Best Language for App Development

Oleksandr Kruglyak
Head of Dev Department at TRIARE
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Best Language for App Development

The market for mobile applications has been growing rapidly in recent years. It was possible to note the growing interest in the market from the companies, individual entrepreneurs, and IT professionals. In this regard, determining the best language for app development can contribute to the quality of the offered solutions.

Before considering the most popular app development language, it is crucial to contemplate the main types of apps developed today.

Types of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps commonly fall into one of the three main categories, namely native apps, cross-platform apps, and web apps.

Native Apps

Creating an app for a specific platform, such as Android or iOS, puts it in the category of native apps. Operating systems have their languages used for coding native apps. For instance, the languages required for the native app development on an iOS are Swift or Objective C. Native app development contributes to better performance because of the simpler code base and improves user experience through customization via the UI/UX components. At the same time, such apps require more time for development by qualified specialists, as well as separate code bases for adding new features.

Cross-Platform Apps

Cross-platform apps combine the ability to code using a single language and compatibility with several operating systems. JavaScript, CSS, and HTML are amongst the most commonly used languages for developing cross-platform apps. The process of developing a cross-platform app involves building a code base and covering it in a native shell, supporting its compatibility across various systems. While hybrid apps are easier to develop, their complexity may contribute to weaker performance.

Web Apps

Web apps or progressive web apps run in a web browser with an interface and design resembling native apps. The progressive web apps support installation on mobile devices, offline mode, and the use of specific hardware features, such as camera and GPS. Despite its inherent benefits including accessibility on various devices and faster loading speed, these apps face limitations related to operating systems, hardware, and limited support.

Best programming languages

When considering the best programming language for mobile app development, it is possible to assess them based on their global use rankings.

1. Java

Many refer to Java as the best coding language for app development based on its features. It has the most open-source projects completed by developers. Java is robust and powerful from the standpoint of its capabilities. The most common use for Java is the development of apps for Android. At the same time, the programming language also allows the development of iOS apps. Android has a range of development tools for Java.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is a strong contender for the first place because of its long life and popularity among developers. The React.js and Vue frameworks contributed to its popularity and growth. It is possible to run JavaScript on the server-side and client-side, regardless of the device type. The language has a large community behind it with a substantial number of frameworks and plugins streamlining and simplifying the development process. It is common to use JavaScript for developing native mobile apps.

3. Swift

Swift managed to surpass Objective C as the primary app development language for iOS after its introduction by Apple. The developers prefer Swift for making iPhone and iPad apps because of its relative simplicity, readability, and safety. Furthermore, Swift is an interactive language that allows seeing the output during the coding stage. Such an approach contributes to the efficiency of the iOS development workflow. Furthermore, Swift also allows minimization of the potential security risks associated with Objective-C.

4. Kotlin

Kotlin is a relatively new language set as a potential alternative to Java because of its innovative nature and relative stability. It also contributes to higher levels of productivity. Google created Kotlin to become the official language for Android app development. Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA offer support to Kotlin in addition to the native support available. The language may continue competing with Java given a substantial promotion by Google.

5. Python

Python is consistently in the top charts as the all-purpose programming language. The language uses dynamic words, built-in data arrangement, and active typing. The scripting process supports the simplification of the development. Since the language is not native to iOS or Android, its deployment process may remain difficult and slow. Thus, it is possible to find alternative programming languages, such as Dart by Google that uses C Syntax and trans-compiles it into JavaScript.

What is the best programming language for mobile app development?

While it is clear which programming language is used for mobile app development, depending on its characteristics, it remains unclear which one holds the “best” title. It may be difficult to determine the language for developing a custom delivery app or an education app. The answer lies in choosing the right programming language, rather than the best one. Using practical and popular language simplifies the development process. TRIARE offers insights and is ready to help whenever the time comes to turn the idea into reality.

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Oleksandr Kruglyak
Head of Dev Department at TRIARE