E-scooter sharing software solutions: What are the business risks of SaaS and why is it better to make a custom product?

Anton Mali
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E-scooter sharing software solutions: What are the business risks of SaaS and why is it better to make a custom product?

Learn why custom e-scooter sharing software is the key to scaling your company and capturing the market share.

What is an e-scooter sharing application and what are the features for business?

E-scooter sharing applications, which are simple to use, contribute to the growing popularity of these vehicles. So the quality of the app is crucial to the success of any e-scooter sharing company. From booking to returning an e-scooter, the whole procedure may be handled inside a single app. Getting the bike set up is a breeze and just takes a few minutes.

  • When compared to motor mini-scooters, e-scooters need less upkeep. On top of that, e-scooters don’t need the same amount of physical effort as bicycles, so they can go much faster.
  • Customer demand is really high. The number of app downloads will skyrocket as soon as the app is released, similar to that of Bird and Lime which saw a 580% increase in monthly downloads. The level of competitiveness is really low. Since demand for shared e-scooters is still relatively new, the market is relatively uncrowded.
  • E-scooter sharing is widely supported by governments due to its many benefits, and you can add more to your revenue with in-app ads and discounts for app users.

The market for shared modes of transportation is booming and it is expected to reach $1.68tn by 2027, at a CAGR rate of 3.93%. Companies that provide shared transportation services such as taxis, vehicles, bikes, and scooters are multiplying like mushrooms after an April shower. The main reason for their success is that they care about the earth. Emissions and traffic congestion reduction are today’s main goals. This has made solutions like e-scooters widely popular.

Since scooter sharing doesn’t need as large of an initial investment as other options, it seems like it would be the most excellent choice for a company.

Of course, it might be difficult to decide between developing a custom app for your scooter sharing company and using a SaaS solution. Entrepreneurs are caught between the two options because they want to reduce costs and get their products to market as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. How do you know which path to take? We evaluate every option side by side.

E-scooter sharing software solutions

What app are you using for your project? Let's discuss.

Why have e-scooter sharing apps become so popular lately?

In the past few years, the business concept of sharing e-scooters has exploded in popularity, becoming one of the most lucrative. Why? For starters, it saves you a lot of time. Without a vehicle like an e-scooter, there’s a good chance that you’ll be struggling with traffic when going to work. 

The rising number of petrol cars also contributes to rising carbon dioxide emissions and a declining greenhouse impact. There must be a way to fix this. Here is where electric scooter sharing shines as an alternative to other traditional ways of transportation. It’s a novel way to avoid delays when going short distances, such as to a local workplace or the nearest bus station. Sharing an e-scooter is also a fun activity that you can enjoy with loved ones.

What do you need to know about e-scooter sharing before launching a project?

You should know the ins and outs of the local market(s), recognize the demand, know how to satisfy it, and know how to turn a profit before putting money into this project. Here are some essential points to consider:

Get help from the local government

Having the approval of city officials will be crucial to getting the official “green light” for your company since scooter sharing happens in a public place and needs to fit into the city infrastructure and the local population properly.

Find a reliable partner to offer the platform

Users will only see the simple smartphone app, but behind the scenes, a complex software infrastructure will be at work. It’s also wise to evaluate the number of accepted scooter models and the simplicity of support for additional models. If you have more options, you can more easily switch to the newer models if they turn out to be better.

Find the right team to work on the software

The business world is not a place for solo warriors. There are a lot of everyday tasks and paperwork to go through every day. Therefore, it would be a smart tactical move to team up with a small group of passionate, skillful people in order to divide up the work and deliver better results. You can easily find these people in a reliable e-scooter app development company that can provide a customized solution for your business.

Using SaaS solutions for your e-scooter sharing business

Some scooter producers provide full packages that include not just scooters at a discount but also e-scooter sharing software.

Businesses can get up and running with the software immediately after buying and deploying ready-made software. This is yet another major benefit of using pre-made software. Since it rapidly offers all relevant industry features. This frees up valuable time that can be better focused on other aspects of growing the business.

But, there are some issues with SaaS software, particularly in terms of scalability and market flexibility.

  • Weak adaptability. Professional off-the-shelf software is simple to install, but it cannot be customized to meet the needs of a certain project. Technical help is included in premium subscription options, however, even they won’t be able to meet the specific needs of each business.
  • Poor response to market shifts. As time goes by, customers easily change their personal demands and systems, meaning that your software has to offer new features that can meet their needs. When users find that the app’s features aren’t sufficient, they’re more likely to stop using it. 
  • Scalability issues. Limited customization options make retail software inefficient for times when you need to upgrade your software to match the new infrastructure that you’ve set up. 

Many popular e-scooter sharing solutions like Bird, Ofo, and Lime capture a nice slice of the market because they continuously adapt to changing customer demands and set everything up in a way that they can leverage cutting-edge tech to maintain their competitive advantage.

SaaS vs. Custom E-scooter apps

SaaS vs. custom e-scooter sharing apps

The choice between custom vs. SaaS software is always a crossroads for many people. Many startups and even big companies struggle with this dilemma. The only way to make a decision is to compare them side by side. 

