Website for the heavy industry


A marketing agency asked us for help in developing a simple, informative and compelling website. There was little information or resources, so consider it a work from scratch.

  • Challenge

    All ventures have their businesses goals. Here we got a heavyweight fuel system construction enterprise placing the backbone of the US infrastructure (Texas, if to be precise). We had to highlight the services while making the site stand out. Easier said than done.

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  • What we have done

    We delivered value for the given tasks in a very short time (under one month). We then continued to support the website by adding new features as requested by the client’s representative, the marketing agency.
    As we received the design from the marketing agency, we crafted a mockup to show how everything will work together. We also proposed animation elements to add dynamism and lightness to the site.
    Using WordPress as the foundation and JavaScript for selected elements, we constructed the beautiful and yet very simple company website. Potential customers can easily navigate the services offered, insights that highlight expertise, and available careers.
    Following the recent successes of McCon, we receive new tasks in a form of additional pages and sections on the site. Those features are supposed to highlight the growth of our client.

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  • Features
    • Clean UI
    • Horizontal scrolling
    • Animations
    • Native CMS
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Tech stack
  • JavaScript
  • Wordpress
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