Proven DevOps services

Take the most benefits of our excellent IT maintenance with hosting included:

  • Managed hosting
  • Adding an SSL certificate to your site
  • Transferring your site(s) to a new platform 
  • Backing up your projects on a daily basis
  • Blazing server fast load times
  • Top-notch security and malware protection
  • Updating plugins and more
  • Performance audits on-demand

Rest assured that you’ll be supported by an experienced team of solution experts who will cover your every need. We offer managed services as well as post-launch services in different languages and time zones that suit your project needs.

TRIARE’s DevOps specialists are responsible for rapid delivery of new code to production. We measure the number of features you are able to ship per hour while maintaining a highly available service, not how much time you spent in deployment and monitoring.

Stable Infrastructure

Each business application lifecycle management includes consistent backups and isolated modifications that can be tested before a large scale deployment. With Kubernetes, we keep up with the desired state configuration, update your files that hold a tag, taking down the old and outdated ones. Nevertheless, we maintain an artifact record of each action making it easy to rollback.

Web Design

Cost Savings

Furthermore, we are able to colocate applications on the same machines without impacting each other. Kubernetes clusters are lightweight since all machines are the same. As a result, scaling doesn’t affect users and high-level APIs let our small team support large development units.
Don’t hesitate to refer to a business automation consultant. Often than not our clients are very focused on a particular feature or business model while the product overall works poorly. TRIARE helps to solve this problem for you and with you. Make sure you get the most out of technology potential.


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