MVP GovRadar

Start Up in the area of government organizations, which wanted to provide a platform for the government organizations to have the ability of anonymous testing of digital products and have information to prepare for the tender.

  • Challenge

    The core problem to solve is to increase the effectiveness of the organisations.The
    governmental organisation should be able to access software projects with full anonymity. This
    would increase time for the preparation to the tenders and will speed up the process of
    selecting the right software solution.
    The main task towards TRIARE was to create and MVP version for this startup. As we have a
    special approach towards startups it was a well organized path to plan, prepare and develop the
    product in defined time and budget.

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  • What we have done

    TRIARE had a deep dive into the business idea, processes, and expected outcomes. As always, we
    have prepared technical documentation, wireframes, an estimate of the features, and the timeline.
    Together with the customer we exchanged the information, received feedbacks and provided solid
    artifacts of the Discovery phase.

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  • Features
    • Secure registration and login
    • ┬áPersonal organization’s page
    • Access levels to the website content
    • Advanced filter for browsing through the software
    • System for the anonymous testing
    • User and product management
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Tech stack
  • Laravel
  • React
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