Enterprise Mobile App Development: Why It’s Worth the Investment

Oleksandr Kruglyak
Head of Dev Department at TRIARE
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Enterprise Mobile App Development: Why It’s Worth the Investment

The cost of mobile app development is often quite low compared to the return on investment. Enterprise mobile apps can become an effective way to expand the target audience and increase the brand’s competitiveness.

Why develop enterprise mobile apps?

The enterprise mobile app development allows business owners to interactively maintain direct contact with any client. They help introduce advertising campaigns, attract the target audience’s attention, and take care of its comfort. The clients can order goods and services in a few clicks via smartphones. Mobile apps have become a popular innovative technology with high potential for future development. 

The main prerequisites for developing mobile apps are based on the following options:

  • Help solve marketing problems.
  • Facilitate direct sales and act as a means of interaction with the client.
  • Simplify work processes within the company.
  • Allow the user to download only the interesting information they need while saving the downloaded information for use without an Internet connection.

The number of apps downloaded annually has increased by 82% between 2016 and 2022. This statistic is growing rapidly every year. The digital trend emphasizes the need to make mobile apps an integral part of any business to keep up with the times.

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How important is it for a business to have an enterprise app in 2023?

In 2022, users spent more than 3.8 trillion hours on mobile apps. Companies should motivate their clients to spend time online using their digital products. In this case, the customers will perform a targeted action without effort and long thoughts by purchasing more goods and services. 

In 2023, the enterprise mobile app development company allows their clients to enjoy digital products to receive the following advantages: 

Sales growth. Making a profit from new channels of attracting customers is the main commercial goal of any business. Mobile traffic is one of the most productive lead-generation tools. Conversion from such software is 3-4 times higher than from websites. This fact suggests that sales are inevitably moving to the mobile sphere.

High customer loyalty. A smartphone is much more often in the contact area with a client than the same website. It is easier for a user to order a product through the app by finding the desired icon on his phone than to search for a website on a computer. The company can stimulate the client’s interest with push notifications. It is a cheap and quite effective option for increasing the loyalty of the target audience.

Automate part of business processes. For example, calling a taxi through apps allows the clients to relieve dispatch services. They can also order food, book flight tickets, and much more in restaurants and cafes. For small and medium-sized businesses, apps can accept and process orders and redirect calls to specialists.

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a successful company with an attractive mobile app for clients. The mobile app development service allows business owners to solve various issues. 

The goal of a mobile app

What is your goal for a mobile app?

The area of mobile app development increases in popularity every year. The digital products became interactive tools intended to help business owners become more successful. They can improve competitiveness and bring additional profit without significant investment. 

Mobile apps can assist companies in achieving the following goals: 

Increase brand awareness. Mobile phones and related devices are the most common devices in everyday life. This fact allows marketers to use them to work on brand image. By properly taking advantage of the frequent use of mobile devices, companies can use the app to keep the company’s image fresh in the consumer’s mind.

Analyze the target audience. Using apps, companies can obtain several additional behavioral metrics about the target audience of a website, company, or product. Analytics systems can separate traffic by the input device. Such information will help create a more accurate portrait of the target audience. Therefore, mobile apps are effective marketing programs.

Customer service. Mobile apps can act as a user support center. The main objective of such programs implies effective communication with clients. For example, the app can help set up payments, auto-payment, a request to call a specialist, redirect to a chat with an employee, etc.

Mobile digital products can complete any task based on the needs and preferences of the clients. Such software will turn into an integral tool on the way to business development and growth. 

Who are your competitors? Do enterprise apps help them make more money?

The brands actively using mobile apps are the main competitors of enterprise mobile app development company’s clients. In this case, the absence of such corporate software represents a prerequisite for the rapid market competitiveness decline. 

Enterprise mobile apps help companies get the following financial benefits: 

Accept payments and handle online transactions. Many people use mobile apps for online banking, electronic money, and cash-back services. Companies can easily set up payment acceptance on their app.

Reduce staffing costs. For example, several business apps can solve the problem of finding call center operators for a company. In addition, push notifications can significantly reduce the budget for contextual advertising and email marketing.

Strengthening brand equity. The success of any marketing campaign is to attract the customer’s attention. Mobile app development can help attract attention and maintain brand image for a long time. Periodic brand reminders via push notifications are beneficial for retaining customers and encouraging them to make unplanned purchases.

Business owners can enjoy minimizing costs and increasing company profitability. This point is especially significant when it comes to searching for ways to increase the competitiveness of an enterprise. The mobile apps can speed up the process of achieving these goals. 

App helps make more money

Who are your customers, and what do they want? 

According to statistics, 73% of Millennials shop on their mobile devices 1-4 times per week, while 21% enter an app 50+ times daily. However, any age limits need to be more accurate by showing the absence of clear boundaries. People with mobile phones are a target audience of companies using mobile apps. 

