Top 10 Web Development Trends for 2022 You Should Know About

Oleksandr Kruglyak
Head of Dev Department at TRIARE
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Web Development Trends

Web and mobile solutions have effectively integrated themselves into almost every business. Each year, the latest web development trends shift dramatically as the demand for innovations grows. Therefore, for the success and competitiveness of any business, it is essential to keep up with current advancements.

In this article, we’ll show you what’s trending in web development right now.

10 Web Development Trends Everyone Should Be Ready for in 2022

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive web application development is one of the most prominent current trends. This technology’s popularity has risen in recent years and intends to continue growing in 2022.

PWA is a web application that serves the same functionalities as a mobile app. Users can view web content on their mobile devices, even offline, without installing any additional software.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots

Website owners are now actively adopting artificial intelligence in their businesses. This technology assists in solving various tasks by training neural networks to interpret and analyze vast volumes of data.

AI, for example, is widely used in EdTech, which has become even more relevant in light of the pandemic. Virtual assistants, user analytics software, and chatbots can all help to automate some business processes.

3. Voice Search

It is yet another current trend in web development that is gathering steam. Voice search is getting popular since it is available on the majority of modern smartphones. It is used by 27% of smartphone owners, according to Google. As a result, in 2021, optimizing websites and other digital products for voice commands was

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4. Building Responsive Websites

The number of mobile phone users is steadily increasing. People now rely on their smartphones to cover most of their needs. That’s why creating a mobile-friendly version of a website is so relevant.

Responsive design entails the building of dynamic websites that can adapt to various screen sizes. It eliminates the need to create a separate mobile version of the site. This isn’t one of the new trends but rather a long-term tendency that will stay relevant for a long time.

5. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has always been relevant, but currently, the demand for it is increasing rapidly. Web developers can take security measures using sophisticated encryption methods to protect confidential information. One of the latest trends is algorithms acting against phishing. Developers can also use frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or Django to minimize data leakage risks.

6. Serverless Technology

Websites’ servers are frequently overloaded as a result of a considerable volume of content and high traffic. So, the adoption of serverless architecture is currently trendy. This method entails handing up your application’s hosting to a third party. You can scale smoothly and avoid system overloads using this development model.

7. Blockchain

Although many people associate blockchain with cryptocurrencies, this technology has also found application in web development. This innovation is nothing more than an encrypted storage system. All information is maintained online, and therefore developers can use these open-source solutions to implement their projects. Programmers may also apply blockchain algorithms in the field of certificate authentication.

8. WebAssembly

The most popular programming language in web development is JavaScript. However, it is common to require applying another language for the ongoing development and speeding of the website operations.

WebAssembly allows developers to migrate code from any programming language to a virtual machine into a web environment. Programmers can swiftly calculate enormous volumes of data and improve user experience using this technology.

9. Horizontal Scrolling

It is another trend in web development greatly influenced by the widespread use of smartphones. Since mobile device users can’t see all of the website’s contents at once owing to the small screen size, horizontal scrolling is a great solution to this problem. With this approach to development, all page elements will appear gradually, which will facilitate user interaction with your product.

10. AR Technology

It is another prevailing web development trend. With augmented reality, you can capture the attention of users and demonstrate your products or services in greater detail.

The most exciting thing is that even developers with knowledge of JavaScript can develop AR elements for websites and apps. AR technology is already available on a variety of platforms. ARCode, ARKit, and AR Studio are examples of such tools.


In 2022, we will witness many changes and improvements in the field of web development. TRIARE shared the most outstanding of them with you. Adopting such trends may help you get a competitive edge while also enhancing the quality of your products.
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Oleksandr Kruglyak
Head of Dev Department at TRIARE