Crafting TRIARE’s new style

Anton Mali
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Crafting TRIARE’s new style

As our services have evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers, our brand has also evolved. TRIARE proudly unveils its fresh brand identity and design system.

What is TRIARE?

During the TRIARE existence, we went through various stages of professional growth and development. Our co-founders, Boris and Anton, started the company as a tiny team, fueled by their unwavering determination and passion of applying cutting edge approaches in web and mobile development.

Today, we assist dozens of mid- and large size companies worldwide in empowering their businesses by unlocking their full IT potential.

Why this restyling?

“Passion is all well and good, but it has to be mixed with pragmatism, perseverance, and patience to persuade those who are not yet persuaded.” 

Passion, striving for excellence, and being proactive – that’s what the color red was about. Now, success for us means achieving clear goals through a systematic approach and a well-thought-out action plan. While we remain active, we have shifted our focus towards clarity and balance in our actions.

One main idea of this new style is to embody the profound realization that while passion alone is admirable, it must be complemented by a harmonious blend of pragmatism, perseverance, and patience. 

Brand as a mindset

the foundational values of TRIARE company

Responsibility, Respect, Relationships – that’s what underlies our TRIARE name. 

Proactivity, Education, Teamwork – values that make us “Think different”. 

Those values are a part of our mindset that are reflected in our work and lifestyle.They shape our interactions with partners, clients, and employees, fostering an environment where everyone feels empowered and valued. 

With this strong foundation, we are able to provide exceptional service to our clients, encourage growth and development among our team members, and make a positive impact on the world around us.

Goals and motivations for the restyling

Our goals for the restyling:

  • to strike a balance between enthusiasm and realistic strategies.
  • create a more intuitive, user-friendly, and engaging experience for customers, ensuring their needs are met effectively.
  • reflect the commitment to approaching challenges and opportunities with unwavering determination; to convey a sense of resilience and persistence in the face of obstacles.
  • tо represent the idea of a balanced mindset, combining passion and practicality. Visually portray the ability to adapt and find optimal solutions while staying true to the company’s core values.
  • to align visual elements, such as colors, typography, and imagery, with the conceptual themes of passion, pragmatism, perseverance, and patience. 
  • create a distinctive visual identity that resonates with the target audience and highlights the company’s strengths.
  • to establish credibility and showcase the company’s expertise through a visually polished and well-crafted design.
Curious about the duration of our rebranding process? Allow us to provide you with the estimated timeline.

Staying at the core: TRIARE symbol

The symbol TRIARE comprises three elements derived from parts of the letter “R,” forming a symbolic three-dimensional cube. 

These three letters, “R,” represent the foundational values upon which our company was established:

  • responsibility;
  • respect;
  • relationships.

These values serve as the core essence of TRIARE’s identity and define the purpose of our existence. They serve as guiding principles for our employees, driving them to achieve exceptional results with a genuine win-win approach.

Our new colors show how much we’ve improved at this point. They symbolize the growth, evolution, and advancement that TRIARE has undergone. With each step forward, we have honed our skills, expanded our knowledge, and enhanced our capabilities. 

We have strengthened our sense of responsibility, ensuring that we fulfill our commitments to our clients, partners, and stakeholders. We have developed robust processes and systems to deliver high-quality solutions and services while maintaining accountability throughout our interactions.

Our focus on respect has deepened as well. We recognize and value the diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences of our team members, clients, and collaborators. By fostering a culture of open communication, we have created an environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and mutual respect.

Lastly, we have cultivated strong partnerships with our clients, understanding their unique needs and working closely with them to achieve their goals. Through effective relationship management, we have fostered long-term connections based on trust, transparency, and shared success.

We’ve achieved what we were striving for and want to visualize it now.

Design process

Restyling process with a proper kick-off allowed us to define our new brand vision. This was followed by 7 key steps. 

Restyling process

Step 1. Aimed to understand why we are doing a restyling.

We had to clarify why we’re doing it—and make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Achieving a successful restyle requires the commitment and alignment of all key stakeholders, including high-level decision-makers and logo designers. It is crucial to secure approval at each stage of the process to avoid complications and ensure a smooth transition.

Step 2. Complete a competitive analyst.

Effective branding relies heavily on effective communication, encompassing both the content and the presentation of your brand to your target audience, especially when compared to other brands.

Hence, it was beneficial for us to conduct a comprehensive analysis of our competitors’ brands by taking a critical look at every aspect ranging from logo design and tagline to brand voice and messaging. This allowed us to gain valuable insights and shape our own brand strategy accordingly.

Step 3. Get to know who we’re for

Which means identifying our audience. As we move through our process, it’s crucial to consider our personas. Who are they? What do they want? How do they want to be spoken to? What do they want from your brand? 

Step 4. Complete a brand audit.

Prior to commencing the official restyling process, it is essential for us to thoroughly comprehend the existing state of our brand. This involves identifying the elements that are functioning effectively, recognizing areas that require improvement, and determining our growth objectives.

Step 5. Articulate our brand heart.

The Brand Heart represents the essence of a brand—the articulation of its fundamental identity. It encompasses four key components that shape a brand:

  • Purpose: What is the reason for your brand’s existence? Why does it matter?
  • Vision: What future do you aspire to contribute to and help shape?
  • Mission: How do you actively work towards realizing that future?
  • Values: Who is your brand? What are the principles and beliefs that guide your actions?

These fundamental elements played a pivotal role in influencing every aspect of our restyling efforts. They served as a compass, guiding decisions related to messaging, design, and overall brand strategy, ensuring alignment and consistency throughout the rebranding process.

Step 6. Design our visual identity.

Our visual identity is simply a reflection and extension of who and what our brand is. To do this effectively, we designed an identity that is:

  • Comprehensive: empowers designers to create all sorts of content, whether it’s a motion graphic on our website or a banner at a trade show.
  • Flexible: It works across mediums, and is able to evolve as our brand grows.
  • Intuitive: Each element works together. 
  • Accurate: It communicates our brand personality effectively. 

Step 7. Create our brand guidelines.

We updated our guidelines to make it accessible and available to any content creator or team member. And now you are able to see a part of what we’ve done. 

Do you think about rebranding?

Blue as a new TRIARE brand color

new TRIARE brand color

Primary palette | Shades of blue | Reliability and confidence.

Secondary palette | Shades of gray | Clarity and balance.

Blue is a genuine brand expression building recognition in moments when our voice must be clear and memorable. This is the passion that comes with years. 

And our secondary, gray palette punctuates this when we have our say. 

Logo: Usage on backgrounds

Accessible color combinations

Proxima Nova, our new type family

Simple and clear, like our approach to work. We make our partners, clients and employees feel confident, respected, and achieve visible results. 

new type family


Blue dot 

Assurance | Confidence | Expertise | Strong emphasis

Tick mark

Progress | Growth | Self-Development 

TRIARE Patterns

There’s more to come

This new brand embodies so much of what is important to the TRIARE team. It symbolizes the depth of knowledge and expertise we bring to the table, gained through years of experience in the IT industry. We’re excited to see where it takes us, and we’ll continue to expand these horizons. 

Anton Mali