The iOS mobile app development company can introduce digital products for customers with the following preferences:

Ease of purchase. Between a website and a mobile app, customers often choose the app. It is more accessible, simpler, and intuitive, with nothing extra. After installing the app, the client receives access to the catalog of goods or services. The necessary information is displayed clearly.

Notifications. Mobile apps allow customers to receive necessary data. Information about various events, promotions, discounts, and new product launches can be sent to the clients through push notifications.

One-touch access. Mobile apps make life much easier for consumers by making the purchasing process simple, clear, and fast. The app transmits all the necessary information, makes it easy to follow news, receive messages about new products, discounts, special offers, repeat previously made orders, and much more. The customers will be aware of information that is important to them.

Mobile apps help companies become closer to their customers. At the same time, the customers can order the desired products and services in a few clicks. 

Customers for your mobile app

Win-win strategy. How can a mobile app bring value to you and your clients?

The world is moving towards mobility. This trend cannot be changed. Consequently, business owners should maintain and increase their competitive advantages in the “mobile boom” era through interactive digital tools. 

The mobile app development services represent a basis for a win-win strategy both for companies and for their target audience due to the following factors:

Loyalty programs for customers. Such mobile apps as discount and bonus cards for regular customers can increase the sales of goods and services. In this case, the business owners can improve their profitability due to the growing average check caused by high customer motivation. By integrating a loyalty program into the app, a company can save on the purchase of plastic cards and retain the brand’s fans.

Service quality improvements. Built-in features quickly help customers without waiting for a company manager’s response. For example, Internet banking allows clients to buy tickets instantly, reserve restaurant tables, order food, and call a taxi. In this case, business owners can automate the execution of simple and popular requests from the target audience.

A mobile app is a software package developed to meet the customers’ needs. At the same time, a satisfied target audience allows a business to fulfill sales plans and achieve new goals.

The app brings value to you and your clients

How a mobile app helps return your investment. Not obvious features for budget optimization

The cost of mobile app development is often insignificant compared to the profitability of such digital tools. Return on investment may come in the form of minimizing the company’s internal expenses. The well-thought-out mobile app development strategy allows companies to achieve impressive financial benefits. 

Mobile apps help companies return their investments and optimize their budget in the following ways: 

Planning. Organizing requests and planning employee schedules is very important in the service industry. Previously, additional staff was required to process appointments. However, mobile apps can complete this task now. The clients can see the appointment dates and sign up for the most convenient time. The app immediately notifies the service provider about this and makes the selected time unavailable for recording. Since everything is processed automatically, there is less chance of human error.

Savings on advertising campaigns. If the company maintains interest in the app, it can save on advertising campaigns by increasing the effectiveness of the app. Mobile app notifications can replace mass emails that require a lot of time and resources. 

The functionality of mobile apps has long surpassed adapted websites. Users can download and install programs for business, education, organizers with reminder options, entertainment content, and shopping. All of these digital tools are effective ways to sell products and services.

The app helps return your investment

Why should businesses invest in mobile app development?

Businesses should use mobile app development services to achieve additional ways to communicate with their clients. At the same time, these digital tools are a basis for consistently high competitiveness. Experienced developers can introduce unique software to meet the needs of any company. 

The brands should invest in mobile app development for the following reasons: 

Instant communication with the client. The company creates a marketing channel that increases visibility for major events by allowing users to download the app. One of the main advantages of a company with more loyal customers implies effective communication.

Opportunity for Innovation. Apps are the tools that differentiate a company’s business from the competitors. For example, in a restaurant, customers can select a dish, plan when to eat, and select the table where they want to sit. Therefore, app development is worth considering.

Financial benefit. The mobile apps allow companies to save on systematic and mandatory expenses. At the same time, close communication with customers allows brands to increase sales.

The developers of mobile apps can describe an endless list of the reasons to use the advantages of the software. The companies should request highly qualified specialists to gain many new prospects for growth. 

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Mobile App Development

Conclusion. Is it worth building an enterprise app for your business?

TRIARE provides clients with innovative mobile app development services to motivate them to enjoy the benefits of the software. The developer follows specific steps to introduce the ideal mobile app. 

TRIARE shows its clients the undeniable reasons to use its services to build an enterprise app for the business due to the following reasons: 

Flexibility. The specialists can meet the client’s needs by prioritizing the features of their work and target audience. The software will create a reliable basis for business growth. 

Structured and transparent processes. TRIARE can develop the mobile app in the shortest possible period by following a strict sequence of procedures. The clients obtain high-quality digital products with custom options. 

Extensive industry knowledge. TRIARE has successful long-term experience developing mobile apps for companies from different activity fields. Custom logistics apps allow the clients to retain existing audiences and gain new consumers. At the same time, the developers introduced a multifunctional Smile App in the area of dental services by showing a high level of competence in the medical business. 

TRIARE allows its clients to eliminate any concerns about investing in mobile apps. The company’s portfolio is a huge source of successful projects, confirming the need to use such digital tools for business. 

Oleksandr Kruglyak
Head of Dev Department at TRIARE