Happy Women’s day! Meet Our Female Part of a Team, They are Extraordinary

Anton Mali
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Women's Day

On March 8th, we are celebrating International Women’s Day. It is a focal point of the women’s rights movement and was proposed in 1910 by a German activist, politician, and ambassador Clara Zetkin. Women’s Day was first honored in 1911. In 1967, the holiday was adopted by the feminist movement, and in 1977, by the United Nations.

The commemoration of this holiday has various meanings in different countries around the world, but we will join the celebration of the 8th of March as a day of struggle for equal rights and opportunities for women in all social areas. We at TRIARE believe that the best thing we can do is to provide equal opportunities for women in terms of career and personal development, professional respect, and reducing the gap in wages.

According to the latest data, only 17% of ICT positions are held by women globally. In Ukraine, around three-quarters of IT professionals are still men. However, in the last few years, the number of female developers has grown twice. Information technology is an area in which the professional gap between women and men is constantly narrowing.

TRIARE is proud to contribute to this trend, which is made possible by our female part of the team.



Svitlana is our Head of Marketing Department. She has always been interested in studying psychology and human behavior, which makes her a great specialist in a current position. Svitlana considers herself as an optimistic, punctual, and cheerful person. We wish you to stay this way!



TRIARE. Maryna Liemiekhova

Maryna doubted that she would be able to master the skills required for her current position of Frontend Developer. Nonetheless, four years of experience speak for themselves: Maryna has fully mastered her position and is happy to work with us. Maryna, this is mutual 🙂 She is a positive person, responsible, quick at learning, and finding creative approaches. We are happy to have you on our TRIARE team!



TRIARE. Tetiana Benkovska

Tetiana has been working in this industry for more than 5 years. During this period she advanced her professional skills both as Sales Manager and IT Recruiter. Specific terminology was Tetiana’s first IT challenge, which she successfully overcame. As Tetiana states, there are always challenges, and they help to become better. Tetiana, we are grateful for your efforts and a positive approach to problem-solving!



TRIARE. Olha Lisnyak

Olha, our WordPress developer, has already been in IT for 4 years. She always dreamed of being an office employee, that is the reason why she chose an IT company as her professional area. Her top skill in work is meticulousness — we believe this is what helped her to become a great specialist 🙂 Olha, we appreciate your professionalism!



TRIARE. Iryna Hychka

Our Frontend engineer Iryna joined IT around 3.5 years ago. During this period she struggled with reluctance and her own comfort zone. Once she believed in herself, she started to overcome these obstacles and grew into a great specialist in HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, and, of course, WordPress.

What does Iryna like the most about her work? Constantly gaining new knowledge, experience, and watching the results of her efforts. This is what we like about Iryna as well!



TRIARE. Joanna Vynokurova

Ioanna is our office and event manager, who has been with us for 9 months. What has motivated her to become a part of the TRIARE IT team? The answer is a “desire to make people happy, feel freedom in my own decisions, and be surrounded by people I admire.” Her various professional skills include being a true sweetheart 🙂 She is a very cheerful person who makes our entire office happy!

Notably, Ioanna never had doubts about entering the IT industry. However, she claims that stereotypes regarding women in tech remain.



TRIARE. Tetiana Buian

Our UI/UX designer Tetiana has been working in IT for about 13 years. This is fascinating. In fact, she never hesitated about this profession choice. “If you make the effort, nothing is impossible,” Tetiana says. She is a team player — and we actively support it!



TRIARE. Myroslava Klymenko

Myroslava is our Project Manager. She has four years of experience in IT. And she admits that loved every minute of it! Her best professional qualities include a combination of a cold head and warm heart, being agile, and multitasking. Myroslava, we thank you for your professional efforts, your multiple talents, and for being a nice person!



TRIARE. Bohdana Deineha

Bohdana, the graphic designer, has been in IT only for 2 months, but she is already certain about her goals. She considers tech to be one of the most promising and full-of-opportunities areas on the professional market.

Bohdana enjoys self-development, learning, and exploring new things. These skills of being a versatile specialist have helped her to grow professionally. We wish Bohdana to always have a goal to follow — thank you for your work!



TRAIRE. Iryna Kholodii

Iryna combines many roles at the same time — she is a translator, business English teacher, and mentor! Her work experience in IT is well over 5 years. She had always been confident about this choice — IT is the most interesting and promising area both for society and Iryna herself. According to her best, she can easily keep up with trends, constantly self-improve and share knowledge. Iryna, we thank you for being a part of our team!


TRIARE team. Iryna Hovoruha

Our researcher Iryna was also inspired by the opportunity of constant self-development and work process organization in IT. It is why she’s in for 6 months already! Her talents include fluid communication, loyalty, result orientation, and not being afraid of mistakes. These are the qualities of a true professional – and the one we consider Iryna!



TRIARE. Myroslava Drozhko

Myroslava is a QA lead and PM with over 5 years of experience. She planned to work in IT back in school. Then, people knew about the “manly” profession of web programming only. Today, however, it is easier to enter the industry. Although the stereotypes still exist: the general public gets surprised when they see a female software developer.

Therefore, Myroslava is convinced that women need to be ready to prove their professionalism and taking a stand. Among personal strengths, she recalls attention to detail, ideation, sociability, responsibility, and creativity.


TRAIRE. Lesia Sakaldynska

Lesia, our HR manager, also did not have any doubts about her area of professional activity — it is why she has been working with web and mobile developers for more than 5 years. As a prominent HR manager, Lesia knows how to motivate people and find an approach to every person. It is also the reason why we appreciate having her as a member of our team!

Thank you all for working at TRIARE! We greatly appreciate the ways you integrate your expertise, determination, and critical thinking into our workflow — your efforts motivate us to become better. This matters on a daily basis, not just for Women’s Day.

Anton Mali