How to Onboard New Outstaff Members to the Team?

Oleksandr Moshenskiy
Head of PM Department at TRIARE
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Onboarding outstaff members to the team

The demand for IT outstaffing services constantly grows as they solve many business problems. Hiring specialists to perform specific tasks saves entrepreneurs time and company resources. TRIARE provides its clients with outstaff teams showing high rates of productivity and professionalism in creating and supporting digital products. Such cooperation takes businesses to the next level of their development.

What tasks do IT outstaff teams help solve?

Any enterprise seeks to improve the efficiency of its activities at the lowest financial and resource costs. Outstaffing is a remote hiring method. It allows clients to attract IT specialists as human resources through a third-party contractor. More than 23 million app developers around the world are open to cooperation. The providers of outstaffing services can offer access to a large team of certified developers of various specializations.

IT outstaffing companies help solve the following tasks: 

  • Development and support of specific digital products. An IT department in the company does not guarantee the presence of the necessary full-time specialists in the team. IT outstaff agencies provide clients with the most convenient way to cooperate with all possible professionals working in this field.
  • Human resource optimization. The outstaffing format of cooperation allows companies to choose the most favorable conditions for hiring specialists with minimal effort. The contract with a certain professional has unique details, considering the customers’ needs without burdening them. The regular staff of the enterprise does not require constant changes. 
  • Preservation of a clear company’s management system. The use of the outsourcing services implies the close interaction with contractors’ managers. This procedure significantly complicates the process of monitoring the implementation of projects. The outstaff developers report to the clients’ project leaders by becoming part of their regular team for a certain period.
How to add a new member to the outstaff team? Let's discuss

Why do customers go for outstaff teams?

Modern companies make every effort to increase the productivity of their work on the way to achieving the desired goals. The customers turn to outstaff teams due to the need aimed at the achievement of the following tasks: 

  • Cost reduction. The companies can avoid systematic costs for the salaries of full-time specialists. This point is especially significant when it comes to professionals who are involved in performing tasks with low regularity.
  • Control over the team. Clients retain the authority to manage outstaffed employees or teams with the same control as their in-house counterparts.
  • High efficiency and productivity. Outstaffed experts bolster project teams, accelerating the achievement of key performance indicators (KPIs) with heightened effectiveness.
  • Simplified priority management. Clients can focus on project development, leaving organizational matters in the capable hands of the contractor.
  • Team flexibility. Clients have the freedom to conclude their collaboration with an outstaffed team or employee upon project completion, with the option to renew or hire new professionals when needed.

IT outstaff teams

What clients choose outstaff?

IT outstaffing services are needed when a project requires an additional workforce. An urgent employee replacement can also become a reason to look for support. Outstaffing is one of the most effective ways to complete the necessary tasks.

The clients of IT outstaff agencies involve the following categories: 

  • Large IT companies. This approach allows corporations to strengthen the in-house team and test different hypotheses. They hire new specialists to quickly develop a new feature in their web service or application. At the same time, such cooperation is a great way to introduce MVPs quickly. Generally, the period of such interaction starts from six months.
  • Companies with a limited number of employees. Such clients may require developing digital products like applications, websites, and internal administration systems. This situation occurs due to the absence of an IT department. At the same time, they need more individual specialists to solve certain problems right now. These companies need outstaff specialists to fix specific issues without hiring a full-time professional. 

IT outstaff agencies can provide any clients with the required type of IT services. The cooperation becomes possible due to high adaptability skills to customers’ needs and features of their working process.  

Clients choose outstaff

What is special in outstaff onboarding?

Outstaff onboarding gives the clients various advantages compared to hiring a full-time specialist. This process shows the following features and potential opportunities for the customers:

  • Client-side management. The new specialists will complete the tasks based on the plan developed by the client’s leader. In this case, the invariability of management principles during the project implementation creates a sustainable environment for high productivity and risk minimization. The outstaff teams work in synergy with other developers.
  • Payment for the work of a certain specialist. The clients do not have to pay for any result the contractor provides. The customer can control the working process of an outstaffed team of developers by requiring the fulfillment of specific tasks with strict limits of professional responsibility. 
  • The best ratio of price and quality. With many talented developers, the clients can choose favorable labor rates. The outstaff specialists get paid hourly for their work. At the same time, the agencies tend to offer cooperation with mid- and senior-level specialists.
  • Simplified interview process. Oufstaff candidates are interviewed by a non-technical specialist from the client’s team. In this case, the approval of the CEO/CTO is mandatory. 

Often, the technical onboarding process for outstaff members lacks clarity and structure, leading to potential inefficiencies and confusion. To streamline the technical onboarding of outstaff members, TRIARE proposes a more organized approach. The first step involves meeting with the client’s key stakeholders such as the product owner, project manager, and CTO to provide an overview of the product’s concept. This helps outstaff members understand the project’s goals and objectives.

Next, outstaff members should meet with the technical lead to gain insights into the project’s architecture, development methodologies, and deployment processes. This ensures a deeper understanding of how the project is structured and executed. Outstaff members should familiarize themselves with the project’s technical documentation and automated tests. This step helps them grasp the technical specifics of the project and the quality assurance processes in place.

Outstaff members should set up their working environments and configure accounts with the necessary access permissions to begin working effectively. This ensures they have the tools and access required for their tasks. Simultaneously, HR should conduct onboarding procedures specific to HR matters, including administrative tasks and compliance requirements.

By following this structured approach, TRIARE aims to enhance the technical onboarding experience for outstaff members, ensuring a smoother transition and effective integration into the project team.

