Building a Marketing Website in WordPress: a List of Useful Plugins

Anton Mali
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WordPress (WP) is probably the most popular and trusted Content Management System (CMS) in the world. Over 75 million websites run on it; it’s 31% of all websites globally.



There are plenty of reasons why:

  • It is highly customizable. There are numerous themes, both paid and free, to satisfy your needs and let you stand out with a unique style.
  • It can adjust to any site. Yes, WP is famous for being an affordable CMS for personal blogs. But it is also run by Techcrunch, CNN, Bloomberg, BBC America, Vogue, Mercedes-Benz, Facebook Newsroom, The Walt Disney Company, and the White House. You are in a good company.
  • Speaking of the company: WP has one of the largest open source communities in existence. You can find the necessary answers on its forum.

Almost 3 billion posts were published on WordPress in 16 years of its existence. So there is a good chance you interacted with this platform at least once in your life, just like any other internet user. It is vastly influential. Indeed, it becomes a powerful marketing tool, too, if you know how to use it.

Why WordPress is awesome for marketing

It gets traffic. More than 23 billion views are the monthly average for WordPress websites.

With little technical knowledge, one can get a full SEO-optimized website in five minutes. You are literally a few clicks from the result. Building a site has become available as never before. But the plugins are the real kicker.

Today, there are more than 50,000 plugins to customize your page in any conceivable way. Plugins expand possibilities of WordPress almost indefinitely. Sure, not each of them is a bonanza. Sometimes, it is really hard to find what you need. But we’re here to help you. And it’s genuinely worth it.

Dashboard WordPress

A WordPress dashboard example

As a matter of fact, you can organize the entire marketing strategy using just a few smart integrations. Don’t worry – you will need no coding skills at all.

Control the schedule, generate blogs, improve traffic filtering, syndicate content, and even more directly from your WordPress dashboard. Here are our top WordPress plugins which make life easier for marketers.


LeadIn Plugin

Do you intend to use your website for lead generation? Then WordPress is an excellent fit for you to have direct CRM exports and imports of contact information. Leadin is a marketing automation plugin that converts any contacts on the website into a contact record in your CRM.

Find out how we can help your Make your idea a reality

It also tracks visitor behavior so that the owner can experiment with novel conversion methods. Imagine as if it is a tiny marketer in your WP site on a constant watch for new opportunities. It becomes useful when you don’t have much time to track conversions on your own.

Thrive leads

Thrive Leads or Lead Magnet

One of the biggest mistakes in digital marketing is ignoring a call-to-action (CTA). You could seeit on landing pages and homepages, but blog content often lacks it. However, a blog post is a prime place to locate a CTA. Test a plugin like Thrive Leads or Lead Magnet to create CTAs andgrow your email list in WordPress.

There are various types of CTAs you can use: header CTA, sidebar CTA, and text CTA. One can add fancy CTA graphics to the blog or include simple callouts to the content and services within the posts. That said, you have lots of options for creating actionable interactions with yourwebsite, so think beyond a homepage CTA.



When running a website supported by ads (and in most cases of passive income this is true), there is a demand for a better way to manage ads in WordPress. Adsanity is all you need: create enough ad units and rotate, group, or schedule them to maximize your earning potential. It is compatible with advertising programs such as Google Adsense but also lets you sell ads directly.

Monster Insights


Google is definitely rocking a digital ad world, and its Google Analytics tool is widely-used both by professionals and beginners. It assists you with understanding precisely how users find and interact with your website so you can make informed marketing decisions. In WordPress, MonsterInsights helps you use Google Analytics like a pro and grow your business with confidence.

Main features of MonsterInsights include detailed reports on your website traffic and its interactions, advanced tracking like eCommerce, forms, ads, custom dimensions, and beyond. Moreover, you have the power to view the analytics reports within your WP dashboard without leaving the site.



Mailchimp is the market titan in email marketing. Not surprisingly, it has a WordPress plugin to embed Mailchimp signup forms easily. The plugin integrates seamlessly and connects your email lists with the signup form on the site. Collect new subscribers efficiently, never lose a new one.



Hubspot is another leader in the space with its all-in-one marketing automation platform. Hubspot WordPress plugin allows you to integrate blogs and websites with HubSpot’s inbound marketing and sales software for effective content distribution. It’s a productive alternative to Thrive Leads and makes it easy to manage the marketing pipeline with total visibility.



One may dislike pop-ups, but they are crucial to conversion when done right. With an average 2.9% click-through rate, they beat ads by 2%. OptinMonster is a tool for creating easy exit pop-ups in WordPress. The solution is often placed where the biggest CTAs are, like a homepage, and doesn’t interfere with your UX.


Is WordPress the right solution for you?

There’s a lot you can do with WordPress if you know where to find the right tools. Almost any task or tool that’s essential to marketing—SEO, landing pages, social media sharing, or image optimization—can be handled in your WP dashboard.

When looking for a WordPress plugin, make sure to consider the following:

  • Necessity (it must help you achieve your objectives.)
  • Plugin star rating (how many users have rated it, and how high is the rating?)
  • Recent updates (although some plugins don’t require frequent updates, some do. Ideally, look for plugins that have been updated in the last six months.)

The whole point of using WordPress plugins is to simplify marketing. So look for the suitable tools that can actually get the job done. If you are still hesitating what WordPress plugin to choose, ping us. We usually reply within a day.

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Anton Mali