The Future of Dental Laboratories: An Overview of Dental Lab Software

Hryhorii Sirenok
Project Manager at TRIARE
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Dental Lab Software

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine the impossibility of using the options of dental implantation and bite correction with the help of modern braces. However, these services require the involvement of complex equipment and software for scanning the oral cavity and creating implants. Dental lab management software allows orthodontic specialists to get highly accurate results and save time by automating workflows. 

What kind of dental laboratory software is most popular?

Dental lab software development aims to provide orthodontics clinics with the solutions to basic tasks for maintaining high efficiency of continuous workflow. The most popular kinds of dental laboratory software imply the products intended for: 

Generation of a 3D model of the patient’s jaw. This data performs the role of starting points for modeling implants and creating bracket systems according to the individual characteristics of the medical case of each patient. These programs allow the specialists to achieve high-precision simulation results for the creation of perfect components of dental treatment. 

Introduction of cloud-based platforms operated by a software dental lab. This digital solution is a great way to consolidate up-to-date information about current tasks and planned events. This approach allows the clinics to store large arrays of structured data in one virtual place with high confidentiality to maintain medical secrecy. 

Usage of digital file conversion services. The software performs the role of the link between the modern CAD/CAM equipment and the finished volumetric visualization of the patient’s jaw in a digitized format. Software developed by TRIARE is a perfect example of the already functioning software for obtaining high-quality dental modeling of the implantation and development of a bracket system. However, it requires customization to individual dental clinics’ needs to achieve high productive use rates. 

Modern inLab CAD/CAM equipment and Connect Case Center technologies allow TRIARE to develop any software for dental clinics with their further integration into laboratory work processes. Individual solutions for all clients are the best way to enjoy the advantages of dental lab management software. 

Lab Workflow via Connect Case Center to All Types of Lab Software

Software as an obligatory element of the future in dental laboratories

The data needed to create more than 70% of retainers is taken from digital cases, including visual materials after scanning the patient’s jaw. These statistics confirm the significance of dental lab software necessary for further converting information obtained during the diagnostic process to visualize components on a computer. 

The software needed for the operation of various CAD/CAM equipment became an obligatory element of the work of advanced periodontal laboratories. Software technologies for computer-aided design and manufacture of dentures using 3D technology are based on the following steps: 

  1. Collection of data on the relief of the surface of the prosthesis with a special device and converting the obtained information into a digital format acceptable for computer processing through a software dental lab
  2. Creation of a virtual model of the future prosthesis design using a digital program taking into account the individual features of any patient. The principles of functioning of such software have much in common with artificial intelligence technologies. 
  3. Direct manufacturing of the denture itself is based on the data obtained using software products that analyze scanned components and provide ready-made 3D models to manufacture dentures, implants and bracket systems.

Modern CAD/CAM equipment can only operate correctly with software support for specific programs and applications. 

Benefits of Using Software in Dental Laboratories

Benefits of using software in dental laboratories

The individually developed software increases laboratory efficiency by more than 50 %. The dental lab management software allows orthodontic clinics to enjoy a wide range of the advantages necessary to: 

  • Reproduce a three-dimensional image of the patients’ oral cavity and their dentitions, compared in the correct position relative to each other through specific applications.
  • Define with the patient the aesthetic problems that exist at the time of treatment by showing the individual the results of the 3D visualization software.
  • Сonduct a virtual simulation, agreeing on the expected shape and position of the patient’s teeth, requiring the involvement of various digital solutions.
  • Justify the treatment plan and the feasibility of involving related specialists based on data generated by the software after analysis of the received data. 
  • Accurately complete the agreed model in the finished prosthesis based on the use of 3D technologies.
  • Simplifying the laboratory’s accounting system as the primary way to increase the economic benefits of the clinic.

One of the main functional advantages of the software support implies an opportunity to combine the stages of treatment with other 3D technologies in dentistry. TRIARE can develop software of different complexity by meeting the needs of any dental clinic showing resoluteness to automate all working flows fully.

How does your dental lab use the software?

Future in Dental Laboratories

How does custom software help improve efficiency in dental labs?

The level of intervention required from a CAD/CAM system operator to design a restoration can vary from minimal customization to major design changes. Users can modify the automatically designed restoration according to their preferences, even in the most automated systems. However, custom software provides an opportunity to improve efficiency in dental labs by focusing on the individual needs of the clinic to create automated systems that do not require manual changes in settings for designing a new orthodontic model of any complexity. 

