How to Choose a Web Development Company: Tips & FAQs

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How to Choose a Web Development Company: Tips & FAQs

Cooperation with a web development company is the most effective way to receive high-quality Internet resources for business without additional stress and waste of time. With their help, identify and meet customer needs effectively. Support and a high customer focus assist you with getting the desired results.

What do web development companies offer?

Web development is an integral part of any business process during rapid market digitalization. All brands require Internet resources and web applications to meet the needs of regular customers and attract new representatives of the target audience. The return on investment for UX design may reach 9,900%.

Web development companies can perform different tasks relying on client requirements. At the same time, the list of basic services of such specialists includes the following duties: 

  • Web design. The process involves visualization of the structure and functionality of the future project. The professionals use specific graphic elements, fonts, buttons, images, logos, and colors to design each website page by maintaining a unique corporate style.
  • Front-end development. It involves turning mockups into real, dynamic, interactive web pages and creating user interfaces. During the working process, the front-end developer interacts with designers, back-end developers, and UX analysts.
  • Back-end development. This service involves the implementation of the business logic of the product. This stage implies user interaction with internal data processes outside the browser and computer. Depending on the product, the responsibilities of a back-end developer may vary. Specific projects can require creating and integrating databases and recovery technologies.
  • Testing. QA engineers test the display of the website in different browsers on various devices and screen resolutions to ensure that the generated code fully complies with modern web standards and requirements.
Why should you choose a development company? Let’s talk about it.

Web Development Companies

What primary goals do you want to achieve with the help of a web development company?

Web design & development companies can solve various issues by allowing businesses to achieve complex goals. The professionals can complete the following tasks: 

  • Development of a website from scratch. This process involves creating a visual design based on the client’s corporate style and preferences. At the same time, the specialists are engaged in front-end and back-end development for further testing. 
  • Website redesign. In this case, the specialists can update an existing website design to attract new users. The company makes every effort to increase conversion by improving  UX/UI. 
  • SEO optimization. The goal implies preparing and setting up a website for SEO promotion. The specialists participate in Internal optimization, setting up technical parameters, collecting a semantic core, and filling the current Internet resource with manually collected keywords. The developers can change the resource structure.
  • SEO promotion. The company introduces long-term development with output to the top search results. Consequently, the customer acquisition price becomes ten times cheaper than attracting through advertising. Clients can find a website in one of the first lines of the search engine for specific targeted queries. 
  • Setting up contextual advertising. It is the fastest way to attract clients. They will see the first applications from the website after the launch. Contextual advertising brings warm traffic to show the offers only to potential customers. 

The company for web development goes through certain phases to achieve the necessary goals. These stages include research & planning, design & development, testing, launch, and maintenance. These phases are mandatory to obtain a digital product of high quality. 

Phases of Web Development Life Cycle

Things you better consider before starting your project

A thoughtful process of preparing for a project’s initiation significantly impacts its final results. The business owners should have clearly defined goals and priorities. The cooperation with the new outsourcing company also requires planning and preparation for all procedures. 

The clients of the web application development companies should go through the following stages before starting their projects: 

  • The decision to create a website. Customers’ concerns about the corporate website, the availability of web projects from competitors, the desire to conduct a large-scale advertising campaign, the search for new markets, and the desire to increase sales are some of the main reasons for creating a website.
  • Services market analysis. The client should pay special attention to research of the works by the development companies with a good reputation. This approach is crucial to selecting a team of specialists for further cooperation. 
  • Establishing communication with a custom web development company. This process should include discussing the terms of cooperation, future working mode, presentation of the minimum technical specifications, and customer preferences to the developers. The positive results of the interaction turn into a guarantee of productive cooperation. 

Starting Your Project

Typical mistakes when you are looking for a web development company

The future clients of front-end web development companies make various mistakes while searching for the ideal contractor. As a general rule, they occur due to the harmful impact of the following myths: 

  • Several outstaff specialists will cope with all the assigned tasks. An introduction of a high-level digital product requires the involvement of a large number of specialists. Only an outsourcing company of qualified developers can show high results in creating a website, launching, and maintaining it.
  • The company with the lowest price for services will save money. The qualifications of specialists and a diverse portfolio should be the determining factor for showing interest in cooperation. Such savings may lead to the need to pay double the price for poorly performed work.
  • The company’s long existence on the market guarantees the experience of its specialists. The clients should make every effort to evaluate developers’ qualifications during negotiations and based on feedback from previous clients. Only this information can be a prerequisite for productive cooperation.

