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Streamline your processes with a powerful and scalable booking management platform. Suitable for restaurants, hotels, and other food and hospitality businesses of any size

You need a booking management app if you want to:

Give customers an opportunity to make online orders easily
Increase customer loyalty and boost your marketing efforts
Automate your business processes and grow your brand
Control the guest flow and increase your service efficiency
Optimize staff working hours and monitor all processes in your facility
Increase profits and scale your business
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Bars and restaurants

Offer your customers easy-to-use booking system software to increase and better manage the flow of visitors. Given the limited capacity rules that are often required due to Covid, a booking app can also give your business and your customers a higher level of safety and regulation compliance.

  • Allow people to check room availability via an app and give a detailed description of each booking option.
  • The app can make the booking process faster and smoother, but make sure to provide secure payment options and be transparent about cancellation policies, check-in/check-out rules, and other important information.
A reservation system can be helpful for businesses of any size and specificity—from pop-up hotels and restaurants that work temporarily and shift location to large hospitality groups that include various facilities located in different countries and time zones. Whatever your business is, we’ll help you improve customer experience with an effective online booking system.

Сore features

Online booking solution
Calendar integration
Payment integration
POS integration
Facility and staff management
Service options customization
Marketing and analytics
Сustomer-facing app
Online booking solution
The booking functionality itself should be at the core of your application. The system should allow users to freely browse through time slots and available booking options.
Сustomer-facing app
Calendar integration
Once the reservation is completed, the user should be able to add the event to their calendar, so consider adding calendar APIs to your app.
Сustomer-facing app
Designing friendly push notifications and sending confirmations and reminders via email helps reduce no-shows. But don’t forget to allow users to choose if they want to receive any notifications and messages.
Сustomer-facing app
Payment integration
Payments are not necessarily needed in a restaurant booking app—although, you can include prepayments or cancellation fees. In hotel booking app development, however, this is a must. In any case, make sure to incorporate the most secure and trusted payment gateways, popular with your target audience.
Сustomer-facing app
Give users the opportunity to rate your service and app experience. This will help you grow your business in the right direction, placing customer needs first.
Сustomer-facing app
Boost customer loyalty with special offers and vouchers. You can introduce them to anyone on special occasions or to specific customers based on their personal data (order history, preferences, etc.).
Сustomer-facing app
To handle any issues with the app, questions, or requests, you can offer users an in-app chat either powered by an AI bot or managed by the support team.
Admin app
POS integration
A POS (point-of-sale) system is essential for hospitality businesses, and any tool you use should be connected with your POS data in real time.
Admin app
Facility and staff management
You can also include a restaurant table management system or hotel property management system into a booking app. Incorporating a visual floor plan will help you get an overview of your capacity and better manage customer flow. Another helpful option is to include staff hours management and better allocate the resources.
Admin app
Service options customization
Whenever any change occurs in your offerings, you should be able to easily put it into a booking app so that it always shows up-to-date information to users. The app’s version for admins can let them edit and customize any item anytime it’s needed (whether it’s seasonal offers, overall facility transformation, personalized gifts, or else).
Admin app
Marketing and analytics
A booking application can collect valuable data on how users prefer to interact with your business: where do they come from to make a reservation, what time slots are the most popular, what offers are the most successful, what is the dynamic of no-shows, and so on. You can use all these insights to further design effective marketing campaigns and understand what’s working for your business.

Additional, nice-to-have features

AI-based personalization.

If you want a more complex and smart solution, you can incorporate AI techniques that will learn about each customer behavior and allow you to come up with better-targeted campaigns and personalized offers.

Social media integrations.

It’s nice to provide guests with the possibility to make a reservation from any social media channel like Facebook or from their Google account.

Marketing tool integrations.

Sync your data from a booking system to HubSpot, Mailchimp, or any other tool you incorporate in your marketing campaigns. This will help get a bigger picture and target customers more effectively.

We can turn your idea into reality

Сase study


Private business in the area of sales. Amo City apps for iOS and Android help users to find goods and services nearby and grant a special AmoCity discount for them – the app performs the function of the discount card itself.