The сustomized dental lab management software developed by TRIARE allows orthodontic clinics to: 

  • Obtain and analyze large information arrays focusing on key factors and specific data display methods.
  • Receive accurate initial information as a background for preparing and analyzing full-scale samples by computer modeling based on the consolidated data from different directories.
  • Combinate and edit two-dimensional and three-dimensional images in a few clicks using the individually developed software in automatic mode.  

Dental Lab Software for Diagnostics

How to use dental lab software for diagnostics?

Proper treatment of a dental patient depends on diagnosing the dentoalveolar system. Using the latest technologies helps the doctor avoid mistakes when choosing a treatment plan. The involvement of a dental software lab represents the most effective way to achieve accurate results of the therapeutic diagnosis. 

All basic and preparatory therapeutic measures associated with changing the visual image of the dentition of a smile should be aimed at achieving a well-defined ultimate result. This goal should be presented as an “ideal” image in the minds of the patient, doctor and dental technician, which can be different for all three, but as a very specific model (object). The dental lab software allows specialists to: 

Integrate a powerful accounting system for finances and all material resources. Any dental lab requires the continuous acquisition of materials for the manufacture of components of visual models. Their purchase can be made at the expense of the clinic or prepayment by patients. Digital tools provide the business with the most effective ways to manage financial flows occurring automatically to save time for the specialists. 

Develop a powerful system of reporting. This dental lab management software can consolidate data from the different resources for further transformation into various types of documents. The generation of internal reports of the clinic, marks in patients’ medical records about the installed implants made in the laboratory and requests for the modernization of bracket systems will take a few minutes. 

Use complex account management tools. The customized software for dental labs allows the specialists to control all working processes, including their duration, progress, effectiveness and quality of the outcomes. Consequently, the result of laboratory operations will always meet the needs of the patients by following the nuances of the treatment process agreed upon by the dentist. 

Custom Software Dental Labs

Why is it important to do custom software development for dental laboratories?

Computer technologies and custom dental lab software can be applied at all stages of orthodontic care. Timely training of specialists who are fully versed in such technologies is an important condition for the widespread introduction of modern information technologies in all areas of dentistry. 

TRIARE prioritize the importance of custom software development due to its stunning impact on the work of laboratories. Digital products allow dental clinics to: 

Receive accurate measurements of the oral cavity. They will become a basis for creating dentures, implants and bracket systems by avoiding the negative impact of errors and inaccuracies. 

Visualize the final result using a 3D modeling program. This approach provides an ability to minimize the cost of materials for the manufacture of unsuitable components for implantation.

Speed up the dental technician’s workflow. The software needed for the proper functioning of medical equipment allows the specialists to use accurate data, measurements and calculations for prosthetics.

Custom Software Development for Dental

Who is TRIARE, and how can we help to develop dental lab software?

Information technologies have become a significant part of dentistry many years ago by allowing patients to enjoy a wide range of orthodontic services. The “technological miracles” occur not only during direct interaction between the dentist and the patient. They are an integral part of the functioning of dental laboratories. The dental lab software represents an indispensable background for all laboratory processes. 

Efficient digital technologies facilitate the dental technician’s work, contributing to the predictable achievement of a favorable result and successful interaction between the clinic and laboratory. TRIARE’s digital solutions for dental laboratories are validated digital technologies for all phases of prosthetics, from scanning to making restorations. It is a complex system that includes specially selected hardware and software. The clinics can solve the most complex tasks of digital dentistry by using dental lab software

Our company already has successful cases of dentistry software development as a confirmation of an in-depth understanding of the specifics of the orthodontic industry: 

Dentalex. The digital solution provides the specialists with the benefits of a smart system for data collection and CRM integration. This point is especially significant for orthodontic laboratories providing a wide range of services to many patients. The accurate accounting of consumables, timing of processes and monitoring of the progress of the order for the creation of the bracket system and implants can turn into the only way to meet the needs of the patients within the predetermined time frame. The dental lab software by TRIARE will allow the orthodontic clinics to achieve rapid growth and increased competitiveness. 

Smile App. The interactive application can use the data obtained in dental labs to show the patients the results of the potential implantation. This process takes several minutes to increase the patient’s level of confidence in the high professionalism of the clinics’ specialists. 

Have you already implemented dental lab management software into orthodontic practice?

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, any orthodontic clinic should have an answer to the question of how to use dental lab software to meet the needs of their patients by reaching a high level of competitiveness compared with other businesses. TRIARE team of specialists provides all their clients with individual digital solutions to achieve highly productive laboratory functioning. The support at all stages of innovation implementation allows the clinics to gain confidence in the decisions, keeping up with the times. The start of cooperation with TRIARE is the first step towards improving your business. 

Hryhorii Sirenok
Project Manager at TRIARE