How to Hire an App Developer for Your Project

Anton Mali
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One of the first questions you’ll have after you’ve decided to make an app is how to employ an app developer. Our goal with this article is to help you save time by finding an app developer with whom you will like working.

How to Hire an App Developer for Your Project

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However, to find an app developer with whom you will like working may be a factor that suspends the process. In this article we look at different ways to hire an ideal candidate and the criteria to consider him as that one who perfectly fits your business goals.

There are five ways to hire an app developer

There are several possibilities for finding and hiring your ideal candidate. You might begin your search for an app developer by relying on personal recommendations and relationships. You may also look for them on social media sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and even Reddit. You can also use web directories like Clutch, GoodFirms, and others to find app developers.

Let’s go over the five possibilities available to you when starting a new project or if you are in search of IT staff.

1. Putting together an in-house team

The first option is to hire an internal app developer. You can have complete control over the app development process and close daily communication and collaboration.

2. Hiring a boutique team from the area

Another alternative is to hire app developers from a local boutique firm, which can save you a significant amount of time in the process.

3. Using a freelance website to hire an app developer

Another option to consider when hiring an app developer is to use various internet platforms such as Upwork,, Fiverr, etc.

4. Checking up on body shop firms

With the expansion of the IT sector, a slew of dubious development organizations has sprung up. These groups usually offer low-cost app development services, but with no guarantee of an impeccable result.

5. Dedicated mobile app development agencies’ services

Finally, you may work with a dedicated development team like TRIARE. Such companies offer a range of services, from app project concept development to app deployment and ongoing support and maintenance.

Critical Criteria for Hiring App Developers

Let’s review the most critical factors to consider when hiring an app developer. The sections below outline the data you’ll need to gather and analyze while vetting app developers.

1. Company info. Take a look at the people who work for the company. Examine their social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) or website page to see if the staff is legitimate and works in-house. Check their specialization, industry experience, tech stack, and services offered.

Looking at the portfolio, case studies that have been successful, awards, and a number of years in business is also useful.

2. Team info. Examine the size and structure of the team. Check the number of app developers employed by the organization and their experience and seniority levels (e.g., iOS and Android app developers, backend developers, etc.)

Arrange for the interview to take place (you may also ask for the CVs and code samples). You can use the following criteria for the team members’ evaluation: a good command of the English language, creative contribution to your app concept, critical thinking, and industry expertise.

3. Info about customers. Examine the references and testimonies. Check to see if the team has previously dealt with a client from your area, ask for some contacts, and see how many repeat sales they have.

What about the well-known brands? Learn about the most successful clients, their projects, and their outcomes. Those who have collaborated with renowned brands should be credited.

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4. Details on the communication procedure. English proficiency, communication tools, differences in time zones, and cultural characteristics are among the important factors here.

5. SDLC info (Software Development Life Cycle). Collect data about the project development process. Examine the development and design principles and the methods, frameworks, and approaches used (e.g., Scrum, Kanban). Learn about bug fixing, troubleshooting, support, and maintenance.

Hire an Android App Developer

If you want to target Android consumers, you’ll need to employ an app developer familiar with the platform. Excellent Android app developers are proficient in the following areas: have hands-on experience with Android programming languages (Kotlin, Java); working in open-source ecosystems and libraries; understanding of the Android NDK and architectural patterns such as MVP and MVVM. They should manage and deal with Android APIs and version changes and understand how to publish an app on Google Play.

Hire an iOS App Developer

iOS app developer should be aware of how iOS works on different Apple devices, including the iPad and iPhone and be able to build, test and fine-tune the native apps by using Objective-C or Swift programming languages. Be familiar with Xcode, Apple’s own integrated development environment (IDE), is a must have for iOS app developer. It aids in writing code and assembling apps for use on different devices and operating systems. Xcode is used to design, code, test, and debug an app before sending it to Apple’s App Store.

Hire a Web App Developer

For developing a website app, developers need to know language compatible with web browsers. The most popular are PHP, ASP.NET, and Ruby on Rails. A web application developer is required to write well designed, testable, efficient code by using the best software development practices. They should be free in using version control software to keep track of changes that happened during development and revert back to an earlier version in case of faults arise in the newly implemented code. And strive to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation. 


It is not difficult to find an app developer these days, but it might be tough to choose the right app development vendor for your specific business needs.

Compared to hiring an app developer on a freelance market, hiring a professional software development team offers significantly more benefits. A completely comprehensive solution that includes business analysis, project management, design, and continuing support surpasses the lower cost. Furthermore, many professional outsourcing app development teams have a reasonable price-to-quality ratio. They are aware of what they are paid for and what service’s quality client gets for this payment.

Anton Mali