Event Source

EventSource is a Toronto-based event planning service that helps customers find and connect with the best local vendors. Having a website and web dashboards for customers and vendors, the company needed a mobile app (iOS and Android) to help users browse and book event deals on the go.

  • Challenge

    EventSource is a running business with a large database of local vendors and information about them. We had to integrate everything that is in place on their website into easy-to-use and informative mobile apps: hundreds of vendor profiles, each including visual materials, reviews, blog mentions, details about catering, capacity, prices, and so on. We aimed to provide EventSource’s customers with an effective way to plan their special events with the best vendors and to the finest details.

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  • What we have done

    We integrated a large database of available vendors, each with a number of characteristics: their contacts, types of services, photographs and videos, special offers, awards, mentions in EventSource’s blog.

    We added numerous filtering options for users to search for vendors and venues by keyword, event category, capacity, price, location, etc.

    We used Google Maps API to enable location-based search and show each vendor on the map. For the map not to seem cluttered, we used powerful geoclustering techniques: several points on the map are combined into clusters as the user changes the scale. 

    The customer-facing app includes 3 tabs: Explore (to explore the offers), My vendors (to view and manage booked services), and Messages (to communicate with selected vendors). The app covers all the steps of the event planning process from finding suitable vendors to checking their details and from booking and chatting with them to reviewing the experience. 

    When browsing through lists of offers and checking out vendor profiles, users can add any offer to favourites or share it.

    When a user books an offer, they get automatically transferred to My vendors

    Users can use the in-app real-time chat that supports attachments or move to the native calling feature from the app.

    If a vendor is mentioned in the company’s blog, the app can redirect a user to relevant blog posts.

    Vendor profiles include high-resolution photographs available for a 360 view and may feature videos collected from their Youtube or Vimeo accounts.
    The app learns what types of events a user is interested in and what vendors they view and book to provide them with targeted recommendations. 

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  • Features
    • Flexible vendor search 
    • Secure chat
    • Ratings and reviews
    • Photo and video gallery
    • Interactive map
    • In-app calendar
    • Push messages
    • Personalized recommendations
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Tech stack
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • NET
  • SignalR
  • Google Maps API
  • Youtube/Vimeo SDK
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