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How to Make Your Team Dedicated?

Dedicated developers work seamlessly as part of your core team, making it the most flexible model in terms of requirements and deadlines. You may find a bunch of synonyms for dedicated workers: outstaffing; specialized outsourcing; an offshore software development; remote team. What matters are their qualifications and skill level. Having enabled clear processes and caring about the product can help you choose a team dedicated to your values.




Dedicated team


You delegate the entire project to “build this”

You hire an additional remote team member to delegate selected tasks or project activities

You extend the core team and set major “business goals to achieve”


Per project

Hourly rate

Hourly or per project









Success definition:

“It works according to the terms of reference”

“I completed the work according to the terms of reference”

“Congrats! We just won another award and gained 100,000+ users”

What fits your company best?

You need a Dedicated Team if:

You have no desire, time, or extra resources to find the right talent and train your own team;
It may be necessary to expand the team in the course of work;
The project scope and requirements can grow, so you need to scale rapidly;
You are looking to expand to a new and unknown market;
You need a backup for your core team, to free them for other purposes or help maintain focus;
You have a specific business idea but lack your own team;
You want to build your project (e.g., an MVP, or a demo) quickly;
You lack expertise in a narrow field and need highly specialized professionals.

Hire dedicated WordPress developers to validate your idea

Partner with a trusted offshore software development team. TRIARE possesses a diverse portfolio of successful products which highlights their expertise and readiness to take on new challenges. Take off rapidly with dedicated WordPress development

Validate hypotheses and show your customers the product under a week. Our specialization implies services for startups. This includes ideation, lean startup MVP development, and continuous improvement. One sprint at a time.

Hire dedicated PHP developers to make an idea a reality

Do you need a PHP developer or to hire dedicated java developer? Sometimes a project needs a hard touch. Share your vision. We’ll make it come true. TRIARE presents the “dedicated team definition” as a full-cycle web design, web development, and ongoing support. Let us guide you through the progress.


Defining the scope

You outline what exactly you want, and we help you specify your business goals. They become a cornerstone of the plan, which includes team size, structure, and qualification requirements.


Setting up your team

We build your team according to the plan (you are authorized to choose the members). They agree on the workload and project requirements for a specified amount of time. Then, we set up an appropriate environment and tools.


Launching the work

The team starts working during regular hours. We mediate your core and dedicated teams until the latter gets to know the specifics and becomes more and more committed to your project and company in general.


Continuing the cooperation

We take care of all administration issues, provide technical infrastructure, and invest in the continued education of your team. You retain full control over the project development process and manage your remote team just like your in-house one.

Case study to hire dedicated iOS app developers

Need a release-ready mobile or web application? TRIARE is here to help you. Our ability to deliver on the promises and exceed your expectations rests on the assumption of a bug-free product. Quality assurance mechanisms, extensive testing processes, and compliance analysis are at the core of our dedicated development team.

What: a video streaming app for kids.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Kindle.

We have met this customer for the first time in 2017. Back then, we received some basic information about the app they wanted to build. They required an MVP version for the kids’ entertainment app where the content would be pre-validated to provide security for children and peace of mind for the parents. 

There were a bold vision and little requirements, and we had to move fast! We looked not only at “who is available now” but searched for critical skill sets, thinking forward regarding the technology choice.

Our team included:
  • Backend developer
  • Android developer
  • iOS developer
  • Project Manager 
  • QA engineer

After completing the first sprint, we moved to the technical side on how to make it scalable from the very first line of code. We aimed to create stand-alone iOS and Android versions and used Swift, Kotlin, and Ruby for that. We produced MVP in the agreed time and launched the project. 

In the end, the client received a ready-to-go product that won several awards:

  • Kidscreen award 2019 beating Youtube Kids in the category “Best streaming video platform”
  • 1st place at the SXSW in the category “Entertainment and Content”
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