Community damage reporting app

In this project, envisions collaboration among business, government, and non-profit sectors. In this app, we combined the entrepreneurial spirit, the governmental boldness, and a citizen’s empathy.

  • Challenge

    The customer is our long-term partner. We have delivered several business projects for him. Then, he entrusted us with his personal project that can help make his community safer and cleaner. Being an eco-conscious activist, he hopes that it’s only the beginning of a long and interesting journey.
    Although the scale of the problem is local (so far), the idea behind uniting several stakeholders is quite ambitious.

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  • What we have done

    Competitive research.
    We screened a German market and the EU overall to provide the client with sufficient data.
    Startup MVP. We analyzed the pains-to-be-solved and presented a series of wireframes to spotlight the basics of the app. Next, we implemented the Minimal Viable Product using these.
    Go-to-market strategy. Having developed a white-lable solution platform for the client, we offered a scalable tool to spread the product. Users will be able to interact with it in different cities and municipalities from across the EU can launch their own campaigns to engage the citizens.

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  • Features
    • Reliable admin panel for validating user (citizen) requests.
    • High-precision polls for signaling businesses and the municipality.
    • Trustful reward system.
    • Ensuring a white-label solution to scale in other European cities
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Tech stack
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Node
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