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24 Feb 2022
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Food Delivery Apps Development: a SuperApp Case

Food delivery apps undoubtedly have their moment. This industry has experienced exponential growth compared to pre-pandemic 2018. Global online food delivery revenue is expected to reach $339 million in 2022, up from $130 million in 2018.

Interestingly, China will account for a significant part of food delivery income in 2022, with $158 million approximately. Such numbers are a direct consequence of superapps’ enormous popularity in Asia. We’ll talk about these tech solutions later. In the meantime, let’s find out how food delivery apps evolve and why they’re good for your business.

Next Step for Grocery Delivery Apps?

Grocery delivery is one of the possible options for mobile apps services. In a world where every minute matters, this solution is perfect. 

People are increasingly leaving traditional grocery shopping and dining in favor of delivery apps, opening up a new vision for the food sector. According to Statista, more than 30 million adults now use grocery delivery apps in the United States alone.

Cities throughout the world have also experienced a surge in delivery services. DoorDash and Uber in the United States, Deliveroo in Europe, and Grab and GoJek in Southeast Asia are such examples.

But all these companies seem to have a promising competitor — Getir startup. It is a Turkish company that began with grocery delivery and eventually extended into food and essential supplies. The most intriguing aspect is that the startup has achieved unparalleled levels of delivery in as little as 10 minutes.

So, modern food delivery apps development is about more than just delivering groceries. Such applications are evolving and expanding their range of services, which makes them so popular.

How to Make Best Food Delivery Apps for Drivers

To create food delivery apps or solutions for any other goods distribution, you should first consider the people involved in the delivery process. That’s why you have to establish a solid logistics network of drivers and an initial user base.

So, how do you attract drivers to delivery driving apps? To do this, you should demonstrate the benefits of your solution and provide several perks to your couriers. We have compiled a list of characteristics to make delivery apps convenient for drivers:

  • Introduce higher pay during heavy workloads
  • Offer bonuses for exceeding the delivery plan
  • Allow the driver to view the estimated profit from order delivery
  • Provide stability for deliverers: a guaranteed amount of earnings for a certain number of working days
  • Allow the driver to select which orders to accept and which to reject 
  • Set the default tip in the application, for example, 15%
  • Add a charge for the courier’s waiting time

These are the primary benefits you may include in your delivery app to encourage drivers to work with you.

Deliver Beyond Food: a SuperApp Case

Superapps are a prominent niche in mobile app development. It is, in a nutshell, all-in-one. You may use such apps to order delivery of anything, rent a car, scooter, or cab, pay for utilities, and so on. It is, in other words, a universal solution that helps you manage the majority of your everyday tasks.

You’ve probably heard of WeChat. It is the ancestor of all superapps. Initially, it was a Chinese messenger, which later evolved into a much larger solution. Not to mention that this is one of the finest snack delivery apps; it even allows you to plan a visit to a doctor.

Even though superapps have long been acknowledged in Asia, the situation in the West is not the same. The explanation for this might be that the target audiences in the West and Asia have vast cultural differences. However, according to a survey “The Connected Consumer In The Digital Economy…”, 67% of American customers stated they would prefer a universal app to handle their online activities.

We at Triare can develop a similar application for you. Our specialists have extensive experience working with various niches: groceries, flowers, pharmacy, documents delivery, and even more. Feel free to check out one of our recent projects — the TaxiSmile app.

Closing Thoughts

The development of food delivery apps for drivers, food suppliers, and other commercial businesses is promising right now. It is relevant due to the quick pace of life, which causes the demand for various products delivery. The pandemic also played its part in the popularity of such applications. The primary ideas that explain why delivery apps are so appealing are their ease of growing profits and versatility for various businesses.

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