How Cloud Solutions for Dental Help Your Business Grow

Hryhorii Sirenok
Project Manager at TRIARE
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Cloud Solutions for Dental

What is Cloud Dental Software? 

Demand for cloud computing in healthcare is growing every year by more than 14 percent showing sustainable trends in the dentistry area. Cloud solutions are increasingly entering various areas of business. Recently, a cloud-based medical information system has experienced a real boom. 

In orthodontics, specialists have always had to work with large amounts of data by storing them in paper archives. Their storage required additional space. In addition, there was no information connection between various medical institutions, which did not allow data transfer directly.

This situation led to the introduction of new technologies in the medical industry. However, specific difficulties arose with the beginning of the digitization of all data. In this form, the data also required many storage resources. Using private server hardware turned out to be too costly and extremely inconvenient. In addition, there was again the digital communication problem between various clinics and hospitals.

The development of cloud-based dental software makes it possible to solve several problems and create an effective and convenient information system for managing the medical field. Let’s talk about the main features of using cloud technologies in orthodontics.

Do you have cloud solutions in your practice?

Why You Should Use Cloud Dental Software and How to Overcome Obstacles

The vivid benefits of cloud dental software represent the primary reason to use these technologies to develop your clinic. In this case, the crucial advantages include the following points: 

Data storage. Information about medical records of patients, laboratory results, and other data requires special processing and storage. Cloud resources allow clinics to collect all records and important data, avoiding the expensive purchase of servers.

Scalability. Unlike traditional medical database hosting models, cloud computing provides the ability to scale up or scale down storage. This approach may be necessary for annual check-ups and cleanings of the oral cavity, increasing the demand for dental clinic services.

Safety. Many years of experience using cloud systems have shown that they are as reliable and secure as traditional models. Moreover, using cloud technologies allows you to increase the security of your data and back it up.

Cost optimization. Medical organizations can save on the purchase of expensive equipment and systems. In addition, clinics further reduce costs by using the resources of a cloud service provider.

TRIARE allows its clients to overcome any obstacles occurring during the introduction of cloud-based dental software in working procedures. Consequently, you should follow such steps as: 

  1. Contact the company for help
  2. Formulate a request for software development
  3. Enjoy the benefits of working with TRIARE helping clients develop technical specifications and make changes during the operation of digital products
Cloud solutions help optimize investments. Did you know about it?

Cloud solutions for dental clinics

Cloud solutions for dental clinics. What is it, and what are they like?

Cloud solutions allow dental clinics and laboratories to adapt their infrastructure to current workloads. They represent specific digital tools providing specialists with a wide range of additional options to meet the needs of the business, including all stages of interaction with the patients. The cloud-based dental practice management software allows clinics to become more effective in the following processes: 

Diagnosis. The positive impact of AI and cloud technologies has been noted in radiology. New technologies help doctors correctly and quickly read X-ray images and virtualize them. Many companies in the field of software development of medical programs are already moving to the cloud, which allows them to accelerate the process of integrating systems in clinics. As a result, even dental clinics in remote areas could access databases and join a single standard for diagnosing diseases.

Decision-making procedures. When discussing the cloud for orthodontics, experts emphasize the benefits of diagnosing various diseases. The introduction of new technologies makes it possible to create new approaches in the field of surveys. For example, the Medical Decision Support System has become a standard in healthcare. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the doctor can use more hypotheses. AI can diagnose diseases by collecting, analyzing, and systematizing patient data and comparing anamnesis with examination results.

Cloud solutions for dental patients

Cloud solutions for dental patients. What is it, and why do many people already use it?

Most of the patients actively enjoy new technologies, including specific mobile products, applications, and tools. Therefore, dental clinics are increasingly looking for new communication channels. According to consolidated data, more than 80 percent of dental patients want to use the benefits of online scheduling and communications becoming available due to the integration of cloud solutions.

One of the results of the development of cloud medical infrastructure implies introducing chatbots and using automated call centers. Modern patients actively use mobile applications. They allow dental clinics to look for new channels of communication. Increasingly, in the healthcare sector, they began to use tools for automating call centers and introducing chatbots. The dental cloud software allows patients to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Quick access to communication with the dentist
  • Expedited appointment process
  • Storage of diagnostic and treatment data on cloud platforms without the need to use alternative data storage systems
  • Mobile applications for monitoring treatment processes and interaction with the clinic for reminders and sending results of diagnosing

For example, CareStack represents a successful SaaS startup that allows patients to manage their appointments, communicate with specialists and even evaluate dental services. This approach significantly accelerates the process of making a patient decision about diagnosis and treatment by reducing the distance between the target audience and the business. Consequently, the clinics can get new patients and increase profits. 

