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Custom iOS app development tailored to your needs

If you want to enter the market of iOS mobile applications, the most important thing to do is find a reliable development provider. At TRIARE, our work is not just about performant code—we strive to get to the core of our clients’ business needs and build a solution that best fits them. 

iOS app development technologies

Our team has developed iOS applications across industries, including vehicle rental, event booking, and B2G. Having broad technological expertise, we always analyze what functionality can be incorporated into your project and consult on how each feature can be built.

Choosing the best iOS app software development approach: native or cross-platform

Based on your requirements, we can create both native and cross-platform applications.Suppose you need a relatively simple app, a wider audience reach, and a faster time to market. In that case, it makes sense to go for cross-platform development that doesn’t involve platform-specific complexities and many integrations. 

But if you want to make a complicated and unique product designed specifically for iOS users, go with the native development approach. Either way, we’ll provide our guidance and suggestions regarding the tech stack. 

Third-party software integration in mobile app development for iOS

APIs and SDKs make the lives of app creators much easier, but only if they are handled in the right way. We know what it takes to work with complex third-party integrations and smoothly integrate them into a well-balanced iOS interface. 

Our tech stack includes Swift, …

The process of iOS app development

Our iOS app development company can start cooperating with a client at different stages: from validating the initial app idea to improving or redoing an already built prototype. 

If you don’t have a defined vision of the end product, we suggest going through a discovery phase. We’ll do market and competitor research during that stage, analyze your desired list of features, and learn about all potential obstacles and challenges your project might face. 

When we’re clear on what exact features and designs you need, we provide you with flexible iOS app development services. The app development, design, and testing process is based on iterations, and after each iteration, you’re welcome to review what we’ve built and make adjustments.  

What is the cost of app development for iOS?

If you’re wondering how the iOS app development cost is calculated, it depends on project complexity, required integrations, industry-specific regulations (if any), and other factors. After we discuss your idea and vision, our team will provide you with the scope of work so that you can know how much time and money it will take to design your app.

Have budget or time limitations? No worries—we’re always ready to work under tight deadlines and suggest effective cross-cutting solutions that will fit your idea. 

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