eVinci Electric Bikes Ecosystem

Combining modern technologies with everyday activities is a practical and wise step. How about making bicycles smart? Our partners requested a system that grants users full control over their bikes, fulfilling anything you could imagine and beyond.


eVinci’s goal was to be achieved by creating a small computer, attachable to the bikes.
It would be controlled by an app, enabling various tools: from GPS to 360-degree customer service to anti-theft alarm.

In case the bike was stolen, there was an option to block the system and track the vehicle’s location.

The main challenge was to pair unique hardware with top-notch custom software.

What we have done

Smart cycling – The project is highly appreciated by those who want to master their knowledge. Diving into research, TRIARE managed to produce a complex system to maximize customer experience. 

Full control – Cyclists start with creating an account to track everything relating to their bikes: from travel locations to bike repairing history. The latter data may be made available for support centers, making it easy for eVinci to provide exceptional maintenance services.

Outstanding product – Bicycles’ ergonomic attractiveness is not being compromised to any extent. The computer system fits perfectly to empower technology management while riding in any environment.

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  • Comfortable and joyful experience for client’s customers
  • Advanced technology to support the entire ecosystem
  • In-time delivery beyond expectations
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Tech stack
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
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