Appealing real estate showcase website in a luxury segment

When one goes through the stack of photos, she immediately falls in love with Apartments. However, how do you ensure there is a visitor? How do you position the company and, what’s important for this particular case, ensure equal, inclusive access to the website? It is the story of a minty blend of design and usability.

  • Challenge

    Client articulated this demand clearly: “we want our luxury apartments to be available to residents with different needs.” After extensive research, we have integrated the UserWay widget to support website visitors with various disabilities, including those with impaired vision or dyslexia. They also deserve an artistic living style. TRIARE nudged them a bit.

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  • What we have done

    Competition evaluation 

    TRIARE team compared dozens of real estate websites to highlight the competitive advantages of project. As a result, we presented the client with our findings and together we built a mockup to simulate UX paths of users with special needs. 

    User-oriented web design

    The website is basically one page that contains ALL the necessary information. As one scrolls down, walk-through videos appear. They literally speak for themselves. Then, there is a picture that enlists all the apartment amenities. Furthermore, there are galleries, a blog, and an FAQ tab – all on the same page – to make it a one-time visit, the visit that would close a deal.

    2D/3D apartment visualization

    TRIARE combined the efforts of design and IT experts to produce this gorgeous and yet informative scheme of rooms’ orientation and availability. Hence, we created a state-of-the-art experience for real estate. The one that makes you buy one.

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  • Result
    • High-class, industry-standard website for real estate
    • An easy-to-navigate architecture that customers report as “helpful” and “at one’s hand”
    • Fully booked 🙂
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Tech stack
  • PHP
  • Wordpress
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