What Entertainment Apps Niche to Choose? Top Ideas

Oleksandr Kruglyak
Head of Dev Department at TRIARE
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The market of entertainment apps is booming. We’ve analyzed the most promising ideas to help you choose.

Entertainment apps

In the past years, mobile app development has proved to be a lucrative business. Their revenues worldwide were growing by an average of 30% each year.

After the pandemic stepped in, the growth hit new records. In the first quarter of 2021, consumers spent $32 billion on both iOS and Android apps, which is 40% up compared to the first quarter of the previous year. As of now, it’s the most lucrative quarter in history.

So, what are people spending money on? Entertainment apps are traditionally at the top: Games, Social, Photo & Video and many more. Due to circumstances, we are stuck at home alone with ourselves or with our family, so we need entertainment!

Let’s take a look at the most popular niches for today’s probably most fun lucrative business.

Movie apps

Many people like to relax after a hard day with their favorited movies, TV shows, or cartoons. TV channels no longer decide for us what we need to watch. You can create your own movie-based application!

Examples of world-famous movie applications:

Movies Anywhere – more than 1 million downloads in Google Play. This application gathers purchased movies in one place. Monetization type: freemium.

Free Netflix Movie App – more than 100 thousand downloads in Google Play. Very easy to use. Monetizing type: ads.

HD Movies Free – more than 100 thousand downloads in Google Play. This application classifies movies that are shared on the Internet. Monetization type: ads.

movie entertainment apps

Movies Anywhere, Free Netflix Movie App, HD Movies Free

Podcast apps

Internet users have the opportunity to listen to any songs or audiobooks from all over the planet. They can learn a new language or many other valuable things with just the Internet, a gadget, and their ears.

Many people are addicted to podcasts, as they auditory learners. Others like to full their commute or chore time with an entertaining background. The pandemic spurred podcast listening and podcast ad spends that are expected to double from 2020 by 2024. You can use it for your benefit with podcast mobile application development.

How do I make a podcast app, you wonder? Let’s take a look at the examples:

Google Podcasts – more than 100 million downloads. This application classifies podcasts and is very easy to use. Monetization type: ads, subscription.

Castbox – 10 million+ downloads in Google Play. This podcast player collects original sounds from around the world. Monetization type: ads, subscription.

Luminary – more than 100 thousand downloads in Google Play. Podcast player with categories and playlists. Monetization type: ads, subscription.

podcast entertainment apps

Google Podcasts, Castbox, Luminary

Social network apps

Yes, you can create your own social network application. Who knows, maybe yours will become the next most popular in the world, like it happened to TikTok?

The most famous social network applications in 2020 are Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat. In Instagram alone, the number of user visits in one month exceeds 1 billion people. YouTube is regularly used by 73% of the US adult population.

Users download the apps for free. But they are successfully earning money from ads.

social media entertainment apps

Instagram, YouTube, TikTok

Gaming apps

The gaming industry is constantly offering new technologies and more advanced graphics. Anyone can feel like a powerful elf and kill a dragon without leaving his apartment.

Can’t lie to you; creating a gaming app will require the best mobile app development practices. But if that’s what speaks to you, it’s worth it.

Examples of famous mobile games:

Subway Surfers – with more than 1 billion downloads, it is the world’s most famous runner with treasures collection. Monetization type: ads, freemium.

Geometry Dash Lite – 100+ million downloads in Google Play. It is a runner with geometric figures that requires a great reaction. Monetization type: ads, freemium.

Fruit Ninja – also more than 100 million downloads. A player must cut the fruits and be very fast. Monetization type: ads, freemium.

games entertainment apps

Subway Surfers, Geometry Dash Lite, Fruit Ninja

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Streaming apps

Streaming apps are popular with gamers, bloggers, influencers, and ordinary people who share personal videos. But arguably the most popular way to use them is for watching tv shows.

Streaming services are on the rise and bring a lot of money. Currently, almost half of American adults spend 10 to 20 dollars on streaming monthly. So why not go for streaming app development?

Here are some examples of streaming apps to give you an idea:

Twitch – one of the most popular streaming platforms, which is primarily targeted at the gaming community. In February 2021, it recorded 2.9 million concurrent streams.

Tubi – Free Movies & TV Shows streaming app with 1,3 million downloads. You can watch movies and shows there in real-time with this application. Monetization type: ads.

StreamNow – another popular app, which can be used both for watching and for streaming. It has iOS and Android options and earns money through subscriptions.

streaming entertainment apps

Tubi, Twitch

Entertainment news app

With such an app in your pocket, you will never miss the news. Examples of extremely popular news portals include Yahoo News and Google News, with more than 1 billion downloads each. They monetize through ads and sponsorship.

We have listed the most popular entertainment apps niches, but sky is the limit. It can be an entertainment book phone app, shopping app, or a puzzle – the great thing about entertainment apps is that you can choose whatever you like.

Entertainment news apps

Yahoo News, Google News

So now that you have chosen your niche and are going to develop a mobile application for iOS, Android or other systems, you might wonder: how to monetize it? There are several ways:

Advertising. You can embed ads in your app, and brands will pay you money per view. Advertising can be native, text, banner, and other types.

Freemium. The user can download your application for free, and in the process, has the opportunity to receive additional services for money.

Subscription. People can subscribe to use your mobile application and view the content. There are different types of subscriptions that can operate at various intervals, up to a lifetime.

Sponsorship. It is usually a partnership of two or more applications that belong to the same niche.

Crowdfunding. You can use such a platform to explain what application you are developing and how great it is. Other people can collect money for the implementation of the project if they like the idea.

Affiliate links. It means advertising other applications or products and making a profit from them.

Now that you know niches for apps and how to make money from them, you can start your own business. Come up with an idea you love and outsource app development to professionals to make it come true faster.

Monetize your interests! If it is not a dream earning, then what?

Oleksandr Kruglyak
Head of Dev Department at TRIARE