Cloud solution for your clinic

What you need to think about when moving to a cloud solution for your clinic

Cloud dental software still has a long way to develop by becoming an integral part of every clinic’s working process. It requires combining such computing with artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. Improvements are also needed in the field of data analytics.

However, even now, the use of cloud solutions improves the efficiency of medical services and opens up new opportunities for their optimization and development. New technologies increase the availability of services for patients and, at the same time, reduce the costs of medical institutions.

The clinics should pay attention to the following points when moving to cloud solutions: 

Competent software developer. TRIARE is a company specializing in orthodontics due to the presence of experience and skills in this area. You can rely on full-service professionals to receive custom software for further usage. 

Budget. It would be best to think about properly financing a project to integrate cloud solutions into your business. TRIARE can offer different scenarios for payment and financing services for the most productive cooperation to increase the clinic’s profitability.

Deadlines. Any software requires a certain period for development and further testing. You should have a detailed action plan and schedule for the phased introduction of innovations. TRIARE always meets the previously agreed deadlines.

Mistakes dentists converting to cloud dental software

What mistakes do dentists make when converting to cloud dental software? 

Flexible, cost-effective, and accessible cloud solutions are already a technology that is transforming orthodontics. The transition to the cloud is a top priority for many organizations involved in the digitization of the economy. However, the path to the cloud model includes finding the optimal solution to a problem with many conditions and obstacles.

The common mistakes made by dentists when converting to cloud dental software imply: 

Lack of a clear request to the software developer. TRIARE needs to understand your desires and needs. This data becomes a basis for creating specifications for the further creation of program tools. The company specialists will help you to formulate your request properly. 

Time pressure. Business owners should allocate sufficient time to complete all innovative technology implementation stages. Disregarding any process can lead to low-quality software. 

Absence of constant support of cloud-based dental software. TRIARE accompanies its clients at all stages of software implementation. This approach allows dental clinics to avoid the emergence of problems arising during the operation of digital tools.

Dental cloud solutions

Why are cloud solutions more efficient and practical? What do the experts think

According to experts, SaaS technologies will rise to 6.74 billion dollars by the end of this year. This data confirms a high demand for the integration of such software into the workflows of dental clinics. 

Cloud solutions are more efficient and practical due to the following factors: 

An integrated approach to problem-solving. Such software can perform many functions simultaneously, including efficient data storage and facilitating communication with patients.

Custom digital product. The developers pay attention to the client’s needs by using them to create a list of software options. 

High level of adaptability. The digital products provide their clients with the ability to receive constant updates of software based on their requests. This approach allows dental clinics to use the ever-emerging benefits of innovative progress.

developing cloud solutions for dental

What can TRIARE offer in the development of cloud solutions for dental clinics?

TRIARE provides its clients with advanced support in developing cloud solutions for dental businesses. The customers can enjoy the following services: 

Software development request analysis. The specialists will help to formulate the technical task for further development of the action plan. It should consider the features of certain clinics, the business goals, and financial resources for project implementation. You can expect the most comfortable mode of cooperation with TRIARE. 

Introduction of complex cloud solutions. The digital product will become a background for the further improvement of the whole system. The dental clinics will be able to increase productivity in all work procedures by taking advantage of innovative technologies. 

Post-development support. TRIARE pays special attention to testing a digital product after the start of its use. In this case, the clients will avoid issues occurring after the emergence of any system bugs. 

Dentalex is a successful TRIARE project confirming specialists’ high qualifications and experience in software development for dental clinics. Join the happy TRIARE customers already enjoying the benefits of cloud computing.

TRIARE offer development 


TRIARE provides its clients with the most convenient cloud-based dental practice management software to improve clinic efficiency, patient satisfaction, and business profitability. In this case, the digital guru team will provide you with support at all stages of implementing innovations. This approach allows dental clinics to receive the expected results quickly by strengthening their brand presence in the market.

Hryhorii Sirenok
Project Manager at TRIARE