A user-friendly solution for a classy restaurant

Sometimes people merely get lost when trying to make reservations on a restaurant’s website. Looking for a difference-maker? “Restaurant” is an example of what TRIARE can help one to achieve: from booking tables to happy hours scheduling, nudge your customers to what they really need. Everything here is about convenience and user experience.

  • Challenge

    “Restaurant” highlighted the focus on simplicity. Customers should be able to make reservations in a few clicks by choosing all the necessary options. We created a simple tool that enables visitors to pick the desired date, time, and number of guests. With our help, “Restaurant” now provides its clients with exceptional online adventures. Importantly, they take only seconds!

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  • What we have done

    Streamlined structure

    After conducting in-depth research, TRIARE concentrated on building an outstandingly user-oriented website. Working with “Restaurant”, we have developed an easy online tool that connects customers with the restaurant’s final product.

    Minimalistic design

    At first glance, the website visitors can see all the main touchpoints: menus, reservations, events, etc. You will not spend much time looking for whatever wants you may have tonight. Just click and scroll down to see all the essential information which should assist you with making a choice.

    Accessible menus

    Various menu lists, including food, drinks, and specials, are easily available in PDF format. Each dish has detailed descriptions, making the decision process reasonably easy. Alas, everything depends on your taste!

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  • The Result
    • User-friendly, benchmark restaurant website
    • Simplified reservation tool
    • Excellent visitor experience
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Tech stack
  • PHP
  • Wordpress
  • Embark Marketing
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