Demand for a single space where the user can discover places and service providers nearby, see info and photos, contact them, find out about new events and special offers as well as get discount for goods and services.


On the other hand, the app for service providers includes card scanner helping to identify the user and sell the product with the selected discount. Both – the user and the seller – have statistics of their purchases with the amount of saved money. On top of that, the app provides information about special offers and events in the selected city.

  • Place and service provider catalogue by city
  • Search by name, service types
  • Integrated map
  • Profiles with pictures, info, discount, map and contact info
  • QR-code generator and scanner
  • Bar-code generator and scanner
  • Purchases statistics
  • News about places available in the app
  • List of events nearby
  • Calendar with events nearby

Sometimes people merely get lost when trying to make reservations on a restaurant’s website.

Looking for a difference-maker?

“Restaurant” is an example of what TRIARE can help one to achieve: from booking tables to happy hours scheduling, nudge your customers to what they really need. Everything here is about convenience and user experience.


“Restaurant” highlighted the focus on simplicity. Customers should be able to make reservations in a few clicks by choosing all the necessary options.

We created a simple tool that enables visitors to pick the desired date, time, and number of guests.

With our help, “Restaurant” now provides its clients with exceptional online adventures. Importantly, they take only seconds!

Streamlined structure

After conducting in-depth research, TRIARE concentrated on building an outstandingly user-oriented website. Working with “Restaurant”, we have developed an easy online tool that connects customers with the restaurant’s final product.

Minimalistic design

At first glance, the website visitors can see all the main touchpoints: menus, reservations, events, etc. You will not spend much time looking for whatever wants you may have tonight. Just click and scroll down to see all the essential information which should assist you with making a choice.

Accessible menus

Various menu lists, including food, drinks, and specials, are easily available in PDF format. Each dish has detailed descriptions, making the decision process reasonably easy. Alas, everything depends on your taste!

  • User-friendly, benchmark restaurant website
  • Simplified reservation tool
  • Excellent visitor experience

Results you will get

Booking app development for users.

Boost your brand and loyalty by providing a booking system to your customers.

Management app for staff.

Enhance the management of orders, staff hours, table/room availability, and much more with an admin version of a booking app.


How to develop a booking app?

If you want to develop a booking app, you first need to find a software development provider with relevant expertise. Learn about the company’s portfolio, if they’ve worked with similar projects, and how successful those projects are on the market.

If you choose TRIARE, we will go through three major stages:

  • Pre-development. This is where we discuss your vision and business objectives. Based on that, we decide on the list of features and technologies needed to implement them.
  • Development and design. You can be involved in the process of development as much as you want to and attend our regular meetings to review each iteration. Usually, we begin with an MVP to market your app idea as fast as possible, and then see how to scale and expand the product.
  • Ongoing support. If you need bug fixes or want additional features, we’ll be happy to continue working on the project.
How long does it take to develop a booking app?

Pre-development usually lasts between 1-2 weeks, but for a small project, it can be finished in 1-3 days. The development timeline is usually approved during this stage.

The time it takes to deliver the end product varies on the features you would like to include and the level of their complexity. Use our free consultation to get an approximate estimate for your project.

How much does hotel or restaurant booking app development cost?

The cost of an MVP can start from as little as $2,000, while a fully-fledged product will be estimated at $50,000 or more. It all depends on the complexity of chosen features, the number of integrations you want in the app, the level of innovation, and so on. The more typical is the app’s functionality, the easier and cheaper it will be to develop it.

Use our free project calculation tool—and we’ll email you the estimated price for your project in 24 hours.

How does a restaurant booking app work?

It allows users to browse the menu and reserve the table for a specific date, or order a takeout or delivery (if those options are included). The app can include a pre-payment feature. After a reservation is made, a restaurant receives a confirmation and gets the order automatically included in its management systems.

How does a hotel booking app work?

It allows users to explore room availability and options and book it for a specific date. The app offers to pay for a booking via several payment options. After a reservation is confirmed, a hotel gets user data synced with their management systems.

Can I build a booking system on a website?

There are online reservations software solutions you can integrate on your website, but making a custom product is always better, as it adjusts to your particular business needs.

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