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android appCustom Android app development to bring your idea to life

If you have an idea of an app for Android users, find an experienced Android app development company that you can trust. At TRIARE, we’ve been building mobile applications for years, helping entrepreneurs launch various products—from booking systems to educational platforms.  

Android app development tools and technologies

With Android app development, you have different types of devices, a wide range of screen resolutions, and other nuances to consider. Our team uses the best available tools that ensure that the app functions well on every possible device. For instance, we leverage Android Studio in app development that allows for fast device emulation and customization of different app versions. 

We facilitate the process with the best Android app development tools

There are a lot of helpful tools that make it possible to build high-quality applications at record speed. Our engineers are experienced in a multitude of IDEs, libraries, and other systems that power Android mobile app development

On top of that, we will integrate third-party software if it’s needed in the context of your particular app. It can be simple data sync integration or a complex, multi-level solution—in any case, we know how to make it work in your application. 

Our tech stack includes Java, Kotlin, … 

The process of Android mobile app development

You can hire us for the discovery phase or, if you already have a clear vision and all the requirements, partner with us for the development process itself. 

We’ll match you with the best Android engineers that have expertise in niches similar to yours. During development, design, and testing, we’ll invite you to regular review meetings and ensure direct communication with the team so that every issue is resolved on time and we’re on the same page with the app’s progress and feature priority. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of Android app development mainly depends on functionality: the more complicated and unique features you need, the more time and money it will take to build your product. 

If you have a deadline or budget constraints, discuss it with us, and we’ll come up with an effective solution to fit your agenda without compromising on the app’s quality. 

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