Typical mistakes

What features must a great web development company have?

Qualified outsourcing companies make every effort to attract the attention of potential clients by showing a high customer focus. However, the clients should consider the specific developers’ characteristics to assess their potential objectively. 

A great web development company should have the following features: 

  • Informative website with high conversion. The client’s first acquaintance with developers occurs through the website. In this case, it should have basic information about the company, simple navigation, portfolio, and feedback. The client perceives the developer’s website as a quick presentation of skills to create high-quality digital products.
  • Web development certification. With extensive work experience, proper education, and skills, the company has documented evidence of its competence. The clients should pay special attention to these undeniable signs of professionalism. 
  • The company has a competent manager. This point is critical for an outsourcing company. The manager will interact with the client at most stages of website development, representing the company’s specialists providing the service.
  • Diversity of projects. The successful projects for the business owners from the different areas confirm the company’s ability to complete the various tasks by considering the client’s characteristics. 
  • Photos of real team members. A promising custom web development company must work with a professional team of specialists, including marketers, designers, programmers, copywriters, and optimizers. The client should have a minimal idea of their competence. 

Features must-have Web Development Company

What questions should you ask a web development company before starting work?

The clients should go through a certain period of discussions with the custom web development company before starting cooperation. In this case, the list of the points can include the following questions: 

  • What are the key stages of the project? What’s the sequence?
  • What successful projects has the company completed in the client’s business niche?
  • What are the main points in the cooperation agreement with the company?
  • What guarantees of quality work performed in the future can the company offer?

The list of topics for discussion may vary depending on the client’s needs and preferences. More than 82% of clients trust a company after revealing customer content.

Do you already know what to ask a web development company? Let’s discuss.

Questions should you ask a web development company

Should you talk to other clients of this company before starting work?

Every client follows unique methods to find a web design & development company. In this case, surveying the company’s clients is not mandatory. However, the potential customers should pay attention to the following points: 

  • The presence of regular customers.
  • Honest reviews of cooperation on various Internet resources.
  • Feedback from the company’s target audience of clients on social networks.
  • Analysis of websites previously developed by the company.
  • Objective assessment of projects from the company’s portfolio.

The carefully collected data can become a necessary background for forming the opinion about the developers before the start of the cooperation. 

Web development cases

Web development cost factors. What should you pay attention to in a company’s price list?

The formation of the cost of the web development company’s services occurs in the following stages: 

  • Planning stage.
  • Application and infrastructure development phases, graphic design, and content generation. More than 94% of first impressions occur under the impact of a website’s design.
  • Process of developing content materials to promote the client’s goods and services. 
  • Maintenance stage. 

In this case, the clients should pay attention to a company’s price list. It should include such factors as:

  • The cost of creating a website. It includes payment for domain registration and its further usage.
  • Salaries of specialists completing tasks.
  • Website advertising budget.
  • Regular expenses for maintaining the high performance of the website by the company.

Web development cost factors

What should you be wary of in dialogs with web development companies?

The clients should be wary of dealing with web development companies by showing concern in the following cases: 

  • Avoidance of personal meetings. These actions prevent a productive interaction by creating the feeling of understatement and neglect. Companies should make every effort to find common ground with their clients. 
  • The absence of a clear action plan. Experienced companies should have productive working algorithms by offering them to the clients. All working phases should have strict deadlines and responsible specialists. 
  • Unclear working strategies. The company should provide the client with the details of the working process to follow. In this case, the business analysis represents a basis for introducing the technical task. The company should not offer the client several ready websites. However, cooperation with specialists is the primary way to develop a digital product of high quality. 


The cooperation with the web development company represents an endless source of opportunities for business owners and marketing specialists. The professionals can complete complex tasks, including web design, front-end and back-end development, and testing. This approach represents the most effective way to achieve the desired business goals in the shortest period without additional spending. You can enjoy the services one company provides to manage the process easily. 

Anton Mali