Why Do You Need to Delegate Web Development to Ukraine

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General overview of outsourcing types and popularity of Eastern Europe as a dedicated development team destination.

Ukraine developers

Dedicated development team model becomes a more widely approached model of HR practices. It does not require hiring a full-time professional in order to complete one project. For instance, the minimum viable product examples you want to provide to a client may include a physical product, an app, a web, or a landing page. 

You do not need the full-time specialists to complete the project and then just keeping them in your team. Instead, you can ask the outstaff provider to delegate the tasks to some of their professionals who will perform them with quality and quick delivery. It is a convenient form of cooperation as well since a number of companies (including the ones abroad) offer their services remotely.

What is the benefit to hire dedicated developer?

Hiring an offshore dedicated team can be cost-saving — you do not have to pay for:

  • the office rent
  • payroll management
  • insurance

Instead, you can assign your capital to exploring and developing MVP. And on the globe of IT regions, Eastern Europe has established itself as a network of IT talents. They have appropriate educational levels and values ​​of goal-oriented collaboration. Poland and Ukraine provide the biggest professional pools in Europe, numbering almost 280 and 185 thousand IT professionals respectively. So, if you need a dedicated worker who will develop MVP products, iOS applications, or front end solutions, you can find the appropriate expertise here.  

Why choose Ukraine over other locations?

Ukraine software companies offer a variety of virtually-based services, such as software development for startups, MVP service solutions, startup consulting services, and startup research in a number of industries. The most popular areas include data management, telecommunications, cloud, gaming, e-commerce, and media. 


most popular industries

Source: Ukraine Digital News, 2015.

  1. Expertise. As one of the most promising IT destinations, Ukraine provides a huge network of tech talent with more than 1,600 companies and 184,700 experts. Given the wide representation in the country of such world leaders as Microsoft, Siemens, and eBay, Ukraine has great potential for local improvement with international experience. This is not to mention a stunning growth rate of the IT sector by 19% in 2018 — the industry continues to progress rapidly.
  2. Ukraine is on the way to global fintech recognition. That is, Ukrainian outsourcing facilities were included in the 2018 Global Outsourcing 100 list with 18 positions in the rating. According to the World Bank Group, Ukraine ranks 83rd out of 189 economies in the world by the ease of doing business in 2015 – a 16-point improvement compared to the previous year. For starting a business, Ukraine ranks 30th, ahead of Bulgaria (52), Slovakia (68), Poland (85), and the Czech Republic (93).
  3. The growing number of startups. Ukrainian high-tech companies deserve to be recognized not only by stats and analytics but by their practical use as well. The unicorn startups of Grammarly, Jooble, and DepositPhotos became widely recognized far abroad. The Ukrainian Maxymiser product is part of Oracle now, while Looksery was acquired by Snapchat. You can check a relevant number of Ukrainian startups here.
  4. Ukrainian outsourcing companies are already highly demanded abroad. The recent stats show that only 63% of development projects are headquartered in Ukraine. Startup research of the IT industry evidenced that 22% of projects are provided to North American clients, 13% — for Europe, and 2% — for Israel.

    it development in ukraine

    Regional reach of Kyiv-based IT offices around Ukraine. Source

  5. Young initiatives. Ukraine is among the leading states that provide 130 000 graduates to the IT market annually. It is more than the most technologically advanced countries do, including Japan, Switzerland, or Belgium. Such a huge area of choice makes Ukraine a great country for placing your outsourcing demands.
  6. Huge range of outsourced specialists. According to the DOU report, the biggest share of technical specialists is used to work in outsource (44%). Other 28% are product developers, 10% used to be outstaffing talents, and only 3% are engaged in freelance. Notably, 31% of employees confessed they work in IT for fun.
  7. Science-tech potential. Ukraine is among the most robust IT sectors in the world given educational and research resources for improvement. Here you can find the R&D centers that represent the giants of Samsung Electronics, Apple, Wargaming, Boeing, and 100 more. 60% of Ukrainian developers have regular experience in specialized IT events, such as iForum, DEV challenge, Saas Nation, or IT Arena. 


7 Solid Reasons

reasons to hire ukrainian developers

100+ reasons is a video: https://youtu.be/qZMMJo7jOTQ

Hiring abroad: points to consider

Organizing a devoted development team in another country is always a challenging deal. There are several points to ensure before you start building your dream team. 

The first one is a cultural gap. There are certain misconceptions regarding effective communication and goal-oriented approach, but with appropriate management and hiring approaches cooperation with foreign developers will go smoothly and effectively. The working culture in Ukrainian tech companies is very similar to the one in Western countries. 

Language. English is not a strong side of Eastern European developers. However, it’s much better than those from Asia and South America. Moreover, project managers in Ukraine are often fluent English speakers and will assist with providing the needed MVP solutions.

Age. The biggest share of Ukrainian tech specialists appears to be youth: 64% of employees is the age group of 21-30 years old. The dispersion also varies due to professional specifics. The youngsters are primarily designers while the eldest ones occupy the positions of top-management and system administrators. The average age of a tester is 23-29 years old, and a developer — 21-29. Mind it while managing your Ukrainian-based working group.

Wages. In Ukraine, the average wage of a developer falls into the $25-50 range with $1400-3300 monthly salary. It is a more competitive labor market than in other countries of the region, such as Poland or Hungary.   

ukrainian regions

Hourly development costs in some Eastern Europe countries. Source 

Expenses. Keep in mind that using a dedicated team of employees can also influence the price of your services. Outsourcing companies often keep their prices high in order to stay profitable, since often a developer gets only half of the project’s cost. It appears more costly than assigning the task to your in-house team. On the other hand, the investors still pay for the project after they see the developed MVP framework.

Other inconveniences. Despite Ukraine being only one hour ahead of other European countries, the difference with the US is still significant: there is a 7-10 hours gap. Nevertheless, it is still easier to organize than cooperate with specialists from India or the Philippines. 

Consider these points if you want to start cooperation with Ukraine. Building a dedicated team structure in this country can also be a solution for a web development startup company. Asking questions, over-communicating, and building trustful and transparent terms of work can help in accommodating cultural differences between employees of Ukraine and the USA. 

Let’s wrap up

In-house vs. outstaff 

In a number of cases, the option of outstaffing will be both safe and budget wise. The restrictions and danger of COVID-19 are still in place while hosting the in-house team in the period of high ambiguity doesn’t make sense. 

web development services

Remote cooperation allows not only to run a dedicated team but also reach out to skilled employees from around the world. There are a number of platforms who can match you with the necessary talent and let you hire a dedicated WordPress developer for a flat fee.

However, having an unlimited team which is agile and flexible – that is a scale advantage you want to have. Furthermore, there is no need to oversee each dedicated developer separately. In addition, you receive all the tech stack you need.

Eastern European countries are a competitive area of advanced IT solutions and promising startups. Let’s have a quick look at some other countries. 

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