Outstaff onboarding

How we help you onboard the best outstaff talent

The smart design of the outstaff onboarding process serves as the foundation for delivering high-quality IT services to our clients. This comprehensive process encompasses various stages, commencing with the client’s initial request for project details and developer specifications, encompassing their seniority level and technology stack preferences.

We realize how much clients rely on us to get talent most appropriate for their projects. Upon receiving a request for outstaffing services, we assess the availability of suitable developers within our talent pool to fulfill the client’s requirements. TRIARE diligently updates the developers’ CVs, highlighting their relevant skills and experience. These refined CVs are then forwarded to the client for their review and approval.

We make sure that only the best candidates are invited to the first meeting where clients can assess their soft skills and compatibility with the project. Then, a technical interview is organized, allowing one to delve into the developer’s full range of technical skills. If deemed necessary, the client can request a skills assessment or test task to evaluate the developer’s proficiency in specific technical areas.

Eventually, once the candidate is approved, we establish communication channels, e.g. Slack and Google Meets, to facilitate interaction between the developer and the client. Then, the client provides the developer with access to all essential documentation, components, and time-tracking services. As the outstaff engagement goes on, we collect the necessary feedback and adjust our practices accordingly to serve your best interest.

An outstaff engagement

The main reasons why you need to add new members to the outstaff team

The primary reasons for the clients to hire new outstaff members include the following points: 

  • Saving time and effort. The costs of maintaining the HR department can be significantly reduced. The simple and fast process of introducing a new employee into the team brings productive results. 
  • Attracting high-level IT specialists. Full-time employees rarely have enough experience and knowledge to solve certain problems. IT outstaffing will help clients find highly qualified experts easily.
  • Increasing the investment attractiveness of the company. As a result of the transfer of IT specialists to a separate organization, the enterprise’s income per staff unit increases.
  • Solving one-time problems. The company can quickly respond to changes in the economic situation in the labor market, increasing or decreasing the number of personnel involved.
  • Risk reduction. Clients are guaranteed to receive the necessary services at a good price. At the same time, there is no need to maintain a large staff or make unforeseen payments in cases where more qualified personnel are required.

How long does it take to recruit a new outstaff team member?

Recruiting a new team member is key to productive cooperation and achieving the desired result. It requires the active participation of the customer. This process can take from a few hours to several days. 

It is profitable for a client to hire employees offered by IT outstaffing companies. The process of searching for an employee to join a core team is financially expensive. The businesses need to contact a recruitment agency and pay for the services. At the same time, the companies need to go through personnel records. This process involves a series of interviews, selection of a specialist, paperwork, creation of a personal file, collection of certificates, and registration with the tax service. 

In solving IT problems, outstaffing is an opportunity to save money and quickly solve problems. The clients can choose trusted companies and hire experienced specialists. 

Recruit a new outstaff team member 

What are the risks for the business of adding new members to the outstaff?

Despite the many benefits, the business can face particular difficulties caused by adding new members to the outstaff team of developers. They include the following risks:

  • Psychological climate change in a team. The team ceases to feel like a single organism, which can negatively affect overall performance. However, this issue can be resolved through negotiations, joint events, and team-building activities.
  • Complex communication management. Communication channels must be well thought out. Otherwise, the employee may need more time to understand the task fully. The client should pay special attention to formulating requirements and creating necessary conditions for work.
  • Complications of management processes. High-quality management is needed because additional responsibility arises. It is necessary to control many processes, improve communication, and collect data on work performance.
  • Time zones. Outstaffed employees may reside in different countries, introducing time zone disparities that can hinder effective communication. These time differences may lead to communication difficulties and, in turn, potential delays in task execution.

However, these factors do not minimize the demand for outstaffing services. They continue to be a solution for many companies that cannot maintain their IT department.

Risks of adding new members to the outstaff

What do you need to consider when adding a new member to an outstaff team?

The client should pay attention to the following factors during the cooperation with the IT outstaff agency and adding new team members: 

  • Specialist competence. The client should not look through a huge number of resumes of unfamiliar people. However, a potential employee’s portfolio requires detailed analysis. The consumer should pay attention to the new member’s KPIs. 
  • Speed of adaptation. The new specialist must become a full-fledged member of the client’s professional team as quickly as possible. In this case, he will be able to do his job productively. Long-term adaptation makes the outstaffing process ineffective.
  • The ratio of benefits and costs for paying a new employee’s hourly labor. The hired team member should change the course of project implementation by making the process more effective. This goal becomes possible due to specialists’ unique skills and experience.

New member to an outstaff team

Why do you need to add a new member to the team? Let's discuss

What experience does TRIARE have in adding new members to an outstaff team?

TRIARE tries to destroy myths arising from a lack of information about outstaffing. The company offers its clients attractive ways of interaction by popularizing this cooperation model. The developers focus on the clients’ needs, resources, and current goals to join the outstaff team. Such cooperation always has great indicators of productivity and effectiveness. 

TRIRE provides their customers with an opportunity to enjoy the services of the high-qualified specialists in the following areas: 

  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development Services
  • UI/UX Design
  • Software Testing

The company shows a huge number of successful projects in different fields of business. You can write a request for a proposal for any digital product to start cooperation. Use the template to do it in a few clicks. 


A trusted outstaff team of developers provides clients with advanced services in the IT field. Many years of experience, unique skills, and prioritization of consumer needs allow the companies to show high labor productivity indicators. Cooperation with IT outstaff agencies is a great chance for any client to achieve high results by gaining a significant competitive advantage. Their specialists can turn customers’ plans into reality in the shortest possible period.

Oleksandr Moshenskiy
Head of PM Department at TRIARE