cost of creating visualizations for Internet resources. It will remain relevant as long as it can meet the needs of its users expressing a desire to: 

  • Save money.
  • Get quick results. 
  • Perform a task at a formal level without taking into account the effectiveness of such a solution.

The template design is a specific type of standardization that depersonalizes the companies. These Internet resources could be more extensive in their potential and options. The main cons of a design template for business development imply the following disadvantages: 

The presence of repetitions on the Internet. Only e-commerce website design companies can develop unique visualizations for the Internet resources needed to increase brand awareness. The companies using templates lose their individuality. 

The need to pay for certain functions. Stylish templates with several functions cannot be downloaded for free. The users often have to make extra payments to get permission for moderation.

Technical imperfection. It can occur in the form of poor code optimization that causes conflicts with CMS, software modules, and other website elements.

The presence of hidden links in the body of the template. This detail causes a downgrade in the search results. The search bots tend to lower the conversion of such websites. 

What is a bespoke custom design website?

Custom design of the website represents the Internet resource with a unique visualization based on the customers’ requirements, features of their business, and focus on the brand’s individuality. In this case, a crucial advantage lies in optimizing business needs and requests. The e-commerce website design services include the development of unique visualizations for the digital product taking into account the following nuances: 

  • Brand vision and mission
  • Product or service specifics
  • Marketing strategies of competitors
  • Development Goals
  • Target audience preferences

Such an approach to the development of website design is aimed at the achievement of a balance between beauty, usability, and high effectiveness to increase conversion. Therefore, TRIARE’s specialists do not work based on creative impulses but consider the project’s points and the client’s desires.

Advantages of custom design for optimizing and developing online stores

The e-commerce website design company can develop visualization providing the clients with the ability to optimize the work of any type of business, including online stores. Such an approach leads to the following advantages: 

Prioritization of the company’s uniqueness. The custom design allows the clients to promote the brand values by increasing its awareness. This approach is a crucial way to positively impact the target audience’s desire to perform a targeted action on the website in the shortest possible period.

Increasing the relevance of advertising banners. A well-thought-out website design is a basis for placing only relevant content on it, allowing potential customers to quickly find the company’s Internet resource for further purchase of services and goods.

Website conversion improvement. An organically developed design allows companies to create a single strategy for an Internet resource that will be prioritized by the search engine showing potential customers. This approach also increases the business’s profitability through the number of sales.

Competitive Edge. The Internet network includes more than 1.8 billion websites competing for user attention. The design developed based on the unique request of the company shows a significant difference over Internet resources created with the use of ready-made templates. Custom visualization attracts more attention by leading to increased brand trust.

How to optimize your design and increase conversion?

What problems can arise when using custom design for online stores?

Custom design for online stores does not cause any problems. It only requires following certain steps to achieve success: 

  • Select cooperation with a professional e-commerce website design company
  • Formulate a technical task for the developer.
  • Agree on a design action plan.
  • Approve the list of working steps.
  • Analyze and make changes to the finished website design.
  • Order the option of further support from the developer to make the necessary changes during the company’s functioning constantly.

TRIARE gives our partners a chance to enjoy all of these steps together. Cooperation implies the prioritization of trusting relationships and individual approaches to each client. 

Experience in templates and custom development. What we are ready to offer for each option

TRIARE has a huge experience in e-commerce website design services by providing their clients with various services to receive useful Internet resources reflecting the brand’s image. 

The developer can offer their customers the following services: 

  • Analysis of the target audience, user experience, and competitor activity.
  • Development of user behavior scenarios that help determine how they will achieve certain goals on the website, including the creation of convenient forms to fill out, an interactive shopping cart for making a purchase, and an intuitive structuring of website blocks
  • Prototyping of the structure, content, and individual elements, taking into account the logic, psychology of sales, and the rules for building selling pages
  • The visual design of the layout: selection of a color palette, fonts, rendering of buttons, icons, menus, and other interface elements
  • Design development based on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile versions. According to statistics, over 54 percent of global traffic was generated via mobile devices in 2022.

TRIARE already has a successful case in their portfolio by showing a perfect custom design of the website Dark Burn. Look at it to reveal the advantages of cooperation with the TRIARE team. 


TRIARE’s specialists develop unique custom e-commerce web designs for companies with different target audiences. The individual approach to each case allows the developers to qualitatively analyze the specifics of the customers’ activity and requests. The design solutions become a background for further creating an Internet resource with high conversion. TRIARE’s custom designs of websites are an effective way to achieve new levels of business growth by strengthening companies’ presence on the Internet. 

Oleksandr Kruglyak
Head of Dev Department at TRIARE