Deciding Factor Custom SaaS
Addressing unique needs Having tailor-made software allows for unlimited scalability. You have the flexibility to implement all the features you need, make changes whenever you see fit, and take comments from users while building brand trust and client loyalty via interaction. SaaS solutions are built for a massive range of users, so there are simply no specific adjustments made to your company’s needs.
Cost Creating your custom software can save you a lot of money in the long run. This is because bespoke software is more costly than ready-made solutions, but pays for itself in the long run via cost reductions and efficiencies. Because, unlike pre-packaged software, you only pay for the functions you really use. While it costs less upfront, you’ll lose far more money in the long run because the software will eventually become obsolete and you need to change the entire package, not just a few features.

Plus, you spend a lot of money on features that you’ll never use. 

Scalability As your business expands, you’ll find it harder to keep track of all the apps you’re using. However, with custom software, you can include any new features or capabilities without completely rebuilding the program. There’s no flexibility built into the software, meaning that you cannot introduce new features to match the upgraded infrastructure.
Security Building your own software lets you manage any vulnerabilities and be certain that your information will never be compromised. If you create your own e-scooter rental app, you will always be in charge of your data. When relying on other options, you should be aware of the possibility that your private data might be misused or hacked.
User experience The focus of a custom app is on the end user. It’s easy and fun to use, even for people who aren’t computer savvy, since users have access to detailed menus and tips. There’s a vast range of options, some of which you’ll never use. But, this adds to the complexity and makes it harder for untrained users to benefit from the solution.

Launching e-scooter sharing solution

You decide to take the custom development route because you need a unique approach for your e-scooter tracking apps. Plus, thanks to its flexibility, there’s no need for outsourcing or waiting for other teams to roll out new features, dramatically reducing the difficulty of developing and scaling your company.

Potential risks of using SaaS solutions for sharing e-scooters

While we touched on certain shortcomings of SaaS solutions before, it’s better to dig deeper and get more specific about some obvious and non-obvious risks.

  1. Sensitive data security. Critical information is often stored in cloud databases that can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. Therefore, there are unique difficulties that SaaS suppliers must overcome to satisfy their clientele and keep their operations running smoothly. 
  2. Permission control. Every SaaS software needs strong access control because of the sensitive information it stores. When working with SaaS providers, you need to know whether sensitive data may be leaked via the service’s single point of entry into the public cloud. It’s also important to determine whether there is a potential for network security concerns, such as inadequate patching and lack of surveillance, by asking questions regarding the architecture of access control systems.
  3. Configuration issues. Most SaaS solutions increase the system’s complexity by adding more layers, which raises the likelihood that a misconfiguration may occur. Mistakes in setup, no matter how little, may have a significant impact on the cloud’s availability. This is a major obstacle to scalability.
  4. Obsolete features in the long run. The pre-built program has fixed functionality and capabilities and cannot be customized. Because there is a minimal possibility for customization, if the company has certain specific requirements that aren’t met by other companies in the market or if it has to adapt to the ever-shifting regulations of the sector, the owner may run into unforeseen challenges, not to mention financial losses.
  5. Incompatibility. Pre-made software contains preset features and capabilities that cannot be changed. Since customization options are limited, you may face issues and even financial losses if your company has new needs or you can’t adapt to the industry’s ever-changing regulations.

Obvious and non-obvious risks of using SaaS

Why choose custom e-scooter sharing solutions?

As said before, custom software development is another option. The primary benefit of this approach is that you have input and control over the development process and can choose which features and technologies are included. This allows you to modify the app to your specifications. When you make your own software, you pay nothing for the service and just for the product. The app’s control panel is password-protected and accessible only to you.

It is easy to create a user-friendly UI/UX while also integrating third-party solutions (such as analytics tools, payment processors, and messaging platforms). Any component may be changed or removed at any time. One other perk is that tailored software can work with any Internet of Things (IoT) controller, not just the scooter of the user’s choosing.

After the digital product has been fully tested and deployed, you own all intellectual property rights and obtain the source code. As a result, you may make money from the program in several ways, including sales, rentals, and outsourcing.

You won’t experience any malfunctions, tool-specific problems, or obsolete functions. The team at your custom software development firm is prepared to assist you at any time.


What are the business risks of Saas solutions for e-scooters? Let's discuss

Our experience in developing and launching e-scooter sharing solution

With a proven track record in innovation, our company specializes in the seamless development of custom e-scooter-sharing software. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and extensive industry insights, we have successfully crafted tailored solutions for modern urban mobility. 

Our team’s expertise encompasses the entire software development lifecycle, from conceptualization to deployment, ensuring robust functionality, user-friendly interfaces, and integration with various platforms.

Scootes app is a benchmark example of TRIARE’s expertise in developing custom e-scooter-sharing software. Thanks to a concise design, the app offers users a straightforward process of registering, finding a scooter, paying for it, ending the ride, and viewing the ride history. Scootes is a smart and effortless way to rent an electric scooter.

Launching e-scooter sharing solution


Custom software built just for one company is the number one choice for established firms. Of course, in order to keep a large-scale project running and expanding, a growing business needs to seek out a reliable technology partner. You can count on the help of our professionals here at TRIARE. Just get in touch with us and